The Legend of the Elements

When four kids discover a strange new dimension hidden within the lockers of their own school, their worlds get turned upside down.
Jack, Olivia, Heather, Susan and Sam get combine with 2 powers when they meet a strange scientist and help the strange scientist in destroying the "Dark Ruler Of Dimensions"
Will they be able to defeat it or will they get lost in the mysterious world that they re being sucked into?


6. Fire Fingers

*Heather's POV*

It took us a while to get back to the land above the sand and when we had we found that the sun was slowly going down and a big gray rock sicking out was casting a shadow over us. "Was that rock there before?" Said Jack. No one answered, as everyone was freezing apart from Jack.

A shiver racked through my body, making my teeth chatter slightly.

"Urgh it's so cold!" Olivia whined before I had the chance.

"Tell me about it" I mumble, dryly. My feet carrying me forward out of impulse. I don't know why but when ever I'm cold I just start moving about, I can't help it. "This is getting ridiculous!" I seethed, pacing back and forth in front of the others. My anger was once again rocketing, me not being able to keep a lid on it anymore. "I should be at home, not at where ever this is! Like I said earlier we need to find shelter! What good are we going to be if w-!"

My rant was cut off by a ball of fire shooting from my finger tips and onto a dried up old piece of drift wood, which also seemed to have appeared along with the rock.

"Woah..." Olivia mumbled, staring wide eyed at the small flames licking around the wood. Excitement was clear in her expression but like me, everyone else was looking at my hands. "That was so cool!" She exclaims, bouncing up and down slightly. "Do it again, Heather!"

"I-I don't know how" I stutter, confusion taking over my thoughts.

I've never done that before! Why can I all of a sudden shoot fire out my fingers?!

I noticed Jack messing with the Book Of Jade, so I had a closer look. It seemed he was trying to force the Fire Gem into the second slot, but was failing. Susan came too, took the book and gem and said "Leave it to the professionals!" She too, tried putting the gem in, and failed. Then Olivia took the gem and went up to the rock.

"There's a slot in this rock!" She exclaimed. She inserted the gem into the rock as the Book Of Jade reacted.

The answer may be simple, as it also may not.

Do not overlook possible answers.

Suddenly, what appeared to be a lectern rose out of the ground, with a shiny object and gingerbread men for each of us. I picked up the object, which appeared to be another Fire Gem, just of a different shape. I passed it to Jack who placed it into the book. He held it up as it glowed fiery red again. He turned the pages and I saw an arrow. Was it leading us out of this place? 


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