Just a gamer girl

Melissa Baxter is a rich girl from a posh family in a small country where her parents own a ski resort. In her big posh house she secretly goes on her computer and plays 'Quest to conquer' with her friend who she has never met only to find he is staying at the resort but then she sees who he or should I say they really are........


4. Fright

We sprinted to the cafe no-one was there yet... at least I thought not when someone grabbed my hand I was about to scream when a hand was put over my mouth 

"Are you Miss Meli.B" a boy in a hoodie asked

"WAIT are you scorpion 44" he nodded Jackie and Emily were starring at us when 4 other guys in hoodies came over

"so who are you beautiful" Scorpion 44 asked my cheeks were burning I could hear Emily and Jackie whispering 

"I am Melissa and this is my cousin Emily and Best friend Jackie and you lot are..." I introduced as Jackie and Emily walked towards me 

"EErrrmmm well ... I am errrmmm......" he and his mates took off their hoodies

"Harry Styles and this is Niall Horan Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik"  I stood there with my mouth wide open 

"wow!!!!!! Meli did you not know and shut your mouth honey you'll catch flies" Jackie lifted my chin up so my mouth closed I turned around Emily was hyperventilating 

"I will get her some water" Liam said getting his bag then handing her a bottle of water  

"thanks" Emily panted I  still couldn't believe it I started to think wait was I talking to him and didn't even know it was him I counted him as a close friend which means I am friends with ONE DIRECTION

"Yepp" Louis said 

"wait did I say that out loud" I asked they all nodded

"You always talk to yourself even in your sleep before me and Jackie woke you up you were talking about how you hoped scorpion 44 was a sexy single and about your age" Emily laughed I went red again 

" Hey we are all single about the same age as you and definitely 100% sexy" Harry wiggled his eyebrows as we all rolled our eyes when there was a few people coming in the cafe me Jackie and Emily were dragged by our wrists we ran as fast as we could into the storage room

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR" I screamed 

"Those girls are massive directioners they were chasing us last night" Niall loud whispered we heard some footsteps and fangirl screams coming down the stairs ..... we are in trouble now ......

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