Revenge For My Bully

Noelle Leann Hawa is bullied by the one and only Harry Styles. One day he leaves for the X-Factor and she's happy that he doesn't have to bully her anymore, but little did she knew that her father got into a car accident. Three years later they meet again. She's thinking about getting revenge. So watch out Harry Styles, you got a new Noelle Hawa in the way. (please don't read this story. I have it here because in the future i would love to go back and laugh at my terrible writing skills)


1. Bullies & Death

CHAPTER 1: Bullies and Death 
Waste of space
That was the stuff people said to me.
If you're wondering who I am, My name's Noelle Leann Hawa. Im 16 and I'm bullied for no reason.
"Hey, bitch" Harry said to me. I was trying to pretend I didn't hear him, but that didn't work.
"Don't you dare ignore me, fatty" Harry said grabbing me by my hair.
"I'm sorry" I said, well whispered, I mean I'm shy, yes, but he had me by my hair, which hurts like hell. 
"What did you just say, slut?" He asked, anger surfing through his beautiful green eyes. Everyone with eyes knows Harry, is beautiful in every way. 
"Nothing" I said and tried to walk away, but couldn't. He slapped me across the face and kicked me in the stomach, multiple times, before he let me go. He told me to meet him at the park near the school at 2:30 to get my daily beating. As if I didn't get enough already. If I didn't go, he'd make my day worse and beat the crap out of me. Trust me, I didn't want to go through that again, last time I didn't go he broke my nose and I couldn't walk. He broke my ankle, you dirty minded people. You're wondering why I don't tell my parents, well he told me if a told a soul about him beating me, it could go worse and ill end up in a hospital.
Well I guess I need to go to my next class and to my luck guess who's with me in that class. If you guessed Lady GaGa you have a serious mentality problem, it's Harry and if you also guessed my super best friend in the world you're wrong because I don't have friends because of him. For example last year I made friends the first day but Harry threatened them saying if they hanged out with me they would get beat too, and I guess a black eye was too much for them.
I was walking to the park to meet up with Harry, so I could get this over with. It was now 2:45 and he hadn't showed up, that's weird he's NEVER and I mean EVER late to beat me up, either he's stuck with really bad diarrhea or I guess he decided to stop beating me.... PFFFT what the hell am I talking about? He's never going to do that. Well, then I guess I'm going home now, cause it's 2:55 and he didn't show up. 
"MOM, I'M HOME" I shouted, but didn't hear anything so I guess she's either grocery shopping or at work. Probably work, since the fridge is full.
I'm hungry so I'm gonna make a fruit salad. When I was going to open the refrigerator I saw a note. 
'Honey, me and your dad are at work. We won't be back 'till 10:30 so don't wait for us. There's some food from yesterday if you get hungry, and I also made you a fruit salad.
Mom xx'
I guess, I'm eating dinner alone, AGAIN. I hate that about my parents. I know that they work their asses off to pay the house and stuff, but I never see them when I get home from school and when I tell them if we can hang out as a family or watch a movie, they can't because they always have to work.
I ate my fruit salad and went upstairs to take a shower. I shaved my armpits and legs and left the shower. I was a little tire,d but not THAT much so I laid and soon darkness over took me 
I woke up the next day to my alarm. I got up and took a shower and dressed my self. 
I walked downstairs with a smile in my face knowing that my parents are awake. 
"Hey sweetie. Sorry we didn't saw you last night we got home pretty late and you were already asleep." My mum said she sounded disappointed, so I smiled to not make her feel more bad.
"It's ok mum, I'm used to it" I said with a fake smile. I really am used to it, but sometimes I really miss my mum. 
"Mum? Are you working today?" I was really hoping for a 'no' but y'know nothing goes my way, she said that today she has, so she doesn't know when she's going to get here and the worst part is that my dad is in a business trip in Australia for a week. He left earlier.
"So mum what's for breakfast?" I asked. I'm really hungry.
"I made you your favorite!" She said, and I cheered. I ate my breakfast and headed to school. 
"BYE MUM LOVE YOU" I shouted.
"LOVE YOU TOO SWEETIE HAVE A GOOD DAY" my mum shouted back.
I grabbed my earphones and listened to some Ed Sheeran. I LOVE HIM, HE'S A GINGER SEX GOD.
When I got to school everyone was giving me odd looks but I ignored them, cause I'm just that cool B)… HAHA just kidding. I ignored them because I get those everyday. 
Today was a bit odd. Harry didn't show up to beat me, that's weird. I heard from someone that he was auditioning for the X-Factor or something like that, but I don't know if it's true. But I'm very happy that I don't get a beating today. 
Class is starting whoop-de-doo -.-. So far it's been a great day, Harry isn't here and it's the last day WOOOHOO. So let's enjoy my last day of school.
When I got home I was a little disappointed. I forgot I was alone today. I took a shower and laid down in my bed to watch The Notebook, it was the only thing on. Good thing it's my favorite movie.
Some tears and hours later I received a call.
"Hello? Is this Cheryl Hawa?"
"No, it's her daughter, who is this?"I answered nerviously.
"This is the Hospital Center From Australia (dont know if that's real) we have some sad news to tell you." They said, well I guess the doctor said.
"Yeah, W-What happened?" I said, hoping it was nothing bad. Of course it's something bad, it's the fucking hospital calling.
"Your dad got into a serious car accident and there's a poor chance that he'll survive, we tried to contact your mom about this but she didn't answer her phone." I couldn't speak. I can't believe my dad might die.
"Miss Hawa, are you listening? This is very important" The doctor spoke. I jumped, forgot I was still talking to him.
"Uh, y-yeah. I-I-I'll tell my mom. T-t-thanks, f-for t-telling me." I hung up, and started sobbing. I can't believe this is happening. I need to call mom.
After three rings she answered.
"M-m-mom?" I said still crying. 
"What's wrong dear why are you crying?" She said.
"I-It's d-d-dad" I spoke, my voice cracking. I didn't even recognize myself.
"What about dad? Hun, you're getting me worried" she said, uneasy. 
"He-h-he got in a car accident and there's a slight chance h-he'll d-d-die." I didn't want to break her. After I said that, I heard a 'thump'
"MOM! Are you ok?!" I said, hoping nothing happened to her.
"Y-y-yes dear, I just dropped my phone. Please start searching for some plane tickets, as soon as possible, I'll be home in a hour."
"Yeah, ok, I love you mom, be careful." I said getting nervous.
"I will honey, love you too." My mum said in tears. I hung up.
I'm still shocked about what happened to my dad. I thought he had a driver. I should demand people. Yeah, that sounds good. Better yet kick some ass. YES!! That's it. I'm really trying to humor myself.
I got in my mum's computer and booked the next flight to Australia. 
My mom got home and went upstairs to pack, without a word
The next flight was at 2 am so we had only 9 hours to pack and do stuff around the house. 
My mom payed the taxi and checked in our luggage.
We entered the plane and I drifted off to sleep. It's a long trip and I'm trying to shake off the stress. My mom shook me awake, when we landed. I just nodded and got my backpack and headed out. Some of my mom's family is Australian, so we're staying with them in the meantime.
We headed towards the front desk, when we arrived at the hospital. "Damian Hawa's room, please."My mum said. The nurse nodded and checked in the computer . "Floor 2 room 245." We headed towards the elevator. I pushed the button.
When we got there we saw a lot of doctors surrounding my dad. "What's happening in here?" My mum asked. "I am sorry ma'am but your husband didn't make it" My mom started sobbing and so did I. At that moment I knew my life was gonna change forever. 


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