Everybody hurts

Gemma and Justin were best friends growing up in Canada, but when Gemma was 10 she moved to the UK with her family. This was when no one knew who Justin Bieber was,but then everything changed...


15. Embarrassment

Pattie:So how are you? what have you been doing? what's the gossip?

Gem:Well i'm just starting college, everything is good, and no gossip

Pattie:What are the guys like over here then Gem? *She winked*

Gem:They're alright, but obviously not as good as Canadian guys

Pattie:Any Canadian guy in particular? *She winked again and giggled quietly*

Gem:Shut up

We both started laughing on the bed, she knows me too well.

Pattie: Well it's not like you were hiding it very well were you?

Gem:What do you mean?

Pattie:Come on Gem its obvious

Gem: I seriously don't know what you mean


Gem:Woah what?!? He's my best friend, i love him but not like that

I could feel my face going red. Pattie is like my second mum, she can tell when i'm lying.

Pattie:Okay then

She said with a grin on her face,i knew she didn't believe me, well she should.

Pattie:Sweet, we're going out tonight, i'm taking you and your mum out for a meal so we can all catch up properly


Pattie:have you got something to wear?

I flicked through my wardrobe


Pattie:Well come on then


Pattie:Lets go shopping



Hey guys sorry i haven't updated in ages, i've been on holiday and didn't have internet.But i'm back now and will be updating regularly now:) 

love you lots x x x 

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