Danger vs Love

The world has come to an end, Hazel and Darcy try their best to survive the zombie apocalypse and end up saving their idols One Direction will there be love between any of them but the danger comes between them you never know its Danger Vs Love.


8. No Liam...

Chapter 8
Liam's P.O.V
I woke up and my neck was aching of course it was gonna hurt I slept in a chair to protect the lads and Hazel. Beatiful Hazel. I think I'm falling for her since the moment she and Darcy saved us I had a thing for her. But it wasn't as strong as it is now.
"Hey Liam!" Hazel interrupted my toughts
"Oh erm Hi." I was still staring into space a bit
"Watcha thinking about?" She said and moved closer to me. God what do I tell her think fast Liam think fast
"Oh ermm uhh how much my neck hurts." Why the stuttering seriously Liam you can do better
"Oh I can take care of that!" She said smiled, grabbed my hand and told me to lay face down and take my shirt off I did.
"I'm gonna massage you okay." She said with her sweet voice I nodded
She started moving her fingers on my shoulders it hurt but the good pain like it feels good in a way I started moaning. It did sound wrong but it hurt do bad I couldn't contain myself.
Hazel let out some chuckles
"You like it right? I knew you would," she said right then Zayn and Niall came in the room
"WHOA WHOA what the hell is happening!" Niall said Zayn just looked hurt why would he look hurt?
"Guys, I'm massaging Liam his neck hurt so I did don't think wrong,"Hazel said Zayn's hurt face whipped away and Niall was just realieved I got up and put my shirt on
"Thanks." I said to Hazel she nodded and smiled I swear that smile kills me. Her smile soon faded into seriousness
"Guys we have to go Niall get food Liam get clothes Zayn get gas" she said I loved how good of a leader she was I did as she said
"What about you?!" Niall said In between laughs
"I'm gonna clean the car or look for a truck or something we need something better." She said and headed out the door
We left and found a hotel we killed all the zombies that were in there and we had everything we needed there it was amaZAYN. I got a text from Harry
'Where are you were at the pharmacy?'
'Hows Darcy did something happen to her?! We're at a hotel it's called sun hotel it's located (idk I invented it)
"Okay we're on our way
Zayn's P.O.V
When me and Niall found Hazel on top of Liam I almost cried because..... I Love Her but thank god it was something innocent feew
I went into Hazels room to tell her i love her. Then I saw Liam holding Hazels hand....... I died inside a tear streamed down my face but they didn't notice me so I just sat behind the door cried ive never cried over a girl but overheard what they were talking about....
Perrie's P.O.V
"Jason were are we?" I whined
"I don't know just let me concentrate your just making everything so complicated!!!" He shouted quite loud actually
" God you don't have to yell!!" I shouted
"Yes I do you piss me the f*ck off !!!" He yelled
"We're lost now and it's your fault!!!" He said omg were lost in the middle of nowhere no signal nothing........
Darcy's P.O.V
We went to the pharmacy but we only found some blankets on the floor which meant someone was probably here.
"Harry can you text one of the boys?" I asked him
"Sure love, I'll text Liam." He said and got his phone out few minutes later I heard Harry yell
"Lou we got a hotel to stay in!!!!"Harry yelled in excitement
"OMG are you serious!!" Lou yelled as well. They started hugging while jumping around
" Let's go love!"he grabbed the keys and my hand as well he inter whined our fingers that made me feel better.
Hazel's P.O.V
Liam grabbed my hand and intrwhined our fingers with his other hand he cupped my cheeks and he started to lean in but I stopped him
"No Liam." I simply said he looked confused
"Why not I like you and I'm starting to fall for you? Don't you feel the same?" He said sadly
"Yes I do...-." I said actually I was falling for Liam he's just so adorable and caring he interrupted me
"Then why didn't you let me kiss you?"he said with sadness
"Because....because I have feelings for Zayn okay but I Also have some for you to and I don't wanna mess with you guys you're everything I have I exception of Darcy ." I said every single word I said was true it was true
"Can I at least try to win your heart?" He said hopingly I nodded, his frown turned into a smile and he kissed my cheek he was about to walk out the door but I stopped him
"Liam could you sleep with me to tonight I don't want to be alone." His smile grew bigger if that was even possible he took his shirt and pants off leaving his boxers, laid next to me and held me I looked up at the ceiling while listening to Liam's heartbeat and slowly started to fall asleep Liam wish perked something in my ear
"I love you now and ill never let go until death takes me away from you," he kissed my forehead and with that I fell asleep
Zayn's P.O.V
I'm glad they didn't kiss but I'm also a bit disappointed because Liam is now competition and is sleeping next to Hazel the girl I love it just kills me inside I was still sobbing quietly under the covers but but myself together
"Liam!!Zayn!!Niall!!Hazel!! Someone open up!!!" It was Harry I went down and opened the metal doors for them.
" Thankyou Zayn." I nodded I was still a bit asleep but enough to tell them something important
"Only rooms from this floor others not cleared yet." I know I sounded weird but I didn't care they all nodded and headed to a room. Why at 3 am and where were Perrie and Jason? I had just noticed my girlfriend (soon to be ex girlfriend) gone.

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