How to make a popstar fall in love with you.

May have Sex in it. Be careful.


1. Can i have your number?

Lacey's POV

"On my way to starbucks, give me a moment Jess." I groaned as i wore my ankle socks and hung up. I looked in my shoe closet, some of my tieks, some vans and a pair of my most comfortable pair of shoes... My favourite pair of cherry pink converse shoes. They were the last in-stock. I quickly tied my shoe laces and put on my bow at the back of my head. I knew Jess would be very very mad when she sees me. I'm half an hour late! I ran across the zerbra crossing and bumped into a guy. He was holding a starbucks frappachino. He spilled it over my dress! How rude! Now it has a stain on it. I looked down on the stain on the dress. As i turned to see the guy rushing out of sight, i yelled." HEY! BE MORE CAREFUL! Now my dress has this stain on it." 

I turned around to see another man, about the same age as me, give 1 or 2 years older than me. He was wearing these huge shades and a beanie. I could see some curls sticking out of his beanie. He was wearing a black blazer with a white t-shirt. Along with that, he had on some black high top converse and a very expensive smelling colonge... I smelt it somewhere before... Seems like a sample from the magazine. It was Chanel de Blue, i had a sample in a teen magazine about one direction on the section, "What does the boys smell like?"

Then i realised, as i took the hankie, his shades dropped a little, i could see emerald green eyes. Then all the pieces came together! The curls, the shades, beanies and harry's casual look. And not the hankie having "Harry Styles" written on the hankie. 

"Thanks! I hope it can come off..." I mumbled, hoping he could hear me. 

"I'll pay for Dry Cleaning if you want." He sugested, then a moment later...

"Oh! Harry. Harry Styles." He introsuced himself.

"Well Harry, I'm Lacey. Lacey Horlickson. And no thank you." I said. I was suprised how i wasn't screaming and fanning myself. Well, at least my cheeks got cherry pink. So i knew i was still fangirling on the inside.

"Hello Lacey. Um... This may be weird, but can i have your number?" Harry asked.

I quickly took out my iphone and he took out his. We exchanged phones and each keyed our numbers in. 

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Lacey." Harry smiled.

I nodded and he walked away. I kept my phone back in my purse, only to find Harry's hankie in my purse. I sighed. I wasn't gonna give it back. I checked my watch. 45 mintues late! 


*Moral of Chapter One; DONT FANGIRL

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