this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


33. Niall Horan imagine for Lizzy

You're an interviewer,a new one at that. Today would be your first ever interview,and you'd actually be interviewing One Direction. You knew you wouldn't be able to Fangirl,so you jumped around and got your energy out early in the day. You were dressed nicely,but casually. The boys were already sitting on a couch,and you walked in,smiling,then sat across from them. "Hey guys! Ready to start?" You ask,and they all nod or say 'Yeah.' "So,my name's Lizzy. And I already know who you guys are." You say,smiling. You ask a few questions,joke around a bit,and realize that you're running out of time for interviewing. You've noticed whispers among them,and finally Louis speaks. "Niall here has a crush on you." Making the others laugh,except Niall,who's face turns pink as he glares at Louis. "It's true. He's been whispering about you the whole interview." Liam adds. Your cheeks are red,and they notice. "I think Liz has a crush as well..." Louis smiles. "Interviews over,no more time." You say,and stand,walking at a fast pace towards the door. You feel hand on your arms,and you're pushed onto the couch,next to Niall. The other four run out,laughing. "Is it true?" You ask quietly. Niall nods,and you reply,"They were right...about me having a crush as well." He looks up,hope in his eyes. "So that means you'll go on a date? Maybe tonight?" He asks. You nod,with a smile. "See you then." Niall says,smiling,then exits. 

(Sorry that its short Lizzy! I'm sorry if you don't like it! XoXo)

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