The Ice Cream Diaries

When Maria's best friend, Jamie, moves to Italy, she has to face the world by herself but when someone tells Maria that she is fat, she practically starves herself. When her parents notice a difference, they take her to a psychologist to help her. After weeks of no difference what so ever, Maria's psychologist takes her to an ice cream shop with a couple of other people. There she meets Emily who will quickly change Maria's life forever.

Thank you so much to Sparrow3183 for helping me with this


3. Bathroom Mirror

October 2nd:       

     Oh lunch, my old favorite period of the day. I wish Jamie were here so we could talk about all the fun things we would do the next weekend. I sat down at my usual lunch table which was now lonely and just overall sad. I tried to find a place to sit with some of my other friends, but they were coincidentally "saving" all the seats. I eventually found a table in the back corner of the cafeteria. I pulled out my peanut and jelly sandwich along with a cupcake and some chips. I started eating until I overheard Lily with her annoying high pitched voice. "Oh, It's so sad to see Maria like that. She's eating away her feelings and, well, what can I say! The twig's becoming as fat as a buffalo". 


       I looked down, am I fat? I gently pushed aside the rest of my lunch and let it plop into the trash can. If I am fat I definitely don't want to be any more. I rushed to the bathroom as soon as the bell rang and peeked at the dirt tinted mirror. I scanned myself up and down, left and right. My clothes were getting a bit tight. Instantly I imagined my button popping off and I started to inflate like a giant balloon. As I pulled myself back to reality, I heard a faint bell ring. I grabbed my stuff and slowly headed towards the door. Before I left, I took one last look at the mirror with a tear rolling down my cheek and walked away.

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