this is going to be full of imagines. request one with someone from any band, your name, and anything else you want to be incorporated in the imagine.


24. Harry Styles imagine for Iffy (PG13)

You were at a One Direction tour in Sweden,and it had just ended. But you'd be staying a little longer-You had a backstage pass. You went to a  Security Guard,showed your pass,and gained access to the backstage area. You sat on a couch,like you were told to do. You pulled out your phone,ready to take photos. You were really excited to meet Harry. Soon,you heard loud voices,and a few laughs. Then,One Direction entered the room. They saw you,and walked over,smiling. "Hi,love,what's your name?" Liam asks,and they all sit on the couch across from yours. "I'm Iffy. But I already know who you guys are." You say,smiling. "So,how did you enjoy the concert,Iffy?" Louis asks. "It was amazing. I really liked it." You say. Zayn immediately stands up,looking rushed. "Oh,guys I have to go. Perrie and the rest of Little Mix have a photo shoot today and she wants me to be there. Sorry Iffy." He says. "That's okay." You say,and he smiles,waving,as he runs out the door. 
The other 4 boys show you around,then you guys just sit and talk,laughing a lot. Louis stands as his phone begins to ring. "I gotta take this." He says,walking into his Dressing Room. Liam,Niall,and Harry whisper to each other,then Harry looks over at you. "Do you wanna come back to the hotel with us?" He asks. You nod excitedly. They all stand,and Louis soon returns. They tell him the plan,and then you all go out to a black van. You all sit in the back together,and you end up sitting between Harry and Louis. Niall and Liam are sitting across from you. Harry's looking out the window,Niall is talking about where he wants to eat,Liam is listening to Niall,And Louis whispers something to you. "Harry thinks you're hot." Louis says,quietly. You blush,and look down at the floor. You stay silent the rest of the ride. When you get to the hotel,you feel someone's arm around your waist. You're pulled into a room and that someone starts kissing you. "Harry?" You ask,and you hear a silent,"Yeah." You continue to kiss,and soon,his shirt,shoes,and socks are off. He's laying on the bed,with you ontop of him. You pull off your shoes and socks. Harry continues kissing you as his hands remove your shirt. 
Lets just say that you and Harry had A LOT of fun ;) 

(Sorry Iffy,This is my first imagine like this. And since its PG13,I didn't detail anything. I hope you enjoyed that though. Sorry if you didn't!)
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