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5. The New Ones By: Cece97lovesharry

Cece , your story could use more work. When people are talking you are suppose to use

quotations ( ") or if you write different apostrophes  ( ')some people do.  Or for example

 Dina: Hiiii Niall

Niall : Hiiii Dina.

I didnt exactly like it. Your like Ariana has the idea down but can't get the right words.I'm sorry.but this could help you become a better writer.

Advice: Use quotations. Apostrophes. Capitals for names. Possibly longer chapters

Feedback:  Try harder.

Rating: 1.

- Amaya 

[ I'm sorry! :)]



Cece, your story looks un finished. Eg, when my friend louis came over to my. My what? My house? My igloo? Anyway, I didn't like it how you used ; instead of "". Your story has good potential, but you cant seem to get the words right. 


Advise: I agree with Amaya, punctuation is key! Oh and try and add describing words.

Feedback: The story wasn't clear, and the presentation was pretty messy. You kind of jump things out on us readers.

Rate: 1 1/2


Dont take it personally, we are trying to help you!


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