I was left with the state, foster home after foster home, school after school. But this one’s different, this family they live in a different country. They want me; they said I was unique and beautiful. I’m seventeen now and I’m being adopted by a family in England.


3. Chapter two- New school and Possible new starts




I gripped the straps of the Aztec school bag that hung carelessly from my left hand. I took a deep breath straightening my school blazer that was mandatory; I have been to almost a thousand new schools and haven’t once had to wear a school uniform. I sat my bag down and bent over to pull up my black knee high socks; I adjusted my skirt, took a breath and left the house. I had been shown the school two days ago when we were coming back from the grocery store, walking of course. I walked down the steps stepping onto the sidewalk, I pulled out my iPhone that Lucy had insisted I have, turned to the music, un-winded my headphones and stuck them in my ear.

When I left the neighborhood the first thing I saw was groups of people walking in the same direction as I was, I watched as they laughed throwing their hands up and down as they had animated conversation with one another. I watched as they all had blonde, brown or other normal hair colors. I was sure to stick out like a sore thumb, I found myself wishing I could just disappear already. I tugged on the blazer’s sleeves pulling them to my fingers to grasp tightly. I felt someone tap my shoulder pulling out an ear bud I turned.

“Want a ride?” the boy asked me waving to his car. I studied him; he was black with a white birthmark on his chin. He had this crazy afro style hair with the tips dyed blonde.

I shook my head, “No thanks.” I stuffed my ear bud in walking away from him, moments later I felt another tap. I turned around seeing the same guy but this time he had a friend with long blonde hair and a bit of stubble, the afro guy smiled warmly at me.

“Come on we won’t bite.” He laughed showing his perfect teeth that reminded me of mine. I shook my head no again.

“I don’t ride in cars.” I whispered looking past him at the jeep. “Or motorcycles.” I finished and turned away stuffing my ear bud back in. I looked next to me to see the car pass by, I sighed and stopped walking. I tried not to get worked up considering that when I do I could possibly have a panic attack and I didn’t want one on my first day of school. I walked up to the gates, everyone’s eyes on me I blush and duck my head in embarrassment. I walk up to the door opening it wide I let the warmer air rush over me as I enter. I turn right going into the office I put my phone up in my bag and walk to the desk.

“Ah, new student?” she questioned, I was still trying to get used to their accents considering I have a country accent due to living in Oklahoma. I nodded my head yes.

“Name?” she questioned.

“Lillian Ouray Fisher,”

“Ah, ok you have science first so let’s get you your time table.” She said, I was guessing a time table was the same thing as a schedule. I nodded my head again; I was always great in school, maybe because I was always quiet and didn’t bother anyone. She spun around holding a sheet of paper.

“We need to get you an I.D. picture so if you follow me we can take it now, print it and send you off to class.” She stood walking from behind the desk motioning for me to follow. I did, I sat in the chair gave a fake smile, strung the I.D. around my neck and followed her to my first class.

When the door opened I felt as if I wanted to burst into tear, I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do. The lady gently pushed my back making me inter the room; the teacher gave a warm smile to me from the front while I was In the back of the room. Everyone turned in their seat staring at me, they looked at me like those one infection boys did three days ago. They looked as if they’d melt and it was annoying. The teacher waver her hand motioning for me to walk to the front. I felt the eyes follow me as I moved I gulped closing my eyes as I took a deep breath.

I turned to face the class.

“I’m Miss Miller why don’t you introduce yourself sweetie.” The woman teacher smiled warmly at me.

“I’m Lillian Ouray, but call me Lilly, or Ouray.”

“Nice to meet you, Lilly.”




I gripped the tray and walked out the cafeteria doors meeting the cold air. I saw a group of boys and girls sitting at a long table, the rest of the students were inside enjoying the warm air. I walked over to an empty table and sat down setting my lunch on the table, I picked up the apple taking a bite and setting it back down. I don’t eat school food; I only really like fruits and vegetables when I can get my hands on them. That and burgers and ice cream I would never be able to live without.

I pulled out my sketch pad and charcoal pencil my apple still in one hand. I started sketching Lucy and Dave smiling in front of a painting I had made. I drew Lucy’s hair in soft curls hanging off her shoulders, a perfect strapless dress adorning her slim frame. I put Dave in an expensive suit taking the time to add every little detail from my imagination. I signed my name at the bottom and flipped the page now drawing my real parents, I drew my mom on the runway in an expensive black dress her hair in a perfect bun, my dad clapping his hands from the side of the stage a smile on his face as my mom made a funny pose. I drew in the stage curtains shading everything perfectly.

I looked at my left hand that held the apple seeing it was now just a core. I sighed standing up I spotted a trash can but too lazy to walk over I threw it towards the cylindrical can making it perfectly in the middle. I grinned picking up my tray I dumped the sloppy-joe in the trash. I turned back to see that my sketch book was in the hands of the boys and girls that had been sitting outside. My mouth dropped, I ran to get the with all my hopes, dreams, bloodied memories, sad moments, awkward moments, everything in it. Tears fell from my bright green eyes as they stared in awe at my pictures.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” I yelled stiffening my body as they flipped to the page where I had drawn my grandparents’ dead bodies so I would be able to forget the memory. My jaw dropped I didn’t want them to see the next picture, I cried harder. I jumped up on a chair jumping on the girls back I grabbed the book. I got off her back pulling the book to my chest. I glared at them.

“What was that?” the boy from this morning asked me astonished.

“My harsh reality called life. You are all assholes! This is my privacy!” I sobbed harder I watched as the kids’ faces dropped and I could fell the pity emitting from them. I scowled and walked back to my table I stuffed my sketch pad into my bag. I pushed past the boys and into the building, I cried and cried. I have been to thousands of schools but nobody has ever looked in my sketch book. Nobody. I felt the sobs wrack my body as everyone looked at me; some were confused, while others pitied me.

I walked into the hall, down the hall, down another, and another and another until I came to an empty room. I sat down on the floor, I cried more before I stood anger rushing through my body. I bumped into something hard; I thought the room was empty? I ran my hand along the wall finding the light switch I found myself looking at the prettiest white grade piano I had ever seen. I ran and sat on the bench lightly touching a key, then another before I broke out into a song. I felt my emotions melt away as I disappeared into the music. I played letting my finger run over the keys as if my life depended on it.

When I stopped playing I heard clapping, thunderous clapping. I looked to the door to see that Harry kid from yesterday. I looked at the wall clock confused, it read two thirty which meant school was out and he was here to walk me home. I laughed and bowed.

“Why thank you, Hazza.” I joked trying to use a British accent. I had gotten close to the boys after that day and we would constantly talk. He laughed at me and walked closer grabbing my bag.

“I didn’t know you play piano!”

“Mmm- well there’s lots of things you don’t know about me mister.” I laughed nudging his shoulder. He nudged me back which received another nudge from me, but then ran off laughing as I stuck out my tongue I ran into someone. I turned to look and I saw zayn. Standing there laughing I turned him around and jumped onto his back making him laugh.

“Run horsie!” I yelled pointing forward making him laugh. He ran forward making me laugh for the first time in forever. I kissed his neck wrapping my arms around his shoulders. I looked to my left seeing the girls from school staring in shock. I looked behind me to see harry holding my bag as he ran after zayn and I. I grinned mischievously, I whispered for zayn to turn right ahead. He nodded and turned into the park, losing harry. I laughed as he let me down.

“I really like your uniform.” He grinned biting his lip, I slapped his shoulder.

“Don’t get any ideas! You have a girlfriend mister.” I laughed.

“No I don’t.”

“What are you talking about?” I gasped, “Did Perrie break up with you?!”

“I broke up with her.”

“Aww why? I thought you loved her.”

“Because I think I love someone else.” He whispered swinging back and forth, he looked down ashamed.

“Who?” I asked feeling bad for Perrie.

“You.” He whispered sending shock through my body.

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