Last ones Left! :o

Going to sleep, in the world of the living . Waking up, in the world of the dead. My family are dead. I am the is the last one left, or i thought she was. I find myself, not just saving my own life but for other survivors. Along the way I meet Adam, who i fall deeply in love with... Does Alexis and Adam Save the human race or not?


1. A date with an unknown guest

I wake up from my slumber, because of the awful rotting smell, burning my nostrils. BANG! SMASH! Someone was downstairs. I pulled the covers away from me, and plunged out of bed. I cautiously sauntered across the desolate room towards the rotting door that hung from the hinges of the cracked, cobwebbed wall. I grabbed my base bat as i turned the rusty door nob, Blowing of the coat of dust off my base ball bat i started to ask my self: who it was? what it wanted? why it was here? My hands started to shake; my mouth became dry, i constantly started to gulp, My heart started to beat so fast and so loud i was scared that the unknown  visitor could hear it. I pulled the door towards me, and slowly peeped around it. My mouth dropped. My house was a bomb site, As i pulled the door wide open a corpse fell at feet. I wanted to scream so loud, but i couldn't. There was a creek just at the bottom of the stairs, The unknown visitor has decided to come and check the upstairs. I shook my hand and made sure i had a strong grip on the bat, Taking a deep breathe, i prepared for my date with the unknown guest...


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