Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


3. Shelter

   Chapter 3

Hazel's POV  Darcy and me where driving looking for a place to stay we had been atguing because she didnt want a gun i finnally convinced her nut she eas pretty pissed, i stoped yelling when we hear "HEY!!HEY!! PLEASE HELP US!!"then I saw who it was it was Louis Tomlinson OMG I had to stop . I pulled over  "Thank you like for reals love!" "You're welcome "I said and then I heard harry groning  "What's wrong what happen to him?" I said I got worried  "He got stabed with a piece of wood."Lou said with disappointment  "Guys get him we have to get him to a hospital like now!"I shouted they did as I said "But don't you think well get like killed cuz like too many zombies."zayn said "We have to try," Darcy said and started playing with Harry's curls harry just gave her a weak smile  We got there and yes they were right there were too many but I got a gun and handed one to Darcy and said "We'll be right back lock everything and don't let anyone inside."we walked and started shooting one after another and another brains everywhere it was gisgusting i wanted to puke but i was holding it in the boys eyes were wide.we Got closet to the doors but they were all bunched up and Darcy shook her head signaling me that he have to go    I sighed and got back on the car grabbed the keys and started driving "Where are we going?"harry said  "To a pharmacy Darcy knows a bit of nursery she can help you a bit at least and we can get some supplies to." I explained when we got there we did shoot some like 3 zombies but that's it.  "Guys help harry get out if the car and get him inside,Darcy you get what you need to cure harry." She nodded and I started getting supplies  After getting everything I had my thoughts together  "Okay guys this is what we're gonna do Darcy and Harry will stay here while the boys and I go find somewhere to stay font worry we will come back for you expect us here at 2:30pm (it was 1:15)be safe well be back,common boys lets go,"I said "Looks like you're a good leader."niall said I nodded and started driving niall was in the passengers seat,Liam was on the left side if the back seat,zayn was in the middle and Lou was in the right side. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We finally found a spot it was an old church it had a shower a bathroom and 1 room which was good I told Lou and niall to stay here and get some stuff on the floor to put harry that layer we would get mattresses with that said we went to go get Darcy and harry and it was aldready 3:55 oh god....  Darcy's Pov I was helping harry with his hurt leg I could see the way he looked at me I saw it and I felt it but really I don't like him I always thought he was the flirt but in person he seemed kinda nice the point is I really don't wanna get feelings for ANY of them. anyways where the hell was hazel she is nowhere to be found and its 4:15 aldready what the heck "What thine is it Darcy?"harry asked  "Erm it's 4:15,"I said hopingthat nothing happen to them. "Shouldn't they be here aldready ?"harry said then a car pulled over Liam and zayn got harry and I got in the passengers seat. "What took you so long!"U said  "We wanted to get the perfect place." Hazels POV "Oh."Darcy said I knew she was still mad about what happen earlier but I ignored it at the moment. Harry's POV I was still hurting from the fractured leg I had but I had no worries because this Brilliant beauty saved me. I feel bad because she saved me and if I needed to save her I couldn't. She was so gorgeous! I needed to make her mine!I could see she didn't like me but at this point it didn't matter she was going to be mine and only mine!! When we got there the lads where helping me get ou of the car they put me down on some covers and I had to talk to Darcy and tell her how I felt "Darcy can I talk to you for a bit."I said "Yea sure." She smiled it was beatiful she was beatiful "Darcy I like you."I said hoping I didn't make a mistake "Harry......I -I ......."    

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