Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


9. I care for you

Dani's POV:
I can't believe I never thought about how he looked so much like Niall, but now I know he IS Niall. 
Maybe I did know, and maybe I was just so incredibly shocked that I couldn't tell? I don't know, but I feel special right now as we stand here just holding each other and dancing slowly. Like prom.
I suddenly felt his heart start to race and skip beats, "your heart is beating fast" I said looking up at him, mine started racing to, he stood for a while then got a bigger smile, "yours to" he smiled fully showing his braces. (I know he got them taken off already but I just think his braces are cute) 
I rested my head on his shoulder while he nuzzled his face Ito my neck, he had to kinda bend down though. 
I laughed at his struggle to do so, 
We stayed there just swaying back and forth. 

Harry's POV:
Dani was really pretty, she wasnt to short, wasnt to skinny, pretty, nice, funny, and cute. Niall is lucky to have her, I was shaking whenever I interrupted them in his room, I was nervous because they are kinda moving things fast, but their happy with each other and Dani deserves happiness in her life. And I have never seen Niall cry over a girl before, but he did, her.

Dani's POV: 
I started getting a bit heavy-eyed so I gave him a hug and curled up on his bed and under the covers, he went into the bathroom and took his shirt off and put some sweat pants on.
He came back into the room, I looked at his perfect pale abs and he caught me staring because I heard him chuckle, "sorry" I sunk down in the bed.
I felt him crawl into the bed under te covers snaking a arm around my waist pulling my close to him, I wasnt facing him because I was actually tired so yeah... 
He started softly playing with my long hair, twirling his fingers in it and braiding it.
He started softly whisper-singing Stand Up 
From the moment I met you, everything changed
I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain
I had to take you and make you mine (take you and make you mine)

I would walk through the desert
I would walk down the aisle
I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile
Whatever it takes is fine (whatever it takes is fine)

Oh oh ohh oh
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh
'Cause it’s a stand up
I won’t be leaving
‘Til I finish stealing
Every piece of your heart
Every piece of your heart

I know your heart's been broken but don’t you give up
I’ll be there, yeah I know it to fix you with love
It hurts me to think that you’ve ever cried (you’ve ever cried)

Oh oh ohh oh
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh
'Cause it’s a stand up
I won’t be leaving
‘Til I finish stealing
Every piece of your heart
Every piece of your heart

Oh oh ohh oh
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh
'Cause it’s a stand up
I won’t be leaving
‘Til I finish stealing
Every piece of your heart

And I will steal us a car
And we will drive to the stars.
I will give you the moon.
It’s the least I can do
If you give me the chance.

Oh oh ohh oh
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh
'Cause it’s a stand up

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
You can call me a thief
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
But you should know your part

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
I’m only here
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
Because you stole my heart

Oh oh ohh oh (I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
So put your hands up
Oh oh ohh oh (I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
'Cause it’s a stand up
I won’t be leaving
'Til I finish stealing
Every piece of your heart

'Cause you stole my heart
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
Call me a thief
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
But you should know your part
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
I’m only here
(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)
Because you stole my heart🎧
After that I was out like a light, with Niall's arm around my waist and is closer then ever. There weren't any gaps between our bodies.

Dani's POV: 
I woke up with Niall's really strong grip around my waist, he now had my hand in his hand to. I cherished this silent moment with each other, the only thing not silent was his slight snoring and him talking in his dreams.
He would every once in a while say "beautiful" "her" "us" "she's special", I smiled to myself at those words, it was only 6:00 PM, (not the next day lol) 
So I just laid there, I had nothing special to do. I rubbed circles around his knuckles with my thumb looking down at our intertwined fingers, 
his hand tightened on mine and he scooted his chest closer to me, I smiled, "you awake?" I asked kinda Shyly because I didnt know if he was or not, "no.." He whispered back and fell back asleep instantly, I chuckled to myself and relaxed my head more into the pillow.
I looked at the half light half dark room, the small light from outside have just enough light in here to see his room, it was kinda dark though.
I heard Niall stop snoring and his grip loosened, "good evening" he whispered, I turned to face him seeing him smile right into my eyes.
"Good evening" I said cozying up to te pillow.
He smiled and rested his head next to mine, he kissed my nose and got out of bed holding his hand out for me to take it, which I took and walked with him down stairs. 
All the boys gave us a funny look when we got to the last step, they looked at our messed up hair and tiredness. They started smirking and winking, except for Harry. He was playing with his thumbs. "that's not what happened, we took a nap" Niall stated leading me to the kitchen.
"Are you hungry love?" He asked wrapping his arms around my waist, "kinda" I smiled, "we'll go pick up Nandos!!" We heard Louis scream, "yay!!!" Niall shouted, "I'm starving!" Niall said rubbing his stomach, "Niall your ALWAYS starving" Zayn smirked.

Harry's POV:
I wish I didnt see them slow dancing or kissing, I could do that to.. 
It breakes me, when I saw them slow dancing but they didnt see me there.
I wish I could hold her at night, 

Wait what am I thinking...?

You love her

No I don't!

Yes you do!

Alright I like her...

I heard laughing and noise, so I looked over at Dani and Niall laughing and playing around, Niall picked her up over his shoulder and sat her down on the couch, he sat next to her, I saw her cuddle up to him. 
I'm dead now.

Dani's POV:
I'm loving every second so far with Niall, he's so much different now. 
"Niall," I started, he looked at me, "are any of my flaws noticeable?" I said looking at him, because I knew I had them. 
"Of course not, your beautiful" he said smiling and kissing my forehead, I smiled and turned my attention towards the TV. 
Zayn was in the recliner with one leg up playing on his phone, Liam was sprawled across the smaller couch, Harry was laying his back on the ground with a leg cross over the other one while he played on his phone, then Louis at Nandos getting food. 
"Where's Louis with te food?" Niall said furrowing his eyebrows going to the door looking through the peep hole.
"Oh goodness me..." Niall started, I laughed how he said it. "Fans are mobbing him" Niall said, then his eyes widened, "THE FOOD IS GNNA GET RUINED BY THE FANS!" Niall yelled grabbing his coat and running out without a shirt on, just his coat. I laughed and ran outside closing the door behind me.
There were about 50 girls and some boys around his car, he kept honking but they didnt budge. Everybody turned our way when they heard us running, "LOOK ITS NIALL!"  A girl screamed pointing at him, then all te girls surrounded him, I held onto his arm trying not to get lost in te crowd.
Louis drove to a parking spot and ran to the room door. 
"Get away!" Niall screamed pushing me back from the fans, "Niall! Autograph!!!!" A girl yelled right in his face, I got mad at how close she was to his face, I got in front of Niall, "okay, first of all, he's right here YOU DON'T NEED TO SCREAM! Second of all, you don't need to be right in his face unless you want him to pass out from your breathe, third of all stay away from him" I sasses taking his hand walking up the stairs to his flat. "What was that about?" Niall chuckled, "she was right up in yo grill" I smirked, he gave a small laugh and walked into the room. Niall took off towards the kitchen getting two plates full of food, of course he had much more. 
We sat down and began to eat out food, Harry played with his, I couldn't help but notice how sad he looked.
Niall reached over sipping my soda and sitting back down, I rolled my eyes and smiled. 
I finished eating and threw my plate away, Niall did to, on our way out of the kitchen he reached in the food box and got a cheeseburger and ate it by the time we got to the lounge room. "Dang" I said sitting down, "wwhhhat" he muffled with his mouth full of food, "your a fast eater" I smirked while he sat next to me, "I know" he said with a bit more space in his mouth.
He gave me a kiss on my cheek still with food in his mouth, "grosssss" I said wiping my cheek and wiping it on him.
He chuckled and held me in his arms,
I smiled, I loved him so much.

"I'm gonna use the bathroom" I said kissing his cheek and getting up, Zayn was in the bathroom so I went to Niall's bathroom instead. 
I saw his phone on the counter, it lit up so I looked at it, 
It said:   'Twitter:
                       "Your so fat and ugly."

I gasped, why would they say that about Niall? He is perfectly fit and gorgeous. 
Then it lit up again, and notifications kept piling up, all of them was hate from different people. Some things were so disgusting I got butterflies, why were they doing this to him?
Do they do this to him often?

Does he get hated all the time?

Do girls think he's not special?

His phone went dark then it lit up again, I looked at the new notification, it said:

              " You should quit the band."

I opened my mouth a bit and couldn't believe that, he is the reason why some parts of the boy's life is interesting and carefree.
I walked into the bathroom and just kept thinking... Why would they hate on Niall? Possibly the cutest person alive?

I finished using the bathroom and washed my hands and got butterflies when I passed by his phone.

I went down stairs and saw Liam showing Niall his phone, Niall's eyes were kinda big right now.
I walked over to them and got on my tippy toes behind them to see the phone, Liam was showing Niall his Twitter, oh no.

Liam turned his phone off and we both looked at Niall who was just looking straight ahead with his mouth gaped,
He had tears building up in his eyes, "Niall.." I say putting my hand on his shoulder, he pulls me into a big hug, I hug back, "it's alright.." I say trying to calm down his violent sobs, 
"They only like seeing me broken" Niall said, "Niall your not broken" I pulled away looking at him, "they try to break me" he said with a few tears rolling down his cheeks, they were now more red then normal.  
"I'm here, Niall" I smiled and kissed him leading him to the couch, we sat down and I cuddled to him. He held around my shoulders from the side with his head on my shoulder, we changed positions and now he was in my arms.  I tried to keep changing the way my back rested when he moved his head because of my lovely lady lumps... Um hehe...

We finally stayed in the position with his head on my lap, he rested on his hip laying down not facing my way. 
I played with his hair,  he sniffled a few times and fell asleep on my lap.
He was literally like a little kid, he was adorable and so childish, but he could be serious sometimes.
He held onto my four arm that was placed around his ribs. 
He started snoring and it felt funny on my thighs, I looked over and saw Harry standing there staring at Niall and I. 
He looked upset, he just stared at me.
Then he looked down, "I'm gonna go home" Harry said not looking at me until he was half way out the door.
Everybody else left a few minutes later after cleaning up.
I fell asleep on the couch with Niall to, and woke up about 2 hours later, he was still fast asleep, 
Now it was 8:30 PM. 
I nudged him gently to wake up, "hmm?" His mumble sounded raspy.
"Go up to bed" I said slowly getting up, "I'm not tired anymore though" he said opening his eyes, "oh well what do you wanna do..?" I said awkwardly sitting back down, he shrugged, "I don't know" he played with his feet looking down. 
I watched his feet dance, I smiled and he looked up at me and pecked my lips. 
My eyes slowly started closing, I laid down and fell asleep again.

I woke up in Niall's bed, I looked at the time, 10:34 am. Ugh it's early. 
I slowly got up and walked down stairs, where Niall was watching TV. 
He turned my way while I stood by the stairs squinting my eyes in tiredness , just standing there.
He smiled and brought me to the couch where I laid my head on his lap.
He slowly started laying down on the couch, I pulled myself up to where his head was, we both watched TV.

Niall's POV:
She was always so calm, but hyper at the same time.. She was defenintly different. 
She turned to face me, we both smiled at the same time, 
"Wanna go to a pool party at Louis's?" I ask her, I really want her to go with me. "Of course! I just need to go home and get a bathing suit" she jumped up with joy. 
I smiled brightly and we walked back to her house, she checked to see if it was unlocked, it was,  so we just walked right in.
She unplugged her phone and ran up the stairs to her room while I looked at pictures that were placed on the table when you walk in.
I saw a picture of her and a guy together, he was wearing a tux, and she was wearing a purple dress that was tight with black flats, it looked like a prom picture, I tightened my fingers together. I hated seeing her with other men, or just guys who talk to her. 
She came down stairs with a plain black bikini with a purple cover up, and her plain black flats. "Louis has my trunks at his house" I said smiling, she nodded and grabbed her phone taking my hand in hers. 

We walked in te blazing sun and got to Louis's place, we heard laughing and splashes. We smiled and opened the gate to the backyard, we saw Louis on Liam's shoulders playing chicken with Zayn and Harry. 
Harry was on Zayn's shoulders, Harry was obviously gonna win.

Dani's POV:
We opened the gate to the backyard and saw Louis on Liam's shoulders playing chicken with Zayn and Harry. Harry was on Zayn's shoulders laughing and trying to push Louis off of Liam's shoulders.
Harry's muscles flared whenever he pushed him, his tattoos suited him perfectly.

Niall caught me staring because he squeezed my hand and looked at me giving me a look as he was saying 'stop staring' I nodded and looked to the warm puddle on the ground.
My feet splashed in it and it was hot. 
I went over to the little wooden table outside and took my cover up and flip flops off showing my stomach. 
I had really low self esteem so I tried covering my stomach with my arms.
Harry looked over at me in the middle of playing chicken and stopped pushing on Louis's hands, he stare at me giving Louis a perfect opportunity to win, which he did by pushing Harry backwards into the water. Niall looked over at me and smiled walking up to me pecking my lips.
"Let me go get my trunks" he said leaving me outside, "drinks over there" Louis said, but I was to focused on Harry popping up out if the water flipping his hair to the side. 
I shook my head and came back to reality, "what?" I looked at Louis, he gave me a shocked look forming a small 'o' shape on his mouth, "I said, drinks over there" he said slower pointing to a cooler next to me. I nodded and opened it up getting a Pepsi. I stood up and Niall was right there, "you scared me!" I laughed playfully hitting his arm. He had his trunks on and no shirt, I tried really hard not to stare, but my eyes would accidentally focus on his abs.
He wrapped a arm around my waist and we walked to te edge of the pool, "on the count of three we jump in" he said turning to me, "oh-okay" I smiled, "okay... One...." He looked at me "two....." I was  getting ready to jump in, "thr-" he was about to finish then pushed me in leaving me screaming on my way into the clear blue water, he jumped in when I popped out of the water, making a big splash. He went under water and started for my ankles, I screamed and tried swimming, I didnt wanna kick him in the face so I turned around, I looked back under the water and he was so close to grabbing my ankle.
Then I looked forward and ran into Harry, we fell under water and I climbed off if him quickly. 
I blushed and hid my face in my hands, I peeked through my fingers looking at Niall, his face kind of red. 
I closed my finger and hid my face again, I felt arms wrap around my waist, I saw Niall smiling "it's alright love" he whispered in my ear sending chills.
I nodded still covering my face like a little child does when they get in trouble.
I kept holding my face while he picked me up bridal style, "what's wrong love?" He asked looking at me, I took my hand off my face and sighed, "we'll when I fell on top of Harry, i knew you would get mad, and I also got embarrassed" I confessed looking into Niall's eyes. 
He nodded and gave a weak smile, "wanna play colors??" Louis screamed, "how do you play?" I asked really confused, "we'll" Harry started, "one person holds the other bridal style and comes up with a category, then the person being held has to guess what object of the category your thinking of" Harry smiled, "oh alright, so we get in groups of two then!" I tilted my head looking at Niall then at Harry, "yes" Harry said smiling. I smiled to and blushed. 
"Alright!" Louis yelled, "Zayn and Perrie! Liam and Niall!" Niall turned to me quickly, I did the same to him, we looked at each other waiting for the next group, "me and El! Harry and Dani!" Louis winked at me, I have him a death glare, but I could see Harry walking towards me scooping me up, Niall looked mad. 
I mouthed 'sorry' to him, even though I didnt do anything.
I got cozy in Harry's arms, he was so warm and muscular.. He was cozy. 
"Category?" He asked me smirking, "um... People's names?" He nodded and started thinking for a name, he looked back down smiling "okay got it" he said, 
I nodded thinking for names, "Louis?" I hoped, he shook his head and dunked me under, "you didnt let me hold my nose closed" I hit his arm playfully, he smirked and I thought of names, "Niall?" He dunked me again, I kept listing a BUNCH of names, then sighed "dani..?" I knew it was yes, he nodded and flipped me under water. I saw Niall watching us the hole time.
"So do I hold you now?" I looked at Harry, "uh yeah I think so" he smiled.
I nodded and he jumped into my arms.
Good thing we were under water basically doing this, I would die if we did this out of water.
"Category?" I asked him, "foods" he smiled and I nodded.
We played a few rounds and finished, everybody was tired so I swam to Niall. He picked me up and put me on his shoulders, "no! Let me down!" I laughed while he tickled my feet.
"No" he laughed while i squirmed,
I had to climb my way off of him, I finally did and just sat in his arms sipping my drink, while Harry would glance over at us. Okay what's his deal..?

I'm gonna ask him inside, "I gotta use the bathroom" I said pecking Niall on the cheek.
I pulled myself out of the pool and went to the bathroom hoping Harry would come inside trying to talk,
I heard someone walk in so I opened the bathroom door peeking my head out seeing Harry.
I smiled and walked over to him, "we need to talk" I said to him, it looked like he was gonna say the same.
We walked into Louis's room and shut the door, "Harry why do you always seem sad when Niall and I cuddle? You always look over at me like your jealous" I said looking into his eyes, "I- I honestly don't know.." He looked down, "yes you do" I said, he lifted his head up.

Niall's POV:
Okay they have been inside for a while, should I worry?

Of course you should!

I climbed out of the pool and stopped by a closed door, (this part is credited to another book I read, I can't remember it though so don't say I copied)
I heard talking, so I pressed my ear silently to the door, my hand was wandering and it was shaky, "Harry, you can't like me" I heard Dani say, my eyes shot open and guilt was running trough my body as my shakey hand landed on the door knob,
I felt a tug on my shoulders, "Niall what are you doing?!" A mad Louis said, I didnt answer, I just tried to get out of his grip reaching for the door knob, "Har-" I heard her say before she was cut off, I got out of his grip turning the door knob, I saw Harry kissing Dani, the worst part is, she kissed back a few times, she tried pushing away though.
Their faces turned to me with guilt written all of their faces.
Dani was about to speak,  I just shook my wad furrowing my eyebrows walking away towards the back gate outside. "Mate what's wrong?" Liam asked from the pool, "why don't you ask ms.iKisseverybody!" I pointed to Dani who was staring at me while tears were forming.
I opened te gate walking out of it an slamming It behind me.
I walked down the street, a bunch of girls started forming flocks around me.
I ran back to my flat slamming the door, "Niall! Open up!" I heard Dani say banging on my door, I didnt budge to get up. My head hurt and my throat hurt from crying,
I really like Dani, a-and she ruined it.

But you hurt her way worse before!!!

Your right,  I got up as she knocked for the third time. 
She looked right in my eyes and I could see the sorrow in her eyes.
I wrapped my arms around her, she started kissing me while she wrapped her legs around my waist, my back hit a wall and she tugged on the back of my hair as she kissed me, 
My cheeks started warming up, and hers did to, I felt her heart racing.
Mine followed hers and I felt amazing.
I held under her thighs and carried her as she kissed me, out lips moved in sync with each others, "I care for you Niall James Horan, and I love you forever" she said in between kisses and I walked up the stairs 
I felt her move her legs around, tightening her grip on me.
We were up stairs, we laid down and kissed roughly but passionate for a while, I could feel small breathes of air come out her nose and tickled the tops of my lip.
I bit her lip and felt special.

*next morning*
I woke up with Dani next to me,
I smiled about last night,  she turned over smiling at me, "I love you" I whispered kissing her forehead.

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