That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


11. More to Handel

The Next Morning i woke up and brushed my teeth and changed into a American Flag shirt tied Up in the front some light blue booty shorts  with slight cuts in them a black and gray side purse my black sandles and white scarf i wanted to go out with prince or maybe he could come over and we can have a movie night... idk but anyway i ran downstairs and was walking out the door until i opened it and saw a tall shadow of a boy with braids standing there i pressed the record button on my phone so i could have proof that he be playing both sides when i hit the record button he started to talk : mar'kayla yesterday i was wrong and i want you to know that i brought you these flowers to apologize how i acted do you forgive me and i love you babe.....  i didnt stop recording i took the flowers out of his hand and smashed them on the ground and stomped on them "ray i want you to know your A liar and a jerk and no one has time to be talking to foolish people like yourself i want you to know that i dont except your apology because if i do u think you can get away with it again so no and your little girlfriend and son will know about this conversation because i recorded it oh yeah before i walk of say hello to princeton cause he will no about this little conversation i know your standing there thinking of how we used to be....." thats when i hit stop i sat in my car for a little and thought i just stood up to him and left him hanging A/n ; sorry to intterupt but ladies dont ever let a man take advantage of you back to the story....... when i left the house i drove by katlens when i rung the doorbell a man answered "Who are you??" the man told me  "im one of Katlens Old friend may i speak with her.."i told him "BABE SOME ONE IS AT THE DOOR FOR YOU..." he yelled from the door she came running to the door and kissed him on the lips "oh its you" she said backing away from the door.. "yep and ray is a fake and look i got proof and your a fake too.." i told her "your such a ho3 you do too much playing around in front of your child so whats going on in your brain.???" i asked her i showed her the video and she started to cry "what you crying for you a little dirty*** and you are doing stupid things in front of your little boy" i told her again pointing at jaden.. "and this whole time you had ray on a run for his money" she said while pushing me My POV: Tf did this girl just push me I start punching her and kicking her and start hitting her and start dragging her and stomping her in the face... and punching her in the eyes until i started noticing her eye balls was red i got up and jumped in the car and left i headed to Mb's place and as soon as i made it there prince came running out to the car "baby" he said while hugging me and pecking me on the lips.." hey bae i need to show you something" i told him taking out my phone "you saw those pictures on facebook too im sorry its just a picture with a fan nothing serious" he told me " i was finna show you a video but what are you talking about" i said looking at him "nothing" he said "anyway but look" i told him showing him the video "ray im going to kill him messing with my girl" he said out loud ray was pulling in the driveway and prince went up to his car.. boom boom boom he was beating on the window " man can you stop" ray said getting out.. "nah but about the fact that you messing with my girl.." prince said getting all up on him "aint nobody m-*GCO* "stop lying i saw the video..." prince said pushing him "whatever and dont out your hands on me.."ray said punching him and making him fall to the ground "RAY WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE" i said pushing him and helping prince up "WELL TELL YOUR BOYFRIEND TO LEAVE ME ALONE AND BAG UP...."he yelled back at me "RAY DONT EVEN GO THERE YOU KNOW WHAT DONT EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN AND THATS WHY KATLEN IS CHEATING ON YOU I HAD TO WHOOP SOME TODAY SO I WENT OVER THERE A MAN WAS THERE AND YOU YOUR GOING TO TELL ME WHAT WAS ON  THAT PICTURE AND WELL TALK LATER AND RAY DONT COME BACK TO MY HOUSE CAUSE YOU STEP FOOT ON MY PORCH YOUR NOT GOING TO SEE THE NEXT DAY YALL UNDERSTAND ME..."  i yelled at prince and ray "yes ma'am " prince and ray said together "now your going to start whats on facebook" i asked him with a certin look on my face.." well i kissed a fan on the cheek and was hugging her touching her butt and stuff and told her to call me so we can  talk..." he told me " at least you been honest" i told him starting to tear up and cry and i decided to slap him ray moved his car so i get out and i drove out the lot "kayla wait" prince said running after my car " looks like you lost the girl too..." ray told prince "i didn't lose her i just found her.." prince told him back...he walked off and punched the wall

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