this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


18. Niall Horan imagine for Jessica Tousignant

You woke up to the smell of pancakes,and the sound of Niall singing. It was coming for downstairs,in the kitchen. You smile,then walk downstairs wearing one of Nialls shirts. You walk up behind him,wrapping your arms around his stomach. You rest your head on his back. "G'morning Birthday girl," He says,"I made you pancakes." He places a plate on the table. You smile,and make him sit next to you. 


After breakfast,you throw on a floral summer dress (Will be on Polyvore!) and meet Niall in the Living Room. "I have something planned for later,Princess. But for now,what should we do?" He smiles. "Can we just go to the park?" You suggest,and he nods. "That's where we were going anyway." He says,pulling on some Converse. He wraps his arm around your waist,pulling you out the door. "Can we walk,since its not that far?" You ask,and Niall nods. "Of course,it's your birthday Jess. We can do whatever you want."  And you smile. As you start down the sidewalk,his hand finds yours. You swing your hands,and Niall hums. 


Soon,you arrive at the park,and run to your tree. The largest tree in the park. You start climbing,forgetting that you're wearing a dress. When you get to the highest point possible,you sit on one branch,and lean against another. Soon,Niall as across from you. "It's about noon now,so we have an hour before your surprise." Niall says,looking at a watch. You nod,and smile at the ground. You start thinking of how you had the silly boy-band crush on Niall. How everyone told you it'd never happen. But now,you're celebrating your birthday with him. "Jessica? Princess? Are you listening?" Niall snaps his fingers. "Yeah,I mean no. Sorry I was just thinking about stuff." You say,and he nods. "I was saying that I hope you like this." He says,pulling out a long rectangular box. "I was gonna give it to you later,but I feel like giving it to you while we're alone." He says,handing it to you. You slowly open it,and find a necklace with a heart charm. You look closely at the heart,on one side it says 'Jessica' and on the other,in small print,it reads 'I love you Princess.' With Nialls name on the lower part of the heart. "Happy Birthday Princess." Niall smiles,and you crawl over to him. "Aw,Niall. I love you so much. Thanks". You say,hugging him. He moves your hair away from the back of your neck,then clasps the necklace. You kiss him,and he has his arms loosely around your waist. After a few moments,you pull back,smiling. "Maybe we should go before we fall out of the tree." Niall laughs,and starts down the tree. You follow,and soon are hand in hand again,heading toward the center of the park. A few fans crowd around Niall,the ones that wear all the make-up and tight,small clothes. As they ask for autographs and photos,you're pushed away from Niall. You look back at Niall,and see him pushing through the girls. "Ladies,I'd love to get photos and sign things for you,but it's my Princess' birthday,and I'd just like to spend my time with her. Sorry." He says,grabbing your hand. He continues towards the middle of the park,and you stare up at him,and whisper,"Won't that hurt your publicity?" He shrugs,then replies with,"I don't care,as long as I don't loose you. I found them rude,and it's my girls birthday." You pull him close,and he leads you to a picnic blanket. He motions for you to sit,and you stare in shock at the large birthday cake before you. He site next to you,and soon you hear music. Then,Perrie,Eleanor,Zayn,Harry,Liam,and Louis walk towards you guys,singing Happy Birthday. Niall sings into your ear,quietly. As the song finishes,everyone shouts,"Happy Birthda Jessica!" You smile,stand up,and hug each one of them individually,whispering Thanks. El notices your necklace,and smiles at Niall. "He really loves you. I've heard his conversations with Lou." You look over at Niall,smiling. "I'll be right back." You say to El,then walk over to Niall. You pull him away from Liam,and kiss him. "Princess,what was that kiss for?" He asks,smiling. "I just,I love you." You say. "I love you to Jessica."


(Sorry if its not what you wanted! But Happy Birthday Jessica!)

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