My Little Helper

Rylie Karol a.k.a MyLittleHelper405 is an internet sensation. For doing what? You ask. She makes people happy that's why. She makes them laugh, helps them through relationships, gives advice, and stops haters. But what happens when Rylie needs somebody. Who will come to her aid?


2. Chapter 1 'Darcy' "A video exchanged for laughter."

"Helloooooo Internet! This video is for Darcychick088!" My youtube account name popped up in colorful letters. "So Darcy has told us she needs help. She wants us to make her laugh before her date today." Rylie said, while Mallory smiled happily. "So Rylie and I called up a friend today." Mallory said. "I'm sure you all know him because he lives in this house and his name starts with M!" Mallory said. "Mallory dear," Rylie said. "I'm the only one in this house who's name doesn't start with M." Mallory nodded "I know."Mallory's phone beeped and she checked it. "Our special guest has arrived!" Mallory said. Mikey raced into the room and confetti came out of mini cannons. Rylie and Mallory began to boo. "What?" Mickey asked. "I'm your special guest!" Mallory threw scrunched up paper at him. "Liar! Where's Mickey Mouse?" Mickey smiled. "I'll be right back!" The girls turned back to the screen just as Hailey peeked in. "Girls... You know where the broom and vacuum is..." Mickey raced back in the room wearing a Mickey Mouse costume. "There he is!" The girls said throwing confetti again. Mickey peered at the screen and took off the Mickey Mouse hood. "Hi Darcy... If your date doesn't work out... You know where to find me." "Well..." Rylie said pushing Mickey away. "Sorry about that Darcy. Anyways Mickey. You're here for improvising and jokes." He smiled and flipped his hair. Mallory smiled. "Only because Mack jr. and Mazie are at volleyball." Mickey blew a kiss at the camera. "I'm here for the ladies." I laughed and he posed. "We're gonna ask you some questions Mickey Mouse..." He nodded and sat down. "Where were you the afternoon of May 12th 2004?" "Brushing my teeth." Mickey answered. "Why?" "Because I was going to sleep early." "You seem to have all the answers Mickey..." "You seem to have all the questions..." They began cracking jokes and then Hailey ran into the room, clearly flustered. "Your moms water broke girls and guy!" They stood up and Rylie ran outside with her laptop. "Bye! I'll record at the hospital!" I shut my computer and flipped on my back staring at the ceiling. Rylie and Mallory seemed to have the best life full of suggestions, fashion tips, advice, jokes, and siblings. But I have my own life...

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