Just a gamer girl

Melissa Baxter is a rich girl from a posh family in a small country where her parents own a ski resort. In her big posh house she secretly goes on her computer and plays 'Quest to conquer' with her friend who she has never met only to find he is staying at the resort but then she sees who he or should I say they really are........


5. escape

I was thinking of where we could go when I remembered the basement there is a hidden staircase under the floor I gestured them all down the stairs where we listened to what the three girls were saying 

"I swear I heard Nialls voice down here" the blonde girl said

"so whats the plan" the short girl said

"ok so we get them to fall for us .... thats all I got" The girl with the blue dress said 

we listened to the girls argue for an hour then we heard them go back upstairs we cautiously walked back up to the storage room then back into the cafe I quickly ran into the bathroom when I came out Jackie and emily were at a small table "errmm where are the guys" I asked 

"The girls came back and they ran off somewhere and we don't have a clue where they are" Emily informed me 

"well then let me check where their room is i will text my mum"

Melissa Baxter- Mum can you check what room a group of people called Harry Styles Liam Payne Louis Tomlinson  Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are in"

Alice Baxter- 147 B melmore section why not stalking are you 

Melissa Baxter- thanks and NO I AM NOT STALKING they left there bags in the cafe gotta go bye mum xxx

Alice Baxter-Ok hun xxx

I turned to Emily and Jackie " suite 147 B Melmore section ya ready " we laughed and walked over to Melmore section

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