Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


5. I love you

Dani's POV:
"Let me go!!" I screamed, Alex turned me around and I gasped..
This wasnt Alex, I was about to scream but he covered my mouth,
He took his hand off my mouth, "if you yell, you'll get beaten to death." He gave me a death glare, my eyes were wide open and I nodded. 
I was about to cry, I wanted to scream out, but he would hurt me. I looked over at Alex who was witnessing the whole thing, 
I gave him a look to come and save me, he stepped closer to get out of the gate, but he did it silently.
I looked at the man who was calling someone, I looked over at Alex and he was right behind the man now, Alex pulled out a pocket knife and let the blade get pulled out from its safety cover. I saw the blade shine as he was about to insert it into his shoulder. I was now crying, the man put his phone up to his ear while Alex plunged the knife into his hand instead of shoulder.
"ARRHHG!!" The man screamed dropping his phone and holding his hand, 
Alex took my hand and ran, "did he hurt you??!" Alex asked while holding onto my had and fleeing. 
"No,, just scared me" I tried catching my breathe, we ran into the forest and I sat on a log to just think to myself. 
Alex came and sat next to me running his fingers through his bleach blonde hair. 
He went to another log and laid across it, I heard leaves crunching so I ran to hide behind Alex. 
He chuckled and pointed at the rabbit hopping along the cold dirt.
I laughed at myself and walked over to my log. I pulled out my phone and called 911, 
Operator: "hello what's your problem?"

Me: "a man just tried to kidnap me at Kingwood High School on the football field." 

Operator: "okay, did he hurt you in any way?"

Me: "um.. No, but a guy named Alex helped me by stabbing his hand with a pocket knife." 

I looked over at Alex who was standing right next to me, 

Operator: "alright, I'm sending some police now.. Stay where you are, and chances are the man fleed, so we will look for him." 

Me: "alright thank you!"
I hung up and turned towards Alex who was looking at his feet playing in the dirt.
"What's wrong?" I walked up to him ruffling my eyebrows. 
He looked up and sighed shaking his head and looking down again, "please tell me" I said lifting his chin up. 
"I- I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be around you with my personality. It's not good for you, all I can do is break hearts. I didnt want to break yours, bu-"
I cut him off pecking his lips with mine, I released and he bit his lip kinda smiling, "it's alright.." I started, "no it's not. You deserve better and I am willing to try" he smiled. 
I smiled back.. "So what are you trying to say?" I bit my lip being anxious for an answer.
"What I mean is, I've never felt this way about anyone before. I know that I kiss a lot of girls and break hearts, but I never wanted to hurt you. I tried to get you out of my mind so that's why that girl was meeting up with me, because I knew other girls couldn't compare to such a beautiful, cute, cheeky,  and fit girl like you. I really like you and honestly I'm running out of words here so all I'm trying to say is.. Will you go out with me?" He said all kinda fast, but I didnt mind.
I processed his words and wrapped my legs around his waist while he hugged me. "Yes" I smiled kissing his cheek while I wrapped myself around him. 
He held me playing with my hair, "I promise I won't hurt you again.." I looked up, "promise..?" I asked really wanting him not to hurt my feelings again, "I... Swear" he kinda had to take time to say it, but he swore, and I really did rush into this. 
We heard cop sirens and cop cars pulling up, "there here" I said getting off of him holding his hand. 
Our fingers intertwined perfectly with each others, we walked over to one cop and he asked a few questions, we answered them all and he nodded writing things down on his note pad, he turned around and went to talk to another cop. 
I turned to Alex and he smiled, "what if people find out about us? What if girls try to get with you? What if people make fun of you because your dating me? What will Ray do to you?" I kept asking, "woe woe, its right. Just stay calm, we can work things out at your place" he smiled "okay.. I'm just really scared" I said starting to bite my finger nails, "eeewww.. Gross" he laughed, "biting nails isn't bad!" I laughed and grabbed his hand after biting my nails, he stuck his tongue at me and I returned the look.
He smirked and waited to go from the cops, "you kids can leave now" the officer said smiling, "thank you again" I smiled to the police and walked off with Alex back into school, "um, you might want a shirt" I giggled poking his abs. 
"Crap, your right. I have one in my locker, everybody is probably in class so they won't see me." He said sneaking into school getting a shirt and putting it over his head. His hair was all messed up but it was cute. 
I laughed at some pieces of hair that were stuck to his forehead, "what so fun?" He asked pulling me into him as we walked down the hallway. "Your hair" I laughed out, he messed around with it and all the sudden it looked great. "Your like magic" I said touching his hair.
He laughed and held my hand, we walked into class together and everybody turned their heads toward us. "Eew, your dating her?" "Awe, little Alex finally found his little princess" "why would you chose her?" "You know what, shut up and just get over that I'm dating her," he started letting go off my hand. 
He walked to a boy who made a disgusting comment and cleared his throat clenching his fists, "she is amazing, beautiful, fit, and overall a great person. So you have nowhere to call her mean names, or else" Alex spit at him.
"Whatever" the boy said as Alex turned around, I saw Alex clench his fists again, and his jaw. He turned around and lifted the guy from his seat holding him by his collar. I could see nothing but 100% fear in the boys eyes. Some serious crap was about to go down, I walked farther away so I didnt get hurt. "She's ugly" the boy chuckled, "she's fat" the boy laughed, "shut the -h.e. double hockey sticks- up!" Alex yelled and punched the guy so he fell to te ground but getting up pretty fast and throwing a punch at Alex, the teacher ran from the room to get help.
Alex blocked the punch and kicked the guys balls, he fell to the floor holding his 'friend' Alex walked away and held onto my hand and walked to the back of the room, he looked furious. "You didnt ha-" he cut me off "yes I did! He's a jack wagon, and don't listen to what they call you.." He said holding onto my hand from his desk. 
I nodded slowly and took out my phone because I was bored, I had a text from Ray.
I released Alex's hand to type.

From her- I saw you holding Alex's hand.. What's going on?

To her- were dating, but he swore he wouldn't cheat or anything.

From her- you do know he's never done 'it' before right..? He just says he does to get better reputation. He told me that he wanted to share his 'special' moment with you.

I looked over at Alex who was playing on his phone, he saw my phone and took it typing something in. 
"What are you doi-" he cut me off by kissing my lips and handing me my phone off, "just look" he said pointing to my phone, I nodded and looked down.
He had saved his number in my phone,
"Oh, cool" I smiled at him sending him a text, then went to Ray's message.

To her- you serious right now bruh?

From her- yeah! I'm not joking, ask him when the bell rings

To her- um, alright.. 😁 baii c:

Alex texted me back,

From him- wanna skip the rest of school?

To him- yeah sure! Lets go after the bell rings. 

From him- its gonna ring in 5 minutes and the teacher stil isn't back. Lets go now, 

To him- Lright! Lets go!

From him- haha alright Hun c;

I chuckled and got up to leave. We walked down the hallway then Alex quickly grabbed my waist and starting kissing me passionately as we walked into a room, he flicked the lights on allowing me to see the room.
I jumped up so I wrapped my legs around his waist. 
I twirled my fingers in his hair, I released trying to breathe. "Al-Alex, can I ask you something?" 
I asked biting my lip "ya sure, Anything" he said smiling, "Ray told me that you never have done 'it..' Is this true?" I said looking into his eyes, "yes it is true.." He sighed
"She also told me you wanted to share that moment with me" I whispered looking into his crystal blue eyes, "that's.. Also true" he looked down, "but I won't if you don't want to" he said. 
I thought, but didnt answer. I just kissed him again, passionately. 
"Jump" he whispered releasing the kiss for a second. I jumped up on a counter and he pulled me closer as I sat.

"Dani.." He started, "yes?" I asked smiling like a mad women.
"I.. I think I love you" he said biting his lip
"I feel the same" I smiled pulling him into a kiss again.
"Lets go to my place" I said, "I'll drive" he sparked up and picked me up and let me down holding my hand.
I smiled, he really changed.

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