Dark (a Cody Simpson fan fiction)

He thought she was just another girl. She thought he was her worst nightmare. But what they didn't know was that soon, they wouldn't be able to go on without each other. Follow Cody and Ella as their journey unfolds. Will she be able to change him? Will their love be enough to save him? What happens when innocence meets darkness?


12. Chapter 12

Ella’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes. The early morning sunlight bathed my skin as I lay on my side. I observed the boy I loved peacefully sleeping next to me, smiled and wondered how I’d gotten so lucky.

“You’re staring,” he spoke in a jaded voice with his eyes still closed.
“I’m gazing,” I retorted.
“It’s creepy,” he said.
“It’s romantic,” I smiled.

He then opened his eyes, turned to my direction and we both started to giggle. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to mine.

“So…” I started, “are we dating now?” I asked nervously.
“I… I guess we are,” he answered, and my smile grew bigger.
“So that makes you my boyfriend then.”
“Yeah,” he nodded.
“And I’m your girlfriend…” I specified.
“Yeah,” he laughed.
“It’s kinda weird for you, isn’t it?” I laughed.
“Yeah, a little,” he agreed. “But I like it.” I loved that we were finally together. Now that we were officially dating, nothing could come between us.

“Did you really mean it?” he asked in a serious tone.
“Mean what?” I furrowed my eyebrows.
“When you said you loved me,” he clarified.
“Of course I meant it,” I assured him. “Are you doubting me?”
“No, no,” he answered hastily. “It’s just… you say you love flowers, but you tear them from the ground and you kill them. You say you love sunshine, but you wear sunglasses and shield yourself from it…” I could sense pain lacing his voice.
“Cody,” I glided my fingers through his hair, “I love you,” I said again. “There’s nothing that will ever change that, okay?”
“I know. It’s just… When nobody has cared for so long, it’s hard to accept it when someone finally does.” I didn’t know what to say. Instead, I just grabbed his arm and rested my head against his shoulder. He wrapped his left arm around me and held me tighter. This moment made me realize how much hurt Cody had been put through his entire life and I didn’t know about any of it. He was the kind of mystery I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life unravelling.

“Shit,” I brusquely cussed while sitting up.
“What?” Cody asked, confused by my sudden reaction.
“We have school today,” I remembered.
“Yeah,” Cody answered, clearly not understanding what I meant.
“My parents don’t know I’m here,” I finally said.
“Oh,” Cody realized.
“Yeah,” I replied.

We quickly got out of bed, got dressed and were on our way to my house.
“I have 17 new voicemails…” I noticed while turning my phone on.
“You’re gonna be in so much trouble,” Cody laughed, shaking his head.
“You have no idea…” I concurred. I looked out the window and snuggled in the oversized jacket Cody had landed me as I watched the sun come up in the sky and contemplated how I was going to tell my parents about last night’s events.

Finally, we made it to the front of my house. My parents’ cars were still in the driveway, meaning they hadn’t left for work yet.
“Do you want me to come with you?” Cody asked.
“No,” I answered truthfully. “I think it’s better if you don’t.”
“Okay,” he slightly laughed. “Good luck.”
“I’ll need it,” I said nervously.

I gave Cody a quick peck on the lips before getting out of the car and facing the inevitable confrontation.

As soon as I stepped inside the house, my parents were already all over me.
“Where were you?!” my dad yelled from across the living room.
“Do you have any idea how worried we were?” my mum chimed in as they both joined me in the entrance.
“I know, I’m sorry,” I said, looking down to my feet shamefully.
“You’re sorry??” my mum questioned completely shocked.
“We called your cell phone repeatedly, left you I don’t know how many messages–”
“I know,” I cut him off.
“We called your friends to know where you were. Rita said you were probably with Cody?” She sounded appalled. “Please, tell us that’s not true.” I didn’t answer. My mum’s eyes widened as she looked at my dad; they were both exasperated.
“You spent the night with Cody?!” my dad yelled.
“After what he did to you??” my mum added.
“We worked things out,” I told them. “Everything’s good now.” They didn’t seem to believe me.

My mum just sighed and then looked at her watch.
“We’re gonna be late,” she said to my dad. “We’ll talk about this later,” she said in a stern voice. “Go get ready for school.”

Without another word, I walked up to my room and closed the door behind me. That hadn’t gone as bad as I had expected, but I still had to convince them that despite what he had done, Cody was a good guy.

The ringtone I had set for Cody’s texts suddenly went off, heaving me out of my thoughts. I grabbed my phone and read the message he’d sent me

Cody <3: how did it go?
Me: they’re mad, but they had to leave for work so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been haha
Cody <3: they don’t like me very much, do they?
Me: well… you didn’t make a great first impression, that’s for sure lol

I laughed at the memory of Cody throwing up on my dad’s shoes.

Me: but they’ll come around eventually, don’t worry :)
Cody <3: I hope so
Me: im gonna go get ready, so I’ll see you at school?
Cody <3: yeah

Just as I was about to put down my phone, another message popped up.

Cody <3: don’t miss me too much ;)

I laughed at his silliness.

Me: you’re cute :p
Cody <3: I love you

That last text message brought warmth to my heart.

Me: I love U2
Cody <3: :)
Me: yeah, they’re my favourite band :)

I thought it would be fun to mess with him a little.

Cody <3: :(
Me: haha just kidding babe ;)
Cody <3: you better
Me: yeah, they’re not really my favourite.
Cody <3: -.-
Me: haha jk jk I love you too :)
Cody <3: i’m still mad at you
Me: :(
Me: *makes sad puppy face*
Cody <3: ok I can’t stay mad at you
Me: haha the sad puppy face always wins :p

After finally putting my phone down, I took Cody’s jacket off of me. As I placed it onto my bed, I noticed something bouncing in the pocket. Perplexed, I put my hand in it and grabbed what seemed to be a small bottle. I picked it up and examined the object I held. It was a prescription bottle. It was empty. I took a closer look at it, completely puzzled. The name of the medication didn’t sound familiar to me.

I sat at my desk and lifted my laptop screen open. I clicked on my browser and typed the unfamiliar name in the search box: sertraline HCl. My eyes quickly scanned the results page. Every listed link mentioned this drug as a treatment for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. I found myself troubled; my thoughts were disorganized, all over the place. I didn’t know what to think of this.

I looked at the time and realized I’d better hurry it up if I didn’t want to be late for school. I put the bottle back inside the pocket and quickly hopped in the shower. Now that everything was going great between the two of us, I didn’t want anything messing that up. So I chose to forget about it. For once, I just wanted things to go right in my life.


AFTER GOING THROUGH ROUGH HOURS OF CHEMISTRY AND FRENCH, CODY and I walked in the halls together as we were one our way to the garden to eat lunch. Our hands were slightly rubbing against each other’s, when Cody hesitantly grabbed at my fingertips. I first looked down at our intertwined fingers, then at his timid expression. I gave him a warm smile and proudly took his hand in mine. Cody was never the type to hold hands with a girl while walking down the hallways at school, yet here we were, showcasing our love to our fellow classmates. I rubbed my thumb gently on the back of his hand, hoping to make him feel a little bit more at ease. He looked at me and gave me a meek smile. Our connection had never been stronger.

Suddenly, an awkward encounter caused us to stop our strolling. Ben did the same as his eyes shifted to our hands, which we were still holding, and his expression said it all.

“Hi, Ben,” Cody greeted him. I could tell he was feeling a bit nervous. “I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday. I don’t know what got into me.” Ben didn’t say anything. His left eye was swollen and the skin under his left nostril was tinted dark purple, on the verge of turning black.

“I know it doesn’t make up for what I did,” he continued, “but I hope we’re cool.” Cody held his hand out for a handshake. Ben was a bit hesitant, but he shook it anyway.
“We’re cool,” he said apprehensively.

Ben then quickly walked past us, and Cody let out a long, heavy breath.
“I’m proud of you,” I said to him. “That was really nice.”
“Yeah,” Cody agreed as we got back to our stroll. “But don’t get too used to it. I mean, you did fall in love with the bad boy me.”
“Not a single doubt,” I laughed.

After having lunch and going through two hours of math, I arrived home and remembered what I would have to deal with once I’d walk in.

“He’s a good guy, mum,” I tried to explain to her as she placed the casserole full of macaroni and mushrooms inside the oven. “I swear.”
“Are you talking about the same guy who broke into our home drunk in the middle of the night?” my dad asked as if I was crazy.
“He’s changed,” I assured him. “Everyone deserves a second chance. Aren’t you the ones who thought me that?”
“I don’t know, Ella,” my mum shook her head as she took off her oven mitts.
“How about he comes over for dinner?” I voiced out loud the thought that had just crossed my mind. “That way you can see what I see in him.”

I gave hopeful looks to my parents as they thought through their answers.

“Fine,” my mum finally agreed. “He can come over.”
“Yay!” I jumped up my seat. “I’ll go tell him!”

About forty minutes later, Cody, my mum, my dad and I were all seated at our dining table as we savoured our meal.

“This is really good, Mrs Kovacs,” Cody complimented my mother on her cooking.
“Thank you, Cody,” she smiled politely. And another silence set in. I had never been in a more awkward situation.

We all munched our food when Cody’s ringtone suddenly echoed through the entire room.
“Sorry,” Cody apologized nervously as he sent the call to voicemail. And the uncomfortable silence returned.

“So,” my dad chose to break the ice, “Cody, I’ve heard you’ve gotten in trouble with the law quite a few times…”
“Dad!” I exclaimed defensively. How could he ask that??
“It’s okay,” Cody calmed me down. “Yeah, I have,” he answered.
“What for exactly, if you don’t mind me asking?” he pressed. I couldn’t believe this.
“Um… just minor offenses, really.” I wished this moment could be all over soon.

“I understand your concern,” Cody went on. “You probably don’t want your daughter to hang around with a guy like me, but I’m done with all of that.” He looked my parents straight in the eyes. “Spending time with her,” he turned to me, “made me realize that I want to be better. Not just for her, but for me also. And I know I’m not quite there yet, but if you’re willing to give me the chance, I can show you that I’m working really hard to get my life back on track, and you have nothing to be afraid of.” He looked at my mum and dad a bit longer and he then looked at me. My eyes didn’t leave his the entire time. I took his hand in mine and held it tight. Looking back at my parents, I think they finally saw the connection we had and, although they hadn’t said anything else, I knew they understood there was nothing they could do or say that would tear it down.

We went on to finish our plates, then on with desert. After Cody offered to clear the table and my mum kindly denied his help, him and I walked to the entrance.

“I’m really sorry about my parents,” I said, embarrassed. “They don’t know where to draw the line sometimes.”
“It’s okay,” Cody reassured me. “They’re just watching out for you. You should be happy to have parents who care so much about you.”
“Yeah, well sometimes I wish they’d care a little less,” I laughed slightly, right before remembering about Cody’s family situation, and I then realized how wrong that was for me to say. “Um… Do you wanna hang around for a bit?” I offered. “We could watch a movie or something.”
“Thanks, but I think I’m just gonna head home. I’m really tired anyway.”
“Oh, okay.”

Cody’s phone rang in his pocket but after checking the caller ID, he quickly sent it back to voicemail again.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna get that?” I asked. “It might be important.”
“No, it’s fine,” he assured. “It’s nothing.”
“Okay. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”
“Yeah,” he smiled a little. He slowly leaned down to kiss me on the lips before heading out the door. Something was off about tonight. Oddly enough, I couldn’t shake this weird feeling I had that Cody was hiding something from me. And I was afraid that something would be the wreck to our relationship.

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