Everybody hurts

Gemma and Justin were best friends growing up in Canada, but when Gemma was 10 she moved to the UK with her family. This was when no one knew who Justin Bieber was,but then everything changed...


9. July 7th 2009

2 years had past from that day when Justin was headlining EVERY paper all over the world, on every news channel, when he got signed by Scooter Braun.

Today was the 7th July 2009, i haven't heard anything from Justin for the last 3 years. He must have forgotten about me for sure. He hated me,he didn't want to be my best friend anymore.

I am now 13 so i am in my second year at high school, and all my friends at school are on something called twitter. One night after school i got hold of my not-so-new laptop and made a twitter account. It suggested to me some people i should follow.I got the hang of it faster than expected, but there was this thing called 'trends'... 

so i clicked on the icon, and it explained to me that it was the things most people were speaking about on twitter, so i was scrolling down the list of hashtags and there it was.

something i was not expecting.

oh my, how on earth did this happen.

its only been two years.

am i dreaming?




woah? what was happening? Justin has come out with a single? it has reached number 1 already? 

there is no way in hell i was ever going to see Justin again, you know how it is when someone gets famous, they have lots of money, abandon their old friend and make new friends.

Justin's new best friend will probably be Beyonce in a couple of weeks, and that hope i had that he would still remember me would be gone.

That night i struggled to sleep,i had so much running around in my head. I opened my laptop and typed in youtube 'Justin Bieber One Time', i clicked on the first option, i heard it.

His perfect voice, and a million memories came flooding back to me about our childhood.

Me and him sat singing 'because of you' on his bed back in Canada, but now neither of us lived in Canada, everything had been forgotten, its like it never happened.

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