What Is Love?

A beautiful girl named Myra never understood love and caring completely. Some would call her heartless and cold. She never was always like this. At age 9 her father had died in a horrible car accident. Which caused her to break. Myra never smiled again. She now questions everything ad could have a completely scientific answer. But when questioned about love she knew nothing. This is her adventure in finding out what love truly is........…


3. I Remember

I then woke up with tears on my face when suddenly the male in front of me says "Oh you're awake Myra." When suddenly it was like I was brought back to life. That's when reality finally caught up. I then said "Who are you?" He looked a little disappointed suddenly and said "Wait you don't remember me?" I then shook my head. "Well it has been 7 years hasn't it. I was still confused and suddenly remembered that my father died 7 years ago and that today is my birthday. 

I then looked at him closer and saw the shark tooth necklace on his neck. I then grabbed mine and began to cry again and murmured "Jakob". He then looked at me as if he was relieved and gave me some tissue. I said in a soft voice "thank you". After what felt like forever I sat up and asked " Why are you in my house". After ten minutes of explaining it felt like it was a story being told at one of the camping trips we use to take. Instead of a fire he told it from a fire pop up book. I think that was the first time I've smiled in years. I then heard my phone ringing and saw the caller reality came bashing me on the head. It was mother. I felt my heart numbing and instantly I felt him put his hand on my shoulder. He then said "Evil Maria huh." I said "yes" surprised that he remembered the nickname we gave her. We then looked at each other and laughed until I forgot she called. After the laugh I then called her back. 

"Myra......" she said. "Jake decided to take a week trip so we won't be back for a while I'll send some money over through the mail until then there is some extra money in the kitchen drawer". She then hung up. I then sighed and looked at the time it was already 10. I asked him how will he get home because his mom might worry. He then said"My mom won't be home until a while." I suddenly asked" In that case would you like to spend the night." He then smile so hard and said "Yeah it will be like old times". He said that he would make dinner for appreciation. I said yes because I was starving.

After that night I had a feeling that everything in my life had just changed in the seconds it took for him to get there..…

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