Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


13. Chapter 13

I sat back in my car and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders, although not the one I would have liked to get rid of. Sonny hadn’t stopped calling and texting me the past few days, but I didn’t want to answer. Being in that room, looking Ella’s parents straight in the eyes and telling them they had nothing to worry about when Sonny was trying to get a hold of me was one of the most nerve-wracking moments of my life. I didn’t know what to do. What I’d said was true; I wanted to get away from all the bad stuff, but this whole thing that went down in Bellevue Hill kept haunting me. I felt trapped, like there was no escape, and I had nobody to turn to. I could tell Ella was starting to get suspicious. I had to distract her in order to buy me more time to come up with a plan.

That Friday, my cousin Trent was celebrating his engagement to his lovely soon-to-be wife Angela, and this was the perfect occasion to take my mind off my problems and spend some time with Ella.

“Are you sure this is okay?” she asked nervously as she stepped out of the car in her gorgeous mid-thigh length yellow dress. “I didn’t bring any gifts…”
“It’s fine, Ella,” I reassured her. “Trent said it was a small get-together. He said they don’t want any gifts, they just want to have a good time with their closest friends.”
“But she doesn’t even know me,” she still sounded hesitant. Damn, she was cute when she was anxious.
“It’ll be fine, El’s,” I said, wrapping my arm around her. “You’re with me,” I smiled proudly, causing her to laugh. Whenever she looked at me, it was like her smile pierced through all of the bad in my life and everything was okay again.

We walked into the small studio apartment Trent and Angela lived in and there were about twenty people mingling and sipping on their drinks.

“Aye, mate,” I greeted my cousin as soon as I spotted him.
“Codes! Ella! How are y’all doing?!” he exclaimed. He clearly had been drinking a lot.
“Hi,” Angela came to welcome us. “He’s… had a lot of beers,” she slightly laughed.
“Yeah, I can see that!” I noted.
“Oh, who’s the lovely lady?” she asked.
“I’m Ella,” she smiled shyly.
“She’s my girlfriend,” I added, securing an arm around her waist.
“Your girlfriend?” Angela shot me a dubious look. She’d been dating my cousin for almost six years now and she’d known me for five of them. She knew I had never been the type to get serious with girls.
“People change,” I told her.
“So I see…” she acknowledged proudly.
“Congratulations on your engagement,” Ella congratulated her.
“Thank you!” Angela smiled. “I can’t believe I’m actually getting married in a few months.”
“Can I see your ring?” I was happy to see Ella getting more comfortable. Angela was a very welcoming person, so I didn’t expect any less from her.

She extended her left hand, showing off the modest diamond piece.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” she smiled. You could see the joyfulness sparkling in her eyes.
“It’s stunning,” Ella agreed. “How did he propose?”
“Well, that is a funny story,” Angela laughed. “Apparently, after he’d bought the ring, he had been trying to plan this big, fancy thing to ask me to marry him, but he couldn’t stand the wait. So instead, he proposed to me in our bedroom while my mouth was full of gummies, which is actually great because we’re both really laidback people. It was utterly perfect!”
“Yeah, my cousin is just lame like that,” I made fun of Trent’s classy move.
“I think it’s really cute,” Ella smiled.
“Haha, well, I don’t want to be rude or anything, but do any of you know where Trent went…?”
“He left to go get some more beer about a minute ago,” I said while pointing at Trenton who was searching for more amber fluid in the fridge. Angela rolled her eyes.
“That guy can never get enough, can he?” she sighed. “Well, it was nice meeting you Ella, and it was great seeing you again Cody! You should stop by more often.”
“I will,” I nodded before she went running to her crazy stupid fiancé.

“Um, do you know where the bathroom is?” Ella asked me.
“Yeah, it’s right there,” I pointed to the small hall a little after the kitchen.
“Thanks,” she said before quickly running to the lavatory.


AS I WAS TALKING TO ONE OF TRENT’S GOOD FRIENDS, I spotted from the corner of my eyes a familiar figure. Ella was standing a couple of meters away from me, but looked like she was talking to someone. My eyes moved to the person whom she was facing, and I was immediately fuming with anger. Sonny. He touched her arm and Ella and him erupted in laughter. I had to stop this.

I quickly excused myself from the conversation and walked over to them.
“Come on, we’re leaving,” I snarled.
“What?” Ella looked up at me, confused. “We just got here…”
“We’re leaving now,” I maintained. “Go wait for me in the car.” Ella looked at me dumbfounded. "Now!” I insisted, handing her the keys.
“Better listen to your boyfriend, sweetheart,” Sonny added. I glared at him quickly before looking back at Ella. I could tell she was angry with me and I didn’t mean to be this harsh, but she had no idea who she’d been talking to.

She hesitated a little before ripping the keys out of my hands and walking away.

“What are you doing here?” I asked Sonny once she was finally gone.
“What a lovely girlfriend you’ve got,” he commented nonchalantly. “It’d be a shame if anything happened to her…” he lead on, knowing he was playing with my nerves.
“You touch her one more time,” I warned, “and you won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror when I’m done with you.”
“It’s funny you should say that when you’ve been ignoring all my calls and texts.” The playfulness in his tone was gone. “If you tell the police about any of this…” he whispered in a grunt.
“I won’t,” I assured him.
“Good,” he calmed down. “Because they’re starting to think they’re working on a murder case and they’re already looking for a corpse. We need to move the body. Tonight.”
“Fine,” I simply said while clenching my fists.
“Meet me by the swamp around midnight. Don’t blow me off.”
“I won’t,” I responded.

His features then softened as he grabbed one of the appetizers on the food tray and popped it in his mouth.
“This is really good,” he spoke with his mouth full. “Tell your cousin and future cousin-in-law that they did a really good job making these.” It took all of the strength within me not to pound my fist onto his face. “Later, loverboy.”

I watched as he grabbed another hors d’oeuvre on his way out. I followed close behind him to make sure he was indeed leaving and wasn’t going to bother Ella. This was exactly what I’d feared all along. I didn’t want Ella to be put in danger because of me. I was supposed to make sure she was safe. It was my duty to protect her and I’d failed miserably. If anything happened to her, I would never be able to forgive myself.


Ella’s POV

A few minutes had passed until Cody finally joined me in the car. I expected apologies from him, but instead, he just started the car without saying one word. I was so mad at him. How could he possibly think that it was okay for him to talk to me the way he had. I thought it was cute at first that he got jealous when I was around other guys, but this was just plain ridiculous. He couldn’t just boss me around as if I was his pet dog. I wasn’t his propriety.

The ride remained completely silent. The energy was so tensed that you could actually cut the tension with a knife.

About fifteen minutes later, we made it to Cody’s place. Without exchanging a single word, we walked up to the second floor and got into his apartment. I followed him to his bedroom and that’s when everything blew up.

“Why were you flirting with him?!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.
“I wasn’t flirting with him!” I shouted back.
“Then why were you laughing with him?!”
“Oh, so I’m not allowed to laugh in someone else’s company now?” This was beyond ridiculous.
“You don’t know him, Ella!” he screamed louder.
“I didn’t know Angela either, but you didn’t seem to have a problem when I was laughing with her!” I reasoned.
“That’s not the same thing!” Cody retorted.
“You know it’s the same thing! Just admit it, Cody! You’re just being a jealous, possessive prick and it’s really getting old!”

I had to admit, calling him a prick probably wasn’t the best way to handle the situation because from that moment on, everything got out of control. Cody’s retorts grew louder and he began to toss things around. Everything that was in the room ended up smashed to the floor. His books, his lamp, his sock drawer, everything. I was no longer saying anything. But he continued to argue, whilst I just stood there, completely overpowered by the situation. He had the same furry in his eyes as when he’d beaten up Ben in the gym a couple of days earlier. But this time, I was too scared to stop him. I kept my back pressed against the wall, paralysed. I didn’t even bother wiping the tears I knew were rolling down my cheeks. Pens and paper made their way across the room, along with his alarm clock and water bottle. And I remembered the empty bottle of pills I’d found the previous day. And it was then that I realized something was seriously wrong.

Finally, when he ran out of things to dump on the floor, he stopped in the middle of the room, looked at the mess around, and realized what he’d done. His eyes didn’t meet mine. He simply walked to his bed, sat on the edge and buried his face in the palms of his hands.
“I’m sorry,” he mumbled. I was still in shock.

“There’s something wrong with you, isn’t there?” I asked finally, my breath trembling. He slowly lifted his head and turned it to my direction, confusion displayed in his traits. “I found this the other day in your jacket,” I said, pulling out the empty bottle I’d kept in my purse.

I carefully walked to him and handed him the small white container.
“Are you, like, depressed or something?” I asked nervously.
“Yeah,” he answered derisively. “Or something.”
“Tell me,” I insisted.
“Why?” he asked, looking me in the eyes this time. “So you can try and fix me? Wake up, Ella! I’m just some fucked up worthless piece of shit! I can’t be fixed.” It literally broke my heart to hear him say those words.
“W-well… maybe it’s not about trying to fix something that’s been broken,” I said softly. “Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.”
“You don’t get it,” he grumbled while shaking his head.
“You’re right. I don’t get it. That’s why you need to talk to me, Cody,” I persisted. My voice was getting wobbly. “Because I want to help you, I really do, but half of the time, I never know what you’re talking about and I love you so much and I’m trying to figure out how to deal with all this love when you aren’t there to accept it. I need some answers, Cody,” I could feel my voice breaking at the end. I had tried everything at this point. If he wasn’t willing to let me help him now, then there was nothing else I could do.

I waited as Cody seemed to be in the middle of a big argument with himself, when he finally turned to me and said, “Okay.” My heart jumped in my chest at the sound of his answer. “I’ll tell you everything.”

I remained quiet as I waited for him to start.
“I used to live with my mum and dad and my brother and sister, just like any other kid. But as I was growing up, I was making life very difficult for them. I’d have excessive temper tantrums, I would always do things to purposely annoy them and I would never listen to what anyone told me to do. One day, I guess I was just totally out of control. I was throwing plates and kitchen utensils everywhere. I almost hit my mum with one of the silverwares. My dad decided he’d had enough. So he kicked me out. Without anywhere else to go, Trent was the only person who was willing to take charge of me. Eventually, he realized something wasn’t right, so he took me to the doctor’s. I was diagnosed with ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which explained why I was acting the way I was. After spending months in therapy, my psychiatrist gave me some pills to control my anger issues, but then something like this happens,” he pointed at the mess on the floor, “and she has to prescribe me new ones. Even the things that are supposed to fix me aren’t working.”
“Wow,” was all I could manage to say. That was a lot of information to take in.

“There’s more,” Cody added nervously as his gaze broke away from mine. “Um… The guy you were talking to at the party… The reason I didn’t want you talking to him is because…” He took a long, shaky breath, and I knew what he was about to say was serious. “Last week, I went with him to a house to steal a necklace. I know it was stupid, but I wasn’t thinking straight that day. The owner was supposed to be out, but after breaking in the house, we realized she was still there. We didn’t know what to do at that point and… Sonny – that’s the guy’s name – he pulled out a gun.” My heart was racing. “I didn’t even know he had brought one with him. It all happened so fast. He got on top of her, she was crying and begging him not to shoot. And then, next thing I know, there’s blood splattered all over the wall.” I put my hand over my mouth as the details become more explicit. “She was dead. Just like that. Sonny said that if I told the police, he’d make sure I got accused for the murder. So I had no choice but to help him.”
“You have to tell the police, Cody,” I spoke in a fretful voice.
“I’m supposed to help him move the body tonight,” he added in a monotone.
“Call the police, Cody,” I advised him.
“It’s too late now!” he retorted, looking at me again. “I’ll go to jail if I confess!”
“Not if you collaborate! And remember, you weren’t the one who killed her.”
“Sonny could tell them that I killed her. Because he doesn’t have a criminal record, they’ll have to believe him over me.”
“Not if all of the information you give them adds up,” I explained to him.
“I don’t know what to do, Ella,” he confessed, his distress breaking every piece of my heart. “Every night, I’m scared the police will come barging in here and handcuff me and…”
“Cody, I promise you, the more you wait, the worst it will be,” I tried to convince him. “You can always try and negotiate with them. You have to do the right thing.”

Cody seemed as if he was in great debate with himself. I grabbed my phone out my purse and handed it to him.

“Call,” I pressed.

He hesitantly took the phone and after staring at it for a little while, he dialled the emergency number.

“Hi,” he answered nervously. “It’s about the murder of Ellie Galway. I have some information that might interest you.”



A/N: As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been updating the story like I said I would at the end of last year. Things have gotten very busy and I kind of fell behind in the writing of Dark along the way. I know a lot of you have been anxiously waiting for me to update again, so I thought I'd make it up to you by uploading these three chapters you just read. That is all I have written so far. The story is far from ended, but to be completely honest with you, with everything that's happened over the past months, I have kind of lost interest in writing this story. It came to a point where it was a burden for me to sit down in front of my laptop and try to put all of my ideas into words. It just wasn't fun anymore. So maybe I'll pick it back up again someday, but as of now, this is where it ends. Thank you so much to everyone who has shown support for this fan fiction, I couldn't have gotten this far without you. xx

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