The school

A school, farming humans for the gifted to practice on. Half humans and half gifted, who will rise to the top?
a hidden power competition


4. The impossibility of death

I’ve come to the park first, there is a group of humans from the half and half but the girl isn’t there. There isn’t exactly a lot to do in this village so I don’t know where she could have gone. She might live here and has gone home but I find that highly unlikely. Why would you buy lunch then go home? It’s worth a look up and down the high street again. Wait a minute. There’s something glittering in the hedge but there’s just a field the other side. The perfect place for someone strange to hide. The breeze stops for a moment, just enough time to here a crackle of paper, chip shop paper. The group in the playground doesn’t have chips so there has to be someone. Dipping into my sense I don’t see anything so either it’s her or nothing so I’ll either catch her or not and definitely won’t embarrass myself in front of any gifteds. It’s a win win. Now how am I going to do this? There’s a style leading into the field but I think she’s sat so that she can see anyone going over. Any disturbance of the hedge from something of my size would tell her someone’s coming but what can I do? There is nothing next to the field that I could climb on. It’s just field, pavement, and road. There is a tree the other side of the road and it does have a branch practically to the other side but I don’t know if it could hold my weight. Or if I could make the jump. It’s about five meters up but it would bend with me on it and when you live on the street with people chasing after you, you learn to be able to jump. It’s got to be worth a shot. I just hope the gang doesn’t see me and give me away to her. The tree looks quite climbable so it shouldn’t take long for me to be out of sight. I walk casually up to the tree and plan my route, there looks to be plenty of holes. I’ve just got to go, I can’t think straight and if lunch break runs out then I could lose her. Propelled by my curiosity, I reach the branch in about 30 seconds. The weight I’ve put on in 2 years since my street days is slowing me down and I’ve still got the branch to worry about. It looks a lot thinner from up here and the wind has picked up, just my luck. I was just going to run and jump but I don’t think that that’s a good idea when my legs feel like jelly. I’m going to have to crawl, less risk but more time consuming. Just go Anita! Go! I really hate my curiosity sometimes. AAAHHHHH!!!! A sudden gust of wind made me topple forwards and I’ve just managed to clutch onto the branch with the rest of me hanging underneath in perfect view of anyone having a quick look around. I really hope a wagon doesn’t drive by anytime soon. I’ve just got the strength to hold on but I really can’t haul myself up. I’m going to have to go like this and hope I can swing and land in the field. Oh no! The branch is already drooping. Go, go, go! I wish I spent more of my childhood climbing trees now or falling out of them. One bit at a time. Nearly, yes! Now just the small matter of getting down. The branch has drooped even further away but I have to do this. Come on Anita! You’ve got plenty of core muscles, just use them! 1…2 wait! I can see her at least it is her. She’s about a meter away from where I’m going to drop so I’m going to have to grab her before she runs away, great, another thing to do. Right come on! 1…2…3! No! Oh great! Flat on my face! I look up but she’s already up and about to run.

“Wait!” She hesitates for a second but that’s all I need. I pounce and rugby tackle her to the ground and then lay on top of her to stop her moving.

“Get off me! Leave me alone!”

“Not until you explain yourself!”


“Explain yourself!”

“Let me sit up! I promise I won’t run away.” Well she’s telling the truth.

“Ok. Now explain.”


“You, you’re impossible.” She said nothing. She just stared at me. Her crystal sharp blue eyes cutting into my mind.

“Stop it! You can’t do that! You just can’t!” I’ve seen that look in other gifteds, she was in my mind, and she was reading me. But she can’t!

“Why can’t I? What makes me different? Why am I different?” She was angry now. She changed instantly. She reminded me of myself, all those years ago when they sent off my Dad to be killed.

“Don’t worry, I’m like you, I’m different too.” Lying was my only option that I could think of.

“No you’re not. You’re lying.” How did she know that?

“I just do! You’re dark and mysterious but you’re not different. Not like me. So don’t you dare you say you are!”

“What are you?”

“No one knows, I don’t know! Leave me alone!”

“Now you’re lying.”

“So what? What difference does it make?”


“Exactly. Nothing matters. You don’t matter. I don’t matter.”

“You’ve got to calm down.”

“No I don’t! No one can tell me what to do. Because I’m the only one who’s different. I’m the only one who’s impossible. And no one will ever understand. Because I’m impossible Jade. I’ve lived every day on this planet and I will live for everyday to come. Because I will never die. I can never die.”

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