Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


4. Chapter 4

Ella’s POV

IT WAS TWO FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING. I LAY AWAKE in bed, looking up to the ceiling, unable to find sleep. I simply couldn’t seem to get him off my mind. It was like he flooded my thoughts every second of every minute and I didn’t know how to swim, but that was okay. I didn’t mind drowning in thoughts of him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversations we had had and the kiss we had shared. And it was then that I realized we hadn’t spent much time together, but it seemed like I’d known him forever. It was strange. It almost felt like I was… addicted to him. Just like drugs, you know? They give you a little and just like that, you can’t go on without it. That was exactly how I felt. I wanted more. I couldn’t get enough of him. All I wanted was to be with him. I didn’t know why. I just needed him here, by my side.

After having had very few hours of sleep, I met Rita and Macy in the school garden the next day before class would start. 
“I need to tell you guys something,” I bit my lower lip in anticipation, trying to hold back the smile that was relentlessly creeping onto my face. 
“What?” Rita asked, wary. “Oh my, God! Don’t tell me you had sex with Cody!” 
“No, no!” I said. “We didn’t have sex.” They both let out breaths of relief. “But we did kiss…” And worry washed their features again. 
“No,” Macy refused to believe me. I nodded, smiling uncontrollably. 
“Ella…” Rita whined. 
“I couldn’t help it,” I defended. “I just wanted to kiss him so badly. I guess it just… happened. 
“You’re going to get hurt,” Rita said. 
“No, I won’t,” I assured, attempting to convince myself as well. “I really like him. I think he might be the one.” My smile grew bigger. 
“You’ve known him for barely a week,” Macy reminded me. “How could you possibly know that?” 
“Sometimes you meet a person and you just click. You’re comfortable with them, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. They just push you to be the best version of yourself you can be.” 
“And that’s how Cody makes you feel?” Macy questioned, unconvinced. 
“Yeah,” I beamed. “He does…” Before I knew Cody, I used to be so stuck up and would always abide to the rules other people set. He was teaching me to break out of that. He was helping me see that it was okay to let loose and have fun once in a while. He was showing me how to be a better me. 
“Well, I just want you to be happy,” Macy smiled. “So if that’s how you feel, then I’m cool with it.” 
“Thanks, Mace.” It really made me happy to see that Macy was supportive of my feelings for Cody. 
“I still don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into,” Rita deadpanned. I was really starting to get annoyed with her attitude. 
“Just be happy for me, will you? Macy is! Why can’t you?” 
“Cody doesn’t do girlfriends,” she said. 
“All I want is to spend more time with him. We don’t have to label our relationship.” 
“Didn’t you hear what I just said?! Gosh! He doesn’t do relationships! Soon, he’s going to get bored and he’ll move on to another girl!” 
“Yeah, because you would know!” 
“I do know!” 
“What? You went out with Cody or something?” I suddenly feared what she would answer me. 
“Not Cody…” she calmed down a bit. “…but someone like him…” Macy and I both displayed confusion on our faces. “Look, I haven’t told you guys everything…” Rita’s face turned into sadness and regret. “Last summer…” she paused before taking a deep breath. “I… went out with Eddy.” 
“What?” Macy was shocked. “How come we never knew about this?” 
“Yeah, um… The reason I didn’t tell you is because I didn’t want you to know. In fact, I didn’t want anybody to know. He made me feel so special, like I was the most precious thing in the world. I felt so good whenever I was around him. When we were alone, he showed me a completely different side of him and that was what made me fall in love with him. Just like you,” she extended her arm towards me, “I thought he was the one. I thought I could change him.” She took another deep breath before continuing. “One night, we were hanging out at my house alone and we had sex. It was my first time. It felt amazing. It was everything I had ever imagined it would be, if not more. He made me feel so sexy and desirable. I felt like I was on top of the world. I fell asleep in his arms, thinking it was the best night of my life. But then, when I woke up a few hours later, he wasn’t there anymore. He was gone. He didn’t even leave a note or anything. I didn’t understand. I tried to get a rational explanation out of it. I thought maybe he’d had an emergency or something. So I called him. He picked up and I asked him why he’d left. You know what he said?” she slightly chuckled to hold back her tears. “He laughed. He just fucking laughed. He said I was pathetic for thinking we actually had something. All he wanted was to have sex with me.” Tears were now streaming down her face, but she quickly wiped them away. I had never seen Rita cry – ever. She’d always been so strong. It was hard for me to see her this broken. “He got what he wanted, so he left. I let him fool me into thinking he was different. Do you know how fucking humiliated I felt? He took my virginity, for Christ’s sake! And that’s something I’m never getting back. I don’t want that to happen to you, Ella. You deserve so much better than Cody.” It really hurt me to hear about Rita’s bad experience with Eddy, it really did. But I was still convinced Cody wasn’t the same. She hadn’t seen the vulnerability in his eyes I had. I knew Cody would never hurt me. 
“I’m so sorry, Rita,” I said. “I really am. I’m sorry you had to go through such a difficult time in your life, but… I still believe Cody is different. You have to trust me on this.” 
“I did what I could,” she resigned. “If you still want to be with him, there is nothing I can do to stop it.” I was upset Rita still wouldn’t accept what I felt towards Cody, but I didn’t wanna fight – especially not after she had just poured her heart out to us. She’d suffered enough.

When the bell rang, I headed to Mrs Peterson’s English class only to find Cody’s desk empty. The morning periods went by and I still hadn’t seen him. As I sat at the cafeteria with Rita, Macy and a few other girls, I pulled out my phone and sent him a text.

Me: Hey, where are you? I miss you :(

I immediately regretted pressing the send button. Why did I have to say I missed him? And add a sad face after it? Like, really? How lame was that? I wish there could be an unsend button…

A few minutes later, my phone vibrated on the table. I quickly picked it up and noticed Cody’s name on the screen.

Cody <3: I had some stuff to take care of

Me: Will I be seeing you tonight? :)

I squeezed my bottom lip anxiously between my teeth as I waited for his answer. I wanted to see him so badly.

Cody <3: Probably not

My smile quickly faded away. Had I done something wrong? Had I just scared him off? This had always been one of my biggest fears, that I was being too clingy and driving people away. I suddenly felt tears clouding my vision. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, I kept repeating to myself. I couldn’t cry now – and not over something so stupid. I felt like such an idiot right now. Rita was right. Cody wasn’t the kind of guy to get involved in relationships. After our kiss, he probably thought I would be expecting some kind of commitment from him and therefore, he was avoiding me. I needed to play it cool. I was falling for him, I couldn’t deny that. I was falling fast, way too fast. I needed to slow down if I didn’t want to crash and burn.

I looked down to my phone again and noticed a second text had popped up.

Cody <3: But I'll see you tomorrow ;)

I let out a sigh of relief and my lips stretched out as I read his words to me. I hadn’t pushed him away. I was so glad. But I still needed to be smart about this. I couldn’t just go and ask him if he wanted to be official; I had to make him want to ask me. It had to come from him. And I had just the strategy to do it.


OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, I HADN’T HUNG OUT WITH CODY for the rest of the week. He’d said he was really busy with his job at the gas station next to his apartment, but I had a feeling his unavailability had to do with the illegal activities he took a part in. I had to admit that part of him still scared me, but not enough for me to stop feeling so strongly about him.

The following Saturday, I sat on the backseat of Rita’s car as she drove us three to Wollongong. A bunch of kids were throwing a party by the lake and everyone was going, including Cody. I’d spent at least three hours trying to decide what I would wear. I finally settled for a strapless baby blue dress, underneath which I wore my white bikini. I wanted to look good for Cody. I figured if we started acting like a couple, we’d eventually become one, so that was exactly what I was going to do. I wanted so badly to be able to call him my boyfriend. I wanted to be his one and only. Hopefully, I would be soon.

An hour later, we finally made it to Wollongong. The party had already begun as we stepped out of the car and watched people shouting, laughing and jumping into the lake while the music blasted through the speakers. Once my eyes fell on Cody, I instantly walked over to him, leaving Rita and Macy behind. 
“Hey,” I smiled, groping his toned bicep. 
“Oh, hi,” he turned his gaze to me as he’d been talking to some guys. Cody was only wearing shorts, showing off his perfect-looking abs. Seeing them in direct light made me want to drool. I noticed a couple bruises marked his chest, but I thought they only made him even more attractive.

The two guys Cody was talking to walked away as a group of giddy girls approached us. 
“Hey, Cody,” the blond one greeted him in her peppy little voice, completely oblivious to my presence. The two other girls who stood behind her waved at him. 
“Hey, girls,” Cody smirked, leering at their half-naked bodies. Looking down, I suddenly felt out of place. 
“I love your tattoos!” she shrilled. 
“Yeah!” the other girls nodded like total airheads. 
“They’re so… manly!” 
“Thanks,” Cody smiled proudly. What was I thinking? I was just like any other girl to him. 
“Do you wanna come dance with us?” the brunette asked. 
“Um…” Cody hesitated, turning his attention to me. I looked up at him a bit surprised he had acknowledged me. “Actually, no.” What?? “I’m here with someone.” He smiled at me and wrapped an arm around my neck. A smile crept onto my face as I stood proudly next to him. 
“Oh…” the blond girl finally took my presence in knowledge and all three shot me looks of disgust, which only made my amusement grow bigger. 
“Sorry,” Cody shrugged. “Maybe next time.”

I watched the girls stomping away as I was still trying to recover from what had just happened. Cody had just turned down three of the hottest girls at this party to be with me, and I loved the sound of that. 
“You wanna get something to drink?” he looked down at me. 
“Sure,” I smiled, and we walked over to the refreshments table with his arm still around me.

“Cody!” Eddy shouted, causing us to stop halfway. He motioned for us to come over to him as he was sitting at a table with a few other people I didn’t know. Cody looked at me and I shrugged, so we walked over together to the small gathering.

“What’s up, mate?” Cody greeted, giving Eddy a bro shake. 
“Who’s the girl?” Eddy’s gaze fell upon me. 
“Ella,” I smiled awkwardly. I didn’t like being in Eddy’s presence, especially after finding out what he had done to Rita, but having Cody by my side made it bearable. 
“What are you guys doing?” Cody questioned. 
“We were just about to play a game of Never Have I Ever. Wanna join in?” 
“Yeah, sure,” Cody agreed. 
“I don’t know what that is…” I admitted. 
“It’s easy, sweet cheeks.” I tried not to cringe at Eddy’s pet name for me. “I’ll say ‘never have I ever’ done or said something and if you have, you take a shot.” He nodded his head towards the shot glasses that were lined up on the table. “The one who’s had the most wins.” 
“Oh, okay,” was all I said.

Cody led me to the table and him and I sat with the small group. 
“How about you start?” Eddy smirked at me. 
“Okay. Um… Never have I ever… lied to my parents.” Everyone laughed and took a shot glass. 
“More questions like that and I’ll be drunk in five!” Eddy laughed as I took a shot. My body tensed as I tried to subdue my embarrassment. 
“Why don’t you show us how it’s done?” Cody came to the rescue. 
“Alright,” Eddy chuckled. “Never have I ever wanted to hook up with someone in this group.” I grabbed another glass and looked to Cody as I kicked my head back, allowing the warm liquid to burn down my throat. Cody had done the same, simpering at me. I could feel the heat going up to my cheeks as I hurriedly looked away. 
“Never have I ever,” a guy started, “had sex on the first date.” All of them took shots while I simply looked down, fiddling with my fingers. 
“Never have I ever,” another one said, “shaved my balls.” All the guys at the table looked between each other and then the one sitting across from me sheepishly took a shot glass and swallowed down the drink as everyone groaned in disgust. 
“Come on, man!” Eddy scrunched up his nose. “Really?” The guy just shrugged.

The game went on until only one shot glass was left. 
“Never have I ever,” a girl said, “had a sexual encounter with a family member…” Eddy took the last cup and tilted his head back, pouring the liquid into his mouth, before slamming it onto the table and putting his hands up in victory. 
“Who was it with?” the guy next to him asked. 
“I have this really hot cousin from Perth… Man, I just couldn’t resist.” Everyone laughed with him and I couldn’t help but feel substantially uncomfortable.

“Well, looks like I win!” Eddy laughed. There were nine empty shot glasses in front of him meanwhile I only had two. I got up off my seat, unable to stay in their company any longer. I walked closer to the lake, watching people splashing each other in the water. 
“Hey, are you okay?” Cody came up behind me. 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I smiled, turning around to face him. “Wanna get in?” I nodded my head towards the lake. 
“Hell yeah!” Cody replied. I grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled the clothing over my head, to be left in my white two-piece swimwear. I tossed it over to the side and looked at Cody whose eyes scanned my body up and down as he wetted his lips with his tongue. I smiled shyly at him before holding out my hand to him. 
“Let’s go on the count of three,” I said as he grabbed my hand. “One.” 
“Two,” he continued. 
“Thee.” We ran to the riverbank and jumped into the water.

Cody and I started tickling, splashing and throwing each other all around. I hadn’t had this much fun in a while and I was happy to be sharing this moment with him. In that instant, it didn’t matter who he was or who I was. We were just two teenagers having a good time.

“Ella!” I heard a distant voice call. I looked ahead of me and saw Rita and Macy signalling me to come out of the water. I swam over to the shore and propped myself up before strolling over to my two best friends. 
“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked as I could hear Cody joining me from behind. 
“We’re leaving,” Rita said. 
“What? Why?” 
“I saw Josh kissing another girl…” Macy confessed, her voice almost breaking at the end. “I just don’t want to be here anymore.” I felt bad for Macy, I really did, but I also really didn’t want to leave. I was finally starting to enjoy myself with Cody and I didn’t want to disrupt that. 
“You girls can go, I’ll just drive Ella home,” Cody stepped in as if he’d just read my mind. 
“Stay out of it, Cody,” Rita hissed. 
“Hey! Don’t talk to him like that,” I defended. 
“I saw you taking shots over there earlier,” Rita continued, “and you expect me to let you drive her home?” 
“Does it look like I’m drunk to you?” Cody asked. “I am perfectly sober enough to drive Ella home.” 
“Ugh,” Rita groaned. “Ella, who’s it gonna be, huh? Are you leaving with us or with him?” 
“I, uh… I…” I hated to be put on the spot like this and I didn’t like disappointing my friends, but I had to listen to what I wanted. “You guys go ahead,” I finally said. “I’ll have Cody drive me home.” 
“Fine,” Rita glared at the both of us before walking away with Macy.

I ran back to the waterside and slipped back into my dress I had left lying on the grass, and the party went on.

“Yo, Simpson!” I heard Eddy’s voice from afar. Cody and I walked over to his spot. Eddy was sitting in a circle with the same people I had encountered earlier. He patted the empty spot next to him and Cody and I sat on the grass to complete the circle. I noticed the people forming it were passing a bong around, each inhaling the fume coming out of the tube. I struggled to swallow the lump I felt in my throat as the girl that sat next to me handed me the bong. I hesitantly took the unfamiliar object in my hands, not too sure what to do with it. 
“Go on,” Eddy pressed. “Have a smoke.” A cocky grin washed his features. “Unless you’re too scared…” 
“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to,” Cody leaned in and whispered in my ear. I liked that Cody wasn’t pressuring me into doing something I didn’t want to do. It showed that he really was different from Eddy and them. But I decided to face my fear and have a go at it. If Cody was into this sort of thing and I wanted to be with him, I figured I’d be closer to my goal if I did. I took a long, shaky breath before bringing the chamber up to my mouth. I carefully inhaled the smoke, but coughed it all out immediately as I felt the smoulder obstructing my lungs. I could hear the people sat around me laugh hysterically as I emptied out my system of the marijuana fume. I looked down to the grass, flushing with embarrassment. 
“Here,” Cody said, grabbing the bong out of my hands, “I’ll show you.”

I watched as Cody took a lighter from Eddy and his thumb pushed onto the metal grinders, causing a small flame to erupt from the object. He brought the blaze up to the side of the bowl and smoke filled the chamber as Cody brought his mouth on top of it, his lips firmly pressing against the rim of the inside of the mouthpiece. He inhaled a certain amount of the substance and his eyes closed as he exhaled it. He then opened them, looked at me and I gave him a small nod as he handed me back the bong.

I imitated Cody’s movements and soon, I was liberating the warm steam into the cool air. 
“Much better,” Cody congratulated as the other ones – who clearly had already had multiple hits – cheered me on. I couldn’t help but smile at their recognition. It felt good to feel accepted by them, by Cody’s friends. I instantly felt like I was one step closer to reaching my goal.

We passed the bong around a few more times until there was no more marijuana left. By then, I felt very light as if I didn’t have a single care in the world. Everything was spinning around me. It was strange, but mostly fun. 
“I need to, uh… go to the bathroom,” I said as I struggled to get up off the ground.

Once I finally managed to, I stumbled across the grass. I had almost reached the blue portable toilet cabin when I suddenly I tripped and my body sprawled out onto the greensward. I turned around and looked to the sky above that had turned a glowing shade of orange as the sun was starting to set. I then noticed a head popping up into my vision and I squinted an eye, only to find out it was Cody. 
“What are you doing?” he laughed. 
“Your face looks funny,” I replied. His features were distorted, stretching out from one end to the other. I assumed the cause of it was the marijuana I had just consumed, but I was too much on a high to care.

Cody leaned down, holding out his hand to help me up. I took it, but instead of pulling myself up, I chose to yank it down and he fell next to me. We both looked at each other for a second before bursting out laughing. I didn’t know what was so hilarious, but I simply couldn’t seem to cease my laughter. I had a hard time breathing as I was catching my breath, clutching my stomach as cramps started to form.

“Why do you have so many tattoos?” I asked, inspecting his inked flesh. 
“I don’t know…” he answered. “I guess it’s just like… my body is my journal and my tattoos are my story.” 
“Your journal? You mean like a diary?” I giggled. 
“No!” he wailed. “Ugh, never mind. You wouldn’t get it anyway since you don’t have any tattoos.” 
“What if I do…?” I led on. “Maybe you’ve just never seen it…” Cody’s eyes grew big with curiosity. 
“Where?” he asked intently. 
I leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, “That’s for you to find out…” I didn’t really have a tattoo, but I thought it would be fun to make him wonder.

With that said, I finally got up onto my feet and walked over to the bathroom.

A few hours later, the high I had gotten from the marijuana had faded. It was already dark outside and half of the people had left. 
“Cody, I have to leave,” I told him as he was talking to Eddy and a few of their friends. “My mum texted me and says I have to get home now.” 
“Alright,” he said, getting up. “I’ll see you guys later, yeah?” The other guys nodded and I waved them goodbye as Cody and I walked away.

“Today was a lot of fun,” I said as we drove back to Sydney. 
“Yeah, it was,” Cody agreed. “You’re quite something.” 
“What do you mean?” I asked. 
“I thought you were so prude and proper all the time… But then I see you looking like a total goddess in that bikini, I see you taking those shots, smoking out of a bong… and you have a tattoo?” 
“I never said I did…” I teased. 
“Do you have any idea how fucking hot that was?” I laughed as I felt my cheeks turn red. 
“There is a lot more I could surprise you with…” I led on. 
“I’ll be looking forward to seeing it then.” I couldn’t believe Cody had just called me hot. I tried really hard to brush it off like it was no big deal, but I was literally screaming of joy inside.

About fifty minutes later, Cody finally pulled over outside my house. 
“Thanks for the ride,” I said. 
“Be sure to let your friend know that you made it safe and sound.” 
“I’ll tell her that,” I laughed as I jumped out of the car.

I walked up to the front door, but turned around before opening it, watching as Cody’s car dove off down the street. I then turned back around and reached of my key in my bag when I suddenly heard the sound of tires scraping the cement. My head brusquely rotated towards the origin of the sound and it was then I saw Cody’s black Charger skid across the street, his car crashing right into a pole. And silence filled my ears. I stood there, petrified, as I observed the now stationary car and the smoke coming out of the hood.

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