this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


2. Harry Styles imagine for Sabrina

Hey Sabrina,here's your Harry Styles imagine! If it isn't what you wanted I can write you a new one. Thanks:)


Your longtime boyfriend,Harry Styles,has been in America for over 4 months now. You've texted,called,and tonight,you'd be Skyping for the first time. Since it was pretty early in England,it was late in America. You threw on grey sweatpants and a black tanktop. Your hair was pulled up in a messy bun and you had barely any make-up on. You grabbed your laptop and sat on the bed you share with Harry. As soon as your laptop is on,Harry calls,and you answer. "Hey." He smiled. You guys talked for a while,and soon,he ended up falling asleep. The laptop was by his bed in the tour bus,and he was shirtless. You were about to end the call when the laptop was picked up. "Hey Sabrina." Louis said,and you saw Liam,Zayn,and Niall behind him. "Hey guys!" You smile. "I see Harry fell asleep." Liam says,and you laugh softly,"Yeah." "He's cried a couple times just in the past two days. He really misses you." Niall says,and you feel the tears coming on. "I really miss him. And can you tell him that I love him,a lot?" You say,rubbing one of your eyes,forgetting you have mascara on. Zayn nods before whispering something to Lou. Suddenly,the laptop is next to Harry again,and since Harry's facing the laptop,you can see his mouth moving. His hands move around,searching for something. Haz then pulls a pillow in front of his chest,and holds it like he usually holds you. Then you hear him quietly say your name. The tears spill,and you whisper,"I love you so much. I miss you Hazza." You end the call before you start bawl. 

A few nights later,your laying in bed,clutching the blanket to keep warm. You even had on pants instead of the usual shorts you wore. The temperature had dropped significantly,and you longed for Harry to be back. To be in his arms again. You began to drift off. You suddenly snapped back awake as arms were wrappe around you. "Sabrina,babe,it's me." A deep voice said. You turned to see Harry,smiling. "Haz! I missed you so much!" You squeal,and pull him closer. He kicks off his shoes and throws his White V-neck on the ground,and joined you under the blankets. His arms wrapped around you,and him humming gently,caused you to doze off yet again. 

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