That day

There's a young girl named Mar'Kayla and she is 15 well it was the first day of school and she met the man of her dreams it seems that he is fooling around with her bestfriend Katlen and ends up getting her pregnant.... The boy ray he is in a band called mindless behavior and his bestfriend Princeton betrays him and try's to talk to his ex what will happen.??..


8. being Reunited

The Next day i woke up brushed my teeth,and decided to dye my hair ombre (i think it'll be cute) i ran to my mom's room to show her when i was done and i changed so i could meet princeton My POV. i know its wrong about seeing prince but i don't care any longer for ray he lied and cheated on me and not only that but he had a baby with my bestfriend..... well i ran upstairs to hurry and picked something out when i was done changing i glanced in the mirror to see how i looked and i was dressed in some light blue booty shorts a white long sleeve shirt with black suspenders my red vans,my red beanie with "YMCMB" Writen on the front My pro Black beats around My neck my ombre hair flowing down my back curly  i have on a little of mascara and my lipstick is red i decided to put on my Black nerd glasses with a big red bow on them my red and black "careless world" bracelets and my white "YMCMB" bracelet.. i thought i looked good i looked down at my phone and the time read 11:10.... damn i need to call prince i looked and looked through my call log and i saw "Baee Prince"  (thats what he put his name under) he so silly i ran down stairs when i saw my mom sitting at the table with this man.. "hi mom&&strange man sitting with my mom" i told him and her... "sweetie sit we need to talk" she told me " but mom i have to go meet pri.*GCO*(gets cut off) i look at my phone "can i tell prince i need a little time???" i asked looking a little upset "sure go ahead but make it quick.." i pick up the phone and step outside and dial the number slowly <phone Convo>

prince:wassup baby

me: hey baee can you give me a little time because my mom want to have a stupid talk...

prince:yeah take your time

me:thanks <i love you>

prince: <i love you too baby>

me: <i love you more>

prince:<i love you most>

*Ends Call*

i walk back in the house and took my seat at the table..."your a little swaggie huh??" the man asked starting to chucle "who are you??" i asked him looking pretty upset "he's your father!!!" my mom said just jumping in.."he's not my father MY FATHER IS IN THE ARMY..." i said starting to cry "it okay dont cry baby girl..i love you"he said rubbing my back " im not your baby girl im prince's baby girl.." i told him "MAR'KAYLA GET THE FVCK UP AND HUG YOUR FATHER HE WAS THE ONE WHO MADE ME HAVE YOU... STOP CRYING AND GET UP NOW.." my mom told me yelling "show me pictures for me to believe you.." i told her clearing my face she brings out a whole photo album of me and this man i took a picture of him and put it to his face and it was him she showed me a old video on the tv of me running around kissing his cheek and hugging him.. "dad im sorry i love you i missed you so much since i moved from away from you what are you doing here??" i asked watering up.. " i came to be with you and i decided to get back with your mom im here for you i love you darling.." i kissed my dad on the cheek "  iLove you too daddy and im  glad you came back...."

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