Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


15. Yes.

Niall's POV:
We all sat around enjoying the music,
Just enjoying each others company. 
All the boys and I haven't really had a good time to gather around with everyone including Dani, we all normally just dance around and be crazy. But we actually got to feel each others company during this moment. 

*4 months later* 
Dani and I were 4 moths away from our 1 year anniversary. I keep on planning what to do, I keep looking at hotel sites, asking the boys what we should do, and I even asked Harry's mum. 

Everybody kept suggesting to take her to a cute little resort by a lake, kinda like a hotel camp. 
I found one place where you can reserve it all for you, it was small, but nice. 
I booked our stay for our anniversary. 
Everytime I was looking online for hotels Dani would walk into the room, so I had some trouble finding the right place. 

But lets catch up what has been going on, Harry found a girl named Rose. She and Dani  are great friends and Dani sometimes sleeps over at her house. 
Dani moved in with me and we are happier then ever, were always together and messing around. 
Dani is taking early college year courses online so she doesn't have to finish all of High School. 
I had to stop going to school due to our tour we just had, and band things.

Our tour went great, but I was lonely at night in my hotel room at night without Dani in my arms. 
I kept getting more nervous and nervous while the weeks went by, it kept getting closer to our 1 year. 

I took her out for dinner almost every night after the tour to make up for our time that wasnt spent together.
She was so beautiful, she got more beautiful by the day, I never thought she could get more and more beautiful.

Dani's POV: 
Niall has taken me out almost every night since they got back from tour, Louis said he was feeling much better and that his dreams happen more rarely. 
I felt relieved that I didnt have to keep going into his room at 2 am.
Don't get me wrong, I loved helping him out and supporting him, but having less then 4 hours of sleep almost every night gets pretty frustrating. 

Our anniversary was coming up and I was getting more and more nervous.
I was never in a relationship this long before, but it felt nice to have a boy like Niall in my life.

There aren't many boys like him, except for the band. 
Niall stuck by my side, I would ask him why he is always by my side, his one and only answer is, "I don't want you to leave me". Every time he would answer I would just feel more glad to be called his. 

"Niall, are you ready to go out to eat?" I called from the bathroom snapping my necklace on and fixing it, "yeah. Let me get my shoes" he replied walking into the bathroom gathering his socks and high-tops.
Niall said he was taking me out to a restraunt, he said it was fancy, but not to fancy. 
So I went with some skinny jeans, a white tank top, a black and white cardigan, with blue toms. 
Niall was in a white v-neck with two buttons on the v-neck, he wore some saggy red jeans that were kinda tight towards the end, and white high-tops.

He looked beautiful as always, he fixed his hair into a messy quiff, he got his shoes on and we looped our arms together and proudly walked down stairs and to his car. 
We got in the car and he closed my door for me, he did a quick jog to his door and got in smiling and taking my hand in one of his. He started the car and we drove off down the dark streets. 
He pulled up to a Chinese Buffet, it was kinda fancy but not really fancy in a way. 
We got out of te car and walked inside, "table for 2" Niall said smiling. I noticed everybody taking pictures of him and staring at us.
We got our table and got out plates to go and fill them with food.
Niall kept gathering and gathering food onto his plate, as for me I barely had anything on my plate.
I've been having smaller portions of meals lately, I have ever since I got a Tweet on Twitter from someone telling me I was fat. 
I didnt tell Niall because he would get mad, so I let it be.
I got to our table before Niall did and whenever he did sit down he looked curiously at my food, then back up at me. 
"Why so little food?" He asked holding my hands, "I'm not that hungry.." I lied, I was starving, but I couldn't get more fat..
"Oh okay" he smiled and began his food. 
I had finished long before he was done, while he was just finishing my eyelids got heavier and heavier. 
I was so tired, I could sleep here at this exact moment.
When my eyelids began to close right before  I heard Niall's voice on the side of me, "Babe, c'mon" he whispered holding me in his arms, I held his hand as i sleepily walked to his car and getting in.
The streets were so dark, the street lights would occasionally shine into the car, which made it hard to try and sleep. 
We pulled up to his flat and we walked in hand in hand, I went up stairs and turned the shower on. 
Niall came into the bedroom and got a towel out for me and kissed my forehead, "thanks love" I smiled with my eyelids half open. 
I got in the shower and let the water drain away my tiredness. 
I heard Niall walk into the bathroom, "hey babe" I said scrubbing shampoo through my hair. "Hello" he said opening the shower door and stepping in to take a shower. 
I scrubbed the shampoo out and let him get cleaned, my eyes starting shutting while I sat on the shower bench, "love.." Niall whispered tapping my shoulder, "hmm?" I hummed while looking up at his precious face that was inches from mine, "finish showering and get to bed" he smiled wiping some water from my forehead. I smiled and stood up and walked over to the water. 
I put conditioner throughout my hair and just relaxed in the warm and gentle touches of the water nuzzling down onto my skin. 
Niall helped get all the conditioner out of my hair and handed me a towel after turning off the water. 
He wrapped me in te towel and picked me up bridal style setting me on the bathroom counter. 
I waited for him to come back, he came back with my pajamas and handed them to me. 
"Thank you" I gave a sleepy smile and hopped off the counter reaching his lips with mine and pecking them. 
He smiled and went into the bedroom and took his towel from his waist and put some boxers and sweat pants on.
I finished getting dressed and walked over to the bed, Niall joined me soon after and got under the covers. 
He pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arm around my waist and played with my hair until I fell asleep to the gentle touches to my hair and the rain from outside.

Niall's POV:
It was getting so close to our 1 year anniversary.. I was so nervous I stayed up at night thinking about it.
I noticed Dani getting skinner and skinnier, she almost looked sick, she was so skinny.
She occasionally ate big meals, but it was kinda rare. 
I was worried about her, so I fed her breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It was now 2 weeks away from out anniversary, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. 

Dani was walking down the steps from up stairs and came and sat on my lap, she was so light. 
She rested her head on my shoulder, her arms were wrapped around my shoulders from the side. 
My eyes glimpsed over to her arms, which had some fairly fresh cuts on them. 
I took her arm that was around my shoulder and examined her arm, "Dani!" I looked at her eyes that had tears in them, "I'm, I'm so-sorry" she started crying into her hands, "it's alright sweety.. Why did you hurt yourself?" I took her hands away from her red face, and looked into her now dull eyes. 
Her eyes looked like there wasnt any life in them, "the hate.. All of the hate..." She let out a few more tears, "don't listen to them! Their crazy, your gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, stunning, nice, sweet, adorable, and I can't find words to describe it.. Please stop, I love you" I kissed each and every one of her cuts, I looked up at her and she now had tears of joy.

This was the first time that I had my mind off of out anniversary, I don't know why anybody would hate Dani, she was incredible.

I had noticed improvement with Dani's weight issue, she looked healthier and better. 
She also acted healthier. I was glad because today was our 1 year.  
I have waited for this day for forever.
I opened my eyes to the sunlight blasting into the room, my arms were wrapped around Dani, she faced me and was peacefully sleeping. 
She was so beautiful... I can't describe. 
I slowly got out of bed and went down stairs and made a nice breakfast, with a microwaveable breakfast sandwich. It was fast, so if she woke up it would be fresh.
I saw her walking down the stairs ad sniff the air, she grew a smile when she saw me standing in the kitchen, she ran to me and wrapped herself around me, "happy 1 year anniversary love" I smiled and left soft kisses on her lips, she kissed back and held me in our mesmerizing kiss for a little, we released and she kept herself wrapped around me. All throughout breakfast she was smiling and her legs were wrapped around my waist. 
She was so cute >.<

"What are we gonna do today?"  She smiled after finishing her food, "we'll, I had some thoughts in mind...." 
I gave her a cheeky smile, she rolled her eyes and smiled. 
I kissed her smiling lips and our lips moved with each others, its been a while since we actually kissed like this, it was nice. 
We released and just smiled at each other, "go get some clothes on, I'm taking you somewhere" I whispered into her ear, I felt her shiver at my voice. I smiled and watched as she got up. 
I followed her into the bedroom and got some clothes on. 
Well we had clothes on earlier, but we were in pajamas ;p
I put on some baggy blue jeans, a white shirt, and red high-tops. 
She had on a purple v-neck, a black tank top, and black basketball shorts with purple and black high-tops. 
We both packed our suit cases with clothes and walked down stairs.
I held her hand in mine and walked outside into the fresh air, a cab that I had booked sat in front of my-our flat. 
We put out suit cases in the back of the cab,
She smiled and I lead her to the cab, she got in and I scooted in after her and closed the door.
"Where are you taking me Niall?" She looked at me biting her lip, "you'll see whenever we get there" I smiled and she pouted, I kissed her nose and snuggled with her. 
We both suddenly fell asleep in the back seat.

I woke up and checked the time, 2:36 PM, I saw Dani looking out the window, she turned towards me and smiled. I smiled back and held her hand, we were  almost to the little cabin place. 
We were driving up a very beautiful hill that had a great view of the lake.

Dani tightened her grip on my hand as she was basically bouncing up and down in her seat whenever we pulled up to the cabin.

I smiled at her and lead her out of the cab, I tipped the man and got our suit cases out of the back. 
We walked to te lobby and checked in, "y-your Niall Horan" the lady made goo-goo eyes at me, "yes I am, and this is my girlfriend" I smiled at the lady, "oh. Well here's your room key, your booked room is across from te lobby and the second to the right" she said disappointed. 
We walked into our wood cabin and set our stuff down. 

Dani's POV:
We walked inside our cabin and imediatley felt like I was home. 
I plopped onto the couch next to Niall, 
Niall gave a sigh of happiness and then got on the floor in front of my kneeling down on one one knee, I was confused at first then I caught on..
He reached into his pocket and brought out a little blue box with my name written in white cursive on the top, "Niall.." I whispered holding my mouth with one hand, he took my hand from my mouth and held it, he smiled and opened the box, revealing a silver ring with a diamond on the top, 
"Dani Celeste Shuttle, I have non-stop think about you ever since we met. I can't fit all the words I want to tell you into my mouth,  so in more simple terms, I love you, Dani. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, my princess. 
I want to be with you forever. So Dani, will you take my hand in marriage and be my queen?" By now I had tears flooding my eyes. I nodded rapidly and tackled him into a hug, "yes Niall, I will" I kissed his lips while crying,  we laid on the ground just enjoying each other.
He released and pulled up my left hand, I smiled while he slid the ring onto my ring finger. 
I smiled at him, this moment seemed so slow, but I cherish it, I always will.
He smiled back and leaned in kissing me passionately, holding my chin with two fingers. 
I kissed back and held my hands on his back, he kissed so softly. 
He trailed his mouth to my ear and whispered, "I will always love you" I got the shivers and gripped to him while he stood up holding me up to his lips. 
I walked backwards on my tip toes while he held my waist and slowly, but passionately kissed me. 
We walked into a room and laid down,
leading to things. 
He rolled over, getting off of me.

He was so passionate, he, was just so perfect. 
This moment, the earlier moments, and the later moments will be incredible as long as I have Niall. 
And the earlier moment was so passionate, I can't describe. 
I wrapped myself in the warm sheets and turned to Niall, he smiled and kissed my forehead. 

"I love you Niall" I placed some hair out of his face "I love you to" he smiled and kissed my lips, I kissed back and slowly got up to reach for my clothes. 
I put them on and Niall got his clothes on, I walked to the back of the cabin and looked at the river flowing by, I felt arms wrap around my waist and a soft kiss on the back of my neck, I smiled and sat on the dock enjoying the view.

It started to rain so we walked inside the cabin and looked through the cabinets looking for food, I found some crackers so I got those out and shared the couch with Niall, and shared te crackers. 
We intertwined our legs and ate the crackers. 
This moment couldn't get any better. 

*A/N AHHHH their engaged!!!! :DDDD        

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