Sennah T'Nae

Sennah T' Nae is a belly dancer I rp on Ultima Online, I have a couple harsh ( mild and not shown events ), I wouldn't consider them mature content though. This will be semi ongoing, I am still writing more of it. It isn't perfectly edited yet either but about 90% is edited.


1. Youth

The roads of Sosaria are long, many people travel these roads, if you have no one to travel with the miles seem longer, and the forests more daunting. You learn to live with very little, relying on nothing but yourself waiting for your dreams to come true and knowing that those long roads finally brought you there.

 Coming out from the moongate of Yew in the facet Felucca a couple by the names of Daela and Akhane had begun a walk that would change their lives. During their travels they had come across a child who looked to be no more than 1 year old, they looked around the immediate area for the parents but none were found. Daela held the child close as Akhane looked in their pack for something the baby could eat but the only thing he was able to give her was bread that he soaked it in water to soften it up for her. After a day’s travel they did not find any parents and would not simply leave the child on the roadside so they took her in and named her Tanika. They set up a camp for themselves by the mountains North of Despise and there they were able to live for a month. During that time they had found others that needed or wanted help so they had taken them in which, until their stop in the Desert of Compassion eight months later, had built up to 15-20 people. During their stay at the desert a baby was born of Daela that they named Sennah. The miniature community or the gypsies as they were labeled by others, all worked together taking care of the few children there which were Sennah, Tanika, and another couples 5 year old twins. A few months passed after setting up camp they had been attacked by a group of scorpions that had come from the desert, 3 people were killed and the rest scattered to find safety anywhere they could. Sennahs parents and the couple with the twins headed toward Vesper, which is when they had finally had a true home established with gold they got from selling all of the semi valuable items they had collected during their travels. It was a small sandstone house with 2 floors, there was barely enough room for one family let alone 2 so the other couple stayed at the inn, paying for their rooms by cooking and cleaning for the innkeepers until  1 year later when they too were able to get their own house which was North of Vesper . Within that years’ time Daela had another child, a son that they named Jamier which the father was already planning to train to become a professional bagball athelete.

Sennah had just turned six years old, their family was long settled into their house, there were cheap decorations on the walls along with some furniture that was found on ground by the bank in Vesper. While Jamier was playing inside with blocks Sennah and Tanika would play outside for hours, and ran into the city of Vesper where they would go to look at the gifts given to those that had contributed to the Museum. Sennah pointed at the jewelry and told Tanika how one day she’ll get ‘’every piece of jewelry in the whole world!’’. Tanika laughed and told her how silly she was then ran to the weapons and told Sennah how she is going to become a warrior and protect people from monsters. They went outside the Museum and looked to the sky to see how late in the day it was, and then ran home because they knew it was about dinner time. When they got home there was a group of men holding their father and one had Jamier held under his arm as Jamier screamed and cried. Sennah and Tanika turned to run into Vesper again but they were grabbed from behind. As they were held they watched their father as he was beaten and their brother who was now on the ground not moving. Their mother was taken out of the house, dragged by her hair and dress torn, she cried as she tried to cover herself with a man following right behind with a cold smile on his face, tucking his shirt into his pants. One of the men was holding a red mages book cast the ancient spell to create a moongate. Once the glowing red gate had been opened the men began crossing through the gate, taking the three girls with them.

The three girls had been brought to a large castle with men standing high up in the towers keeping watch for intruders or escapees. Sennahs face was grabbed at her cheeks so hard it left bruises, heavy chains were locked around her neck, wrists, and ankles. The metal was aged by the look of the scratches, and stained with blood of those who had worn it before her. Her sister and mother were chained in front of her; the chain was tugged in front of her mother by a big man with the tattoo of crossed scimitars on his upper arm. She looked at the back of her mother and sisters heads about to cry, but took in a deep breath and told herself that right now she needs to be strong so not to make her mother worry more, and to hopefully calm her sister a little when Tanika would get scared.  She felt a big hand grab her rear making her jump and quickly looked behind her to see a man grab his pants at his groin yelling ‘’Hey little girl want ta’ become a wom’n!!’’, then him and a group of others began laughing as she was being taken further into the castle. She looked forward again and up toward the stone ceiling holding back her tears thinking ‘be strong, be strong,’. The chain had stopped being pulled and a man sitting on a giant hardwood throne motioned for the men to bring the girls closer to him, he then grabbed her mother’s hair, pushing her to the floor. He leaned over to a woman sitting next to him that didn’t seem to fit in with the others that Sennah had seen. This woman was covered with expensive jewelry, her long beautiful hair braided and running down the left side of her body, all the way to her thigh. She leaned to him as they spoke to each other like professional business people, the man waving a finger as he pointed to each of the girls, his other hand still clutching Sennahs mothers hair. The woman stood and walked over to Sennahs mother and sister, studying them, suggesting to the man on the throne their value. She came to Sennah, kneeling in front of her, looking her over then to the man.’’ I want to keep this one, I think she’ll be of more value here as she gets older’’. He nodded to her and motioned to the man holding the chain, and he proceeded to separate Sennah from the chain linking her to the others. The woman took her by the chain and led her away from her mother and sister, Sennah turned, trying to get away, yanking the chain she was being taken by. The woman turned and rolled her eyes then slapped Sennah across her cheek. Sennah stopped tugging and lowered her knees to the ground; the woman stood her back up grabbing Sennahs already bruised face and positioning it to face her. ‘’Look you little wench, you belong to us now, you keep this up and you will get chained down the basement until you can behave.’’ Sennahs spirit dropped, her head lowered, still holding back her tears, she looked back once more to see her mother with her face in her hands crying and her sister, unlinked from her mother being led away in another direction. Sennah looked down, the only thought in her mind was ‘I can’t be strong for them, I can’t make mother not worry, nor ease my sister when she’s scared.

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