Still The One

"Alex! Hey, I haven't seen you in forever!" Liam shouts as he runs towards me and engulfs my in a hug. "Hey, who's kid is this?" He questions. I hesitate for a second, debating on if I should tell him but finally deciding that he needs to know, "Yours." I say quietly looking down at the ground. "But it doesn't matter because you're with Danielle. I shouldn't have came." I reply shaking my head and turning around.


1. Chapter One

"I'd like to see you catch me!" I shout as I take off running down the abandoned street.

"Babe! Don't run away to far! You could get hurt!" I hear him shout so I slow down a little. "Thank you for slowing down.... It's easier to catch you!"

I burst out laughing and then run faster, "Nice try Payne!" I reply and then take a sharp turn left down the alley and hide in the shadows.

I hear his footsteps thudding across the cement, "Hey, where did you go?" He questions.

I hear him move closer and I see his shadow a couple inches away, I can tell that he is starting to panic so I jump out in front of him, "BOO!" I scream laughing. He laughs with me and then picks me up over his shoulder. "Let me down." I whine trying to be serious but I fail. I pound into his back but he doesn't care.

"Never run from the Payne." He says in a deep, low voice.

I laugh, "Liam, where are you taking me?"

"To my house, my parents are on vacation so you should stay the night." He says.

"I'll tell my mom that I'm staying at a friends house but Liam will you put me down?" I respond.

"I don't know, I kind of like this." He says and I know that he has a smirk.

"Please Liam?" I beg.

"You'll run from me and were home anyways..." He says as he walks up to the door and unlocks it. Once we get in he shuts the door and locks it. Then he finally releases me and my feet reunite with the cold, hardwood floor. "You hungry?" He questions as he walks into the kitchen.

I follow him, "No." I simply reply and lean against the counter.

He opens the fridge and says, "I have cake."

I walk over to him, "Why?" I ask looking into the fridge and see a small cake.

"I don't know but you want some?" He asks as he pulls it out.

"Sure!" I say with a smile revealing my dimples.

I turn around to walk away but then he calls out, "Wait Alex!" I quickly spin around to face him and I get a cake in my face.

"Liam!" I shriek.

"Here I can clean that." He says and then he licks my face.

"God Liam! Get away from me!" I shout laughing as I playfully push him. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me getting the cake off my lips. I get a big cheeky smile on my face, "I'm going to wash my face..."

"I can wash it for you." He replies and before I know it water is splashed on my face and now I'm soaking wet, the cake off my face replaced with water. "That's good right?" He manages to get out during his laughing fit.

I look down at myself, "Liam! This shirt is see through! Damn it you suck!" I yell but which makes him laugh more and I can't help but laugh too.

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