this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


22. Louis Tomlinson imagine for Cara

You sat in the front of the small RV,next to your longtime boyfriend,Louis Tomlinson. You left your home in England yesterday,and are supposed to arrive at your first destination. Louis has been awake and singing almost the whole trip,except once last night when he pulled into an empty lot and slept. "Do you think this'll hurt your publicity? You know...Not being with the boys for 3 months?" You ask,holding one of this hands as he drives. "If it happens,it happens. I just wanna spend a few months with my girlfriend." He says,smiling. "Look,Cara. It's the first stop." Lou says,motioning towards a trail. You smile excitedly as he starts up the trail,that happens to be on a mountain. 

Soon,you arrive on a flat area of the mountain,the first place you'll be staying at. Louis parks the RV,then looks at a watch. "It's 5PM already." He says,and you set set a few branches in a circle,which will soon be a fire. 
At around 7,you have everything ready inside and outside of the RV. And it's already dark. "Lets eat,babe." Louis says,grabbing two hotdogs. He runs outside,and begins cooking them over the fire. You throw 2 buns on a small tray along with ketchup and mustard. You walk out,and sit on a log next to Lou. You two talk,plan,and then eat. "C'mere." Lou says,pulling you towards the edge of the mountain. There,you see a blanket. "Lets watch the stars." He says,laying down on the blanket. You follow,taking off your shoes and setting them off to the side. You use one of his arms as a pillow,and he holds you close. "I love you,Cara." He says,looking over to you. "I love you too,Boobear" You smile,and he presses his lips to yours. The moment seems perfect. 

(Sorry if you don't like is Cara!)
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