What Is Love?

A beautiful girl named Myra never understood love and caring completely. Some would call her heartless and cold. She never was always like this. At age 9 her father had died in a horrible car accident. Which caused her to break. Myra never smiled again. She now questions everything ad could have a completely scientific answer. But when questioned about love she knew nothing. This is her adventure in finding out what love truly is........…


8. Welcome back

I woke up smelling like a rain forest. But Jakob was gone. I went down stairs and my parents were passed out drunk in the living room. I grabbed my bag and pack a snack, juice,and change of clothes and left the house without a sound. It was 10 am when I left the house. I found a pebble and through it at Jakob's window 3 times until he finally opened it. "Is your mom up?" I yelled. "Yes!" He responded. "Let me in!"I yelled. Then left his room to open the door. But instead of seeing him I saw Ms.Anders at the front door. She then looked at me with wide eyes and murmured "Myra…?". "Myra!" She then hugged me tight and took me into her house. Jakob was just getting down stairs trying to put his shirt on when I came in. I blushed for a second then said good morning. "Have you ate breakfast yet. Shook my head and she asked me to join them I gladly said yes.

I asked Ms.Anders if I could stay over tonight. She asked if Maria would mind. I said that she wouldnt mind at all. After a while she had putten me and Jakob out of th house and said that we need to get outside the house. When we were walking we stopped for ice cream at an ice cream truck passing by. Jakob had his arm on my shoulder. When we passed a little girl who's dress was as sparkly as the sun. Her hair was a bright brown with emerald green eyes. She looked as if she was gonna cry. I looked up just to see her stuck in a tree.i then asked Jakob to boost me up. He grabbed me by my waist and hoisted me up. I grabbed the little girl and sat her on the ground. I then said thank you. He looked at me and said "No problem." I saw him blush a little and couldn't help but laugh. 

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