Taken some songs and read between the lines


2. who says

Who says who says your not perfect.....
No one can tell you, your not perfect because everyone's perfect in there own way.

Who said your not worth it.... 
Chances are your worth more than them and there just jealous.

Who says your the only one that's heard it....
Many girls and boys across the globe get knocked down by the people that think there all that, but the key thing to remember is they 'THINK' there all that -_- .

Trust me that the price of beauty...
You shouldn't have to to pay for the make up and extensions just to make you beautiful. As I said before everyone's beautiful in there own way and it's better to be natural than synthetic.

Who says your not beautiful,WHO SAYS.... 
Your beautiful an don't let anyone tell you your not, because if they do , they will have you to deal with. 


(All of the bits in bold belong to the original owners of the song- all rights to them)

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