Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


7. Chapter 7

Ella’s POV

My eyes slowly fluttered open with difficulty as I groaned to the excruciating sound of my alarm clock that had just gone off. I bumped my fist onto the big button on top, shutting it up. I cringed as I noticed the sunlight spilled onto my face. I then furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I felt the covers rubbing against my skin. I looked down, only to realize that I wasn’t wearing any clothes. The events from last night immediately came rushing back and a soft smile traced upon my face. I turned around, letting out a small giggle, which was abruptly interrupted when I laid eyes on the empty spot next to me. I sat up and looked around, noticing that his clothes were gone.

I slowly got out of bed, wrapping the sheet around me, and patted over to my bathroom. I quickly slipped into my pyjamas before looking in the main bathroom of the second floor. He wasn’t there. I anxiously walked down the stairs, feeling my heart beating faster with every step I took. He couldn’t be gone.

I walked in the kitchen, hoping to find him eating breakfast, but there was no sign of him there. My heartbeat picked up pace as I walked to the living room and looked out the window. His car wasn’t in the driveway. 
“No, no, no,” I repeated franticly.  I slowly backed away from the window. I could feel my eyes start to glass over. He couldn’t possibly be gone. “He was supposed to be different,” I whispered to myself.

I grabbed the house phone that was on the table and dialled Cody’s number.




Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system,” a robotic female voice spoke on the other end of the line. “The person you are trying to call is not available. At the tone, please record your–” I hung up the phone. Cody had just sent me to voicemail. This couldn’t be... There was no way this was happening.

I stood there, in the middle of the room, staring off into space, in complete disbelieve. I brought my shaking hand up to my mouth as tears were now streaming down my face. I looked down to the phone and called the only person I felt like I could turn to right now. 
“Rita?” I spoke as soon as she answered, my voice breaking at the last syllable. 
“Ella? What’s wrong?” The sound of her familiar voice made the lump in my throat feel bigger and tears started rolling down again. 
“Cody, he– You were right– I should have listened to you,” I broke down, my cheeks feeling soaking wet. 
“Hold on, I’ll be right there, okay?” I nodded even though I knew she couldn’t see me. I simply couldn’t bring myself to pull any more words out of my mouth. She hung up the phone and I finally came to realization that Cody was gone. He had done to me exactly what Eddy had done to Rita. I still couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Minutes later, Rita had finally arrived and I rushed into the warmth of her arms. Her hand rubbed my back soothingly as I explained to her everything that had happened. 
“I feel so stupid,” I cried. “I feel so… used.” 
“I know, I know,” Rita whispered as she held me tighter. 
“I should have listened to you! You were right from the beginning. I should have never got involved with him. I’m such an idiot for trusting him.” 
“You’re not an idiot,” she attempted to console me. “You were in love and love makes people blind sometimes.” 
“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked. “You tried to warn me. Shouldn’t you be telling me ‘I told you so’?” She took a deep breath before answering. 
“Ella, you’re my best friend. The last thing I want is to see you even more hurt than you already are. You know I’ll always have your back, no matter what.” I looked up at her and smiled. No matter how much we argued sometimes, we would always be there for each other – and that was why I loved her so much. 
“Thank you,” I smiled. 
“You’re welcome, honey.” She gently caressed my back. “Now, go get ready for school.” I looked up at her, dumbfounded. 
“I’m not going,” I stated. “I don’t wanna see him.” 
“But you have to see him! The least he owes you is an explanation.” 
“I don’t know…” I shook my head. 
“I’ll go with you if you want,” she said. As hard as it would be for me, I needed to know why. Rita was right. I deserved to have at least an explanation. 
“Okay,” I sighed.

I reluctantly got up off the floor and walked upstairs to get ready. About forty-five minutes later, Rita and I were on our way to school and I felt as if I were about to throw up. I could feel a knot tie inside my stomach as I dreaded the inevitable confrontation that was about to go down. I wasn’t as sad anymore; I was mostly angry. Who did he think he was to treat me the way he did?

Next thing I knew, Rita parked her car in the school parking lot and we walked in the halls, determination in each of our steps. We had missed the first three periods of the day and it was currently recess.

We made a turn towards the lockers and there he was. Cody stood by the wall he usually hung around at, surrounded by his friends, except… something seemed different.

A torrent of grief and sorrow came crashing over me as my eyes fell on a skanky redhead who had Cody’s arm slung around her neck. 
“Cody?” I gasped and the conversation he was having with his friends immediately ceased. 
“Oh, hey Ella,” he greeted me casually. 
“Who is she?” I asked, my breath trembling, as rage started fuming inside of me. 
“I’m Katie,” she answered and I glared at her. 
“Katie?” I repeated, looking back at Cody, flabbergasted. 
“Are you alright, Ella?” he snickered. 
“What happened to you this morning?” I interrogated. 
“I had to go get ready for school?” Cody laughed as if the answer was obvious. 
“You could have said something,” I enquired. 
“Sorry, I don’t usually call chicks right after I bang them.” I scowled at his words. Had he just referred to me as one of the “chicks” he would “bang”? I thought he was done with that… I thought… 
“I… I thought we had something…” I whispered. 
“Yeah, it was fun. But you know, it’s time to move on,” he shrugged with the most innocent look on his face. 
“I thought you loved me…” I mumbled. I was completely dazed, my brain struggling to process the situation I was currently in. I could hear distant chuckles emanating from Cody’s friends as I tried to come out of my trance. 
“Well, I guess you thought wrong,” Cody sniggered, amused. “You don’t mean anything to me.” 
“You’re lying,” I muttered in a brittle voice. I stepped back as Cody’s hurtful words seeped into my brain. It was as if he was the lightening and I was the tree, and his words were the fire that burned the best parts of me. 
“You wish,” he sneered, causing my heart to chatter. I was starting to become angry again. How dared he do this to me? 
“After everything we experienced together?! Last night… Don’t tell me it meant nothing to you!” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I found it difficult to breathe. He took a step closer to me so that his face was inches from mine. “Nothing,” he whispered, looking straight into my eyes, his warm breath fanning over my face. “It meant nothing,” his words hit me like a ton of bricks. I could have sworn I heard my heart break to pieces in that exact instant. He looked so serious, his face emotionless. 
“What about the things you said to me last night?” He didn’t mean what he had just said. He couldn’t possibly mean those horrible thoughts. 
“I lied,” he replied coldly. He then chuckled. “You were a good fuck, now I’ve moved on. It’s as simple as that.” I couldn’t bear looking at him any longer. What had happened to the guy I was falling in love with? Where had he gone to? 
“Fuck you,” I attempted to look intimidating, but miserably failed. He looked at me and an impish grin pulled onto his lips. 
“You already did.” Everyone around us started laughing. I had forgotten they were even there. I looked all around and noticed that Cody’s friends weren’t the only ones to have witnessed the scene. Students from all grades had gathered around us to watch the action. I felt so humiliated. I couldn’t be here any longer. I slowly took a few steps back before turning around and running down the hall. All I wanted was to get far away, from everything.


Cody’ POV

My smile quickly faded as I watched the girl I loved run down the hall in tears, her best friend quickly catching up to her. It literally tore my heart apart to see the hurt in her eyes and knowing I was the one who put it there, but I didn’t have any other choice. I had to make her hate me. It was my own fucked up way of trying to protect her. It was better for her to hate me than to fall in love with me. The attraction we had for each other was dangerous. Dangerously perfect, maybe. But I couldn’t risk putting her in danger. I couldn’t afford to get attached to anyone, not with the life that I had. It wasn’t safe for her or for me. So I wasn’t being selfish, really. Although it didn’t seem like it, I was only looking out for her.

The rest of the day went by slowly. I hadn’t seen Ella in English class and I figured she had left to go home. I couldn’t help but feel horribly guilty, but I had to get rid of the sentiment. I had to forget about her. I had been trying for so long to. I thought that maybe the strange feelings that I felt towards her would vanish as soon as we would have sex, but hell was I wrong. After last night, those feelings only intensified. And I knew exactly why. Last night, we didn’t just have sex; we really had made love. I now knew why it meant so much to her. It broke me that I had to make her believe it meant nothing to me. She meant the world to me. And that was exactly why I had to let her go. Because I loved her more than I loved myself.


Ella’s POV

MY EYES SHOT OPEN TO THE LOUD AND SUDDEN SOUND of the telephone ringing, abruptly yanking me out of sleep. My fingers traced down my cheeks and I could feel the dried out tears I had shed the previous night. The hardest part of waking up in the morning was remembering everything I had been trying to forget the night before. It was so sad to see how someone could go from being the reason I woke up smiling, to the reason I cried myself to sleep.

The persisting ringing of the phone quickly heaved me out of my thoughts and I leaned forward to answer it. 
“Hello?” My voice was low and tired. 
“Hey, Ella! It’s me!” 
“Hi, mum,” I smiled faintly, happy to hear her voice again. 
“I was worried you had left for school already,” she sighed. 
“Oh, I was just about to leave now,” I lied. I didn’t want my parents to know about me skipping school because I didn’t want them to worry about me. “How is Nana doing?” I asked after clearing my throat as an attempt to change the subject. 
“She’s feeling a lot better now,” my mum explained. 
“That’s good.” 
“Yeah, your dad and I might head back home soon, seeing as she doesn’t seem to be needing our help anymore.” 
“Oh, well, take your time,” I said. With everything going on in my life right now, I didn’t want them to come back just yet. My house had become my refuge, the only and safest place for me to hide. 
“Honey, is everything okay?” she asked, concern etching in her tone. 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I tried to reassure her. I loved my mum, but she was never someone I would turn to in this sort of situation. Truth was I didn’t know how to hold up. I had had my heart broken before, but not like this. When I was little, my mother had told me to look both ways before I crossed the street. She had also told me to put my hair up when I was around fire, and to lock the door when I was alone. I thought I knew how to protect myself, but she never taught me how to keep from getting hurt by boys like him, boys who poured pretty words down your throat in the middle of the night and were gone by the morning. 
“Are you sure?” she pressed. “You seem a little quiet. You don’t miss us too much, do you?” 
“No, mum, I’m fine. Um, I… I have to go. Don’t wanna be late.” 
“Alright, well I won’t take up more of your time. Goodbye, sweetie. Love you.” 
“Love you too, mum.”

I hung up the phone, feeling a weird sensation of emptiness inside of me. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I tried falling back asleep, but my wayward thoughts were keeping me awake. All I wanted was to escape reality for a little more while. I just couldn’t understand how he could have done that to me. I really thought he was sincere about his feelings towards me. It wasn’t fair that I was sitting here, alone in my bed, while he was off, living his life to the fullest, completely unaffected. My heart ached so much, it was as if he had come and ripped it out of my chest. Not only had he ripped it out, he had also tossed it over to the floor and stepped on it a thousand times, smashing it to pieces. I hated how my emotions depended so much on him. Whenever I would close my eyes, all of the memories we shared would come back in flashes. No matter how hard I tried to push them away, they always came back… but I knew he never would. That was exactly what I feared all along. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I guess I thought… how could the devil be pulling me towards someone who looked so much like an angel when he smiled at me?

“AHHHHHH!” I let out a muffled scream inside my pillow, relieving me a tiny bit of all the frustration that was boiling up inside of me. I couldn’t take this anymore. I angrily got out of bed and walked into the living room downstairs. I turned the TV on, hoping it would take my mind off of things a little.

The happiness of the characters of the few sitcoms that were on was getting on my nerves, so I settled for an all-day marathon of sad, romantic movies. I sank in the backrest of the sofa, a tissue box by my side.

After crying my way through three different movies, I heard someone ring the doorbell. I groaned in frustration before getting up the couch, still in my pyjamas. I turned the nob and yanked the door open, only to reveal Rita and Macy behind it. I let out another grunt and went back to my TV. 
“Well, hello to you too,” Macy spoke in a sarcastic tone as Rita closed the front door before they both joined me in the sitting room. 
“What are you two doing here?” I asked. “I don’t wanna see anyone right now.” 
“Ella, you can’t just hide in here forever,” Rita retorted, exasperated. 
“Why not?” I questioned. “It’s comfortable here. And at least there’s no chance of me running into you-know-who.” 
“I know it’s hard, but you’re gonna have to go back,” she explained. “You’ve already missed two days.” 
“What’s another?” I reasoned. 
“So you’re just gonna let him win?” Macy asked, causing me and Rita to furrow our eyebrows together. 
“What do you mean?” I asked. 
“Well, guys like him get satisfaction from breaking girls like you. Him and his friends are probably laughing right now, knowing you’ve spent your whole day crying over him.” 
“Thanks,” I spoke sarcastically. 
“My point is,” she continued, “if you really want to make him pay, don’t show him it affects you. Act like you don’t care. Go to school tomorrow and wear the hottest, most sexiest clothes you’ve got and make him wish he hadn’t let you go. Show him that you’re too good for him anyway and you’ll find someone better than him, someone who will treat you right.

“You need to forget about him, Ella. It’s the only way you’ll be able to move forward.” I sat there, eyes locked on my best friend, as I contemplated her words. Macy was right. I had to prove not only to Cody, but also to myself, that I was going to be fine without him.


Cody’s POV

I arrived at school the next morning, sunglasses shielding my vision, hoping to hide the bags that were under my eyes. I hadn’t got much sleep the past two days, spending my nights trying to convince myself I had made the right decision. It was like my head was telling me one thing and my heart, another.

I entered Mrs Peterson’s class, but my feet came to a quick halt when I saw Ella standing in front of me. I slowly removed my glasses, taking in her appearance. Damn, she looked stunning, her long caramel hair going down her back. She wore a flowery sundress that fell just above her knees. My eyes then returned to her face as she was deep in conversation with the teacher. If she wasn’t going to be mine, at least I’d be spending time with her to work on the project. That thought made me feel a little better. Even if she hated me, at least we’d be together for a few hours.

“Cody,” Mrs Peterson called my name, snapping me back to reality. 
“Yeah?” I asked. 
“Come here, please.” I walked closer to her desk, standing right next to Ella. I tried smiling at her, but she wouldn’t look at me. I couldn’t blame her though. She had all the rights in the world to be mad at me.

“Cody, Ella is telling me that due to some differences you two have, she can no longer work with you on the project. She says she wants to do it alone.” I simply stood there, in shock at her words. “That means you would have to work on it by yourself too. I have to say, it’s a big risk, seeing as the project is due in less than two months. Is that alright with you?” she looked at me over her glasses. “Of course, you can’t both work on the same novel–” 
“I’m still working on To Kill a Mockingbird,” Ella interjected. 
“Yes,” the teacher sighed before looking at me again. “Ella says she wants to keep working on To Kill a Mockingbird.” 
“That’s fine with me,” I stated. 
“You do realize you’re going to have to start over with a completely different book, right? And don’t think you’ll be getting any favours,” her eyes travelled between the two of us. “You’ll be handing in this project at the same time as everyone else.” 
“Got it,” I assured her. I didn’t try to argue this over because I felt bad enough I had broken Ella’s heart. The least I could do was to grant her this. 
“Then, it’s settled,” Mrs Peterson smiled.

Ella immediately walked away to her seat as Mrs P gave me suggestions on what other book I could pick. I chose to first one she mentioned, not bothering to listen to what she had to say. I then got to my seat and watched Ella from across the room. She was smiling and laughing with Malory who was sitting beside her. She looked… happy. It was like what I had said on Monday had never even happened. Had she already moved on?

“Alright, class!” Mrs Peterson shouted. She began her lesson, but I was too busy thinking over everything that had happened between me and Ella. She was doing fine without me. It had to be a sign. We weren’t right for each other. I had to forget her, it was the only way.

After school finished, I drove straight to the petrol station. Regardless of all the evidence I had been facing that Ella and I shouldn’t be together, I still couldn’t get over the fact that she was completely over me. I had even seen her flirting with other guys and it took all of my will power not to walk up over there and crush every single one of their bones.

“E-excuse me?” a man interrupted my train of thoughts. “H-how much is this bag of crisps?” 
“How the fuck should I know?” I scowled at him. 
“W-well, I thought you could, maybe, check the price with your cash register,” he pointed to the till next to me. I rolled my eyes, grabbed the bag from his hands and scanned the product. 
“It’ll be $3.95,” I told him. 
“Oh, no thank you,” he shook his head. Was he fucking serious right now? 
“I just scanned this damn thing for you,” I tried to speak in a calm manner. “You’re buying it.” 
“But I’m afraid I only have two dollars with me…” he said, looking down to the two-dollar note in his hand. 
“I don’t fucking care!” I snapped.

“Hi, is there a problem here?” my boss Henry came out from the back of the store. 
“I was just telling your employee that I don’t want to buy this bag of crisps because I don’t have enough money on me,” the annoying little shit explained. 
“It’s fine,” my boss smiled at him, putting the bag away. “We hope to see you again next time.” 
“Not with him here, you won’t!” he shouted before walking out.

“Cody, I need to speak to you for a second,” Henry turned to me and I simply stood there, waiting for him to start. “You can’t treat customers like that.” 
“That fucking cunt was being annoying as hell, I just treated him the way he deserved to be treated.” 
“I don’t care how annoying you thought he was, it still doesn’t give you the right to talk to him the way you did. He’s your employer. He’s my employer. All customers are. They pay our salaries.” I was so over this lecture he was giving me. 
“Do you wanna fire me?” I blurted out. 
“You’re an unusual guy,” Henry continued. “You have more confidence and self-assurance than any adult I know. You could go very far in life. Except you have this way of poking people in the eye with your words.” 
“You know what, Henry? I really don’t need this hassle tonight, okay?” I had to stop him right there. I couldn’t stand here and listen to any more of his bullcrap. 
“I’m being very kind here,” his features turned serious. 
“Well, save your charity for someone who wants it,” I spat. “If you don’t want me working here, then fire me.” 
“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” he suggested. “Maybe it’ll help you ease off a little.” 
“Fine,” I retorted. “I’m outta here.”

I shoved past him before storming out. I really didn’t need him lecturing me – especially not today. Who the hell did he think he was to talk to me like that?

I turned on the ignition of my car and wholeheartedly pushed onto the accelerator as I tore out of my parking spot. I roamed around the streets, searching for ways to get rid of all the rage that was boiling up inside of me. Just as I drove past a familiar street, an idea peaked through my mind.

I steered the wheel sharply, channelizing the car into the dark road before pulling over in front of a house. Just as I had hoped for, the driveway was empty. I jumped out of my car and pulled my phone out of my pocket.

“Hey, it’s me. How would you like to make some cash tonight? Yeah? Meet me here in five then.”


I gave him the directions on how to get here and then hung up the phone. This was going to be a hell of a night.




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