The Legend of the Elements

When four kids discover a strange new dimension hidden within the lockers of their own school, their worlds get turned upside down.
Jack, Olivia, Heather, Susan and Sam get combine with 2 powers when they meet a strange scientist and help the strange scientist in destroying the "Dark Ruler Of Dimensions"
Will they be able to defeat it or will they get lost in the mysterious world that they re being sucked into?


4. The Book Of Jade

*Jack's POV (Again!)*

The whole chain of events was weird. I've never even talked to Susan or Olivia. Fate? Maybe. I returned the key to Heather and went to lock my locker. But in it there was a book. A very old, dusty book. On the cover it said:


Book Of Jade

I opened the page and looked at it. There was 10 slots indented in it. They looked as though gems would fit in them. I turned onto the next page and there was writing I could not read. And a gem taped to the page. I looked back at the slots and saw that Slot 1 was the EXACT shape of the gem...

I put it in the slot, and the book glowed the colour of the gem - Jade Green. The writing on the next page glowed green and translated into English.

To Unlock the secrets that tie the Universe together,

Master the element of fire - earn the Flaming Gem.


I rushed round school, trying to find Heather, hoping she hadn't already got on her bus. I found her by her locker, comparing her key to a drawing. I showed her the book, still glowing strongly. But as I opened the book, an unused locker also opened.

"That is a bit TOO freaky." She said.

We ventured towards it, not knowing what might happen next, and as we approached it, a bright blue-white light shone, and we were sucked inside...


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