Sad Beautiful Tragic

Jessica is a 19 not so regular teenager shes so insecure and dosent want to now anything about love but what will happened when she meets One Direction well it make her happy or more insecure of her will it be the best day or worst.




 ''come on stay with us just awhile'' ''I cant sorry I have to go'' ''your gonna stay with us'' ''what'' then I felt a rag over my nose '' just breathe it will be easy like that ok'' I just breathe in then everything went black.....................................................................


zayn just made her faint wtf is He doing omg his kidnapping her why shes so innocent shy why her we can take anyother slut ''WHAT THE HELL ZAYN WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP IT WE CAN HAVE ANOTHER HOE NOT HER PLZ STOP IT WERE NOT KIDNAPPING HER'' ''SHUT UP IM SORRY ITS LOUIS AND I WERE PLAYING TRUTH AND DARE AND IT LED UP TO THIS NOW HELP ME'' I just helped his so gonna pay me for this but I can use some fun with her..

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