I was left with the state, foster home after foster home, school after school. But this one’s different, this family they live in a different country. They want me; they said I was unique and beautiful. I’m seventeen now and I’m being adopted by a family in England.


7. Chapter six- Rich people party


I stared at myself in the floor length mirror. I was wearing a beautiful light baby blue floor length dress; the top was form fitting almost like a corset. The top had lace all over it but it was knit lace so it looked classy and expensive. Then as you went further down it gracefully flowed out and down creating a tiny trail behind me, I was wearing white heels making me look taller. I was just honestly scared I’d step on my dress and fall or ruin it. my red hair was in tight ringlets that had then been tied up in a nice up do leaving some down, my eyes had fake lashes making my already long, dark, full lashes look fifty times longer. Then they added some pink to my lips making them looks luscious. All round I looked totally different, almost model material like my mom. I kept running my hands down the sides of the dress nervously; I almost didn’t want to step out. What if zayn doesn’t like the dress on me?

“Hey Lil you ready?” Harry asked banging on the dressing room door; I took a deep breath as if I was sucking in confidence and walked to the door.

“Yeah, do you have the jacket the stylist got to go with my dress?” I asked considering it was winter and the dress is strapless. I would freeze to death if I didn’t have one. I walked back to the chair remembering my phone and extra lip stick the stylist had given me.

“No but she gave me a scarf…” he trailed off giving a nervous laugh at the end; I groaned a scarf? Are you kidding me?! I walked back to the door pulling it open quickly causing air to rush in blowing my dress back a bit. I smiled at Harry to see him holding a wrap not a scarf making me crack up laughing. He sort of just stood there staring at me as if he’d melt, why the hell do people look at me like that?! I grabbed the wrap from his arm holding it up in his face.

“Harry Hun,” I laughed, “This is a wrap, not a scarf.” I said pulling it over me shivering. He just stood there, staring. I raised my eyebrows poking his arm, no response.

“Hey Har-” Niall started but stopped when he saw me reciprocating Harry’s actions, Louis came followed by Liam to see what was taking so long but then they ended up staring at me like the others.

“Dude!” I yelled they did absolutely nothing; hell they didn’t even blink. I’m guessing that by now zayn was finished getting ready and not even five seconds after I said that he walked up behind the boys.

“What has everyone’s attention……” he trailed off biting his lip assuming the same look as the other boys, I stood there uncomfortably under their intense gaze’s until Lou the boys stylist came over.

“What have you guys been staring at for the past ten minutes?! We need to leave!” she exclaimed then looked at me and smiled, she was the one who had helped me get ready so she had already had her staring moment already. The boys quickly snapped out of their trance telling me I looked beautiful which only made me blush like hell. Zayn quickly walked over wrapping his arm around my waist and I instantly felt Harry’s mood drop reminding me of when Zayn and I were in the limo.


“I couldn’t get up the courage!” he laughed nervously, I looked over at him scooting closer to him on the seat.

“Never be nervous to ask me something, there’s always a good chance I’ll say yes or tell you.” I said reaching for his hand, the next thing I know we were leaning closer and closer. His hand reached out to cup my cheek as he lowered his head more, my breath hitched when our lips brushed. He pulled me onto his lap gently pulling me closer to his body; his placed his lips on mine sending shivers down my back. I felt dizzy and my lips felt as if they were on fire my hands flew to his head gripping softly as his lips traveled down my neck. I placed my hands in his hair gently tugging just as he hit my soft spot making us moan in unison. Suddenly zayn grabbed my hand moving my body from his lap and that’s when I noticed that the limo had stopped and harry was standing there with a hurt expression his face pale.


Was he jealous? No that’s not possible, why would he be jealous? Because he likes you! What no he doesn’t!? Oh my god how stupid are you? Of course he does and he’s jealous of Zayn! No he’s not! He doesn’t like me like that, bro I have officially gone psychotic. I groaned internally at my stupidity finally concluding that Harry in fact did not like me and I was imagining things.

“Lil…” Zayn said snapping me out of my trance.

“Yeah?” I asked looking up at him.

“I asked if you wanted to eat after the party.” He laughed.

“Yeah I’d love to!” I said grinning at him he reached over for my left hand wrapping it in his making us both smile. When the limo stopped the boys filed out, Eleanor couldn’t come due to exams and Danielle couldn’t come because she has to get up at four AM tomorrow for the start of her dance tour so I was the only girl. Zayn stepped out reaching his hand out for me to grab, I accepted sticking out one foot I heard the people go wild with questions. I stepped out of the car showing myself fully to the crowd.  Zayn wrapped his arm around my waist smiling making me do the same.

“Zayn is that your new girlfriend?”

“Zayn who is that?”

“Is she a model?”

“Is she famous?”

“Zayn who’s the girl?”


Question after question came tumbling from the reporters mouths as if they had no barriers. Zayn and I posed for pictures before just the boys got pictures I stood to the side with a smile for a couple minutes until Zayn came back to me wrapping his arm around my waist again making our way inside the building.

Overall so far the party was ok but I was getting bored honestly until zayn came over and offered his hand out towards me, I smiled and took it. He stood me up and we walked over to the small dance floor, placing his hands on my hips I placed mine around his shoulders placing my head on one of his shoulders swaying back and forth to the music. I sighed happily, I can’t remember the last time anyone made me happy really truly happy. This is the first time where I was truly content. Nothing could mess up this moment, a least that’s what I had thought.










hey guys i'm really sorry its so short but the thing that happens next if I add it to this chapter then it will be wayyyyyyyyy to long and I want it to be interesting so yeahhhhh!

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