Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


7. I can't believe... It's you...

guitar, he came and sat next to me.
I laid my head on his lap just thinking to myself, like 'why was he changing for me?' 'Should I completely trust him?' 
'Is he cheating?' 'Is he using me?'
I shivered at my thoughts, I felt him pull me closer, "babe you alright?" He asked me rocking me back in forth in his arms, "ya, everything's fine.." I sighed and turned around so I was looking up at him. 
"No, everything's not fine. You've been acting different since I stepped foot into your house for the third time, you have just been either moping around sighing, kissing me, or just not talking.. Please just tell me what's wrong, and I mean everything, and I will try and make you feel better." He sighed looking down at me pulling a piece of hair behind my ears, "fine... I just keep thinking your cheating, because you know, those other times.." I turned around so i wasn't facing him, this probably wasnt cozy for him. 
"I never cheated on you before..?" He questioned, "no I mean when you would dance and kiss girls in front of me" I sighed. 
"I feel like we're rushing into things" I let out. 
"What? Why!" He stood up, obviously looking frustrated at what I just said, "we started going out yesterday and were already acting like we've been dating for months, I didnt mean to hurt your feelings" I said propping myself up on my knees, "so your saying that we should just stop kissing, watch movies, sit apart, and be boring??!" His fists were white, I got up and walked to the bathroom and locked the door. 
"Open the door!!" He raised his voice knocking on the door, "no" I replied just sighing in the mirror that was in here. 
"Yes you will, or I'm opening it by myself" he said a bit more calmly, "why do I have to let you in? You obviously want to get with 'with' me" I said biting my lip realizing what I just said, "is that what you think I want??!" He yelled barging into the bathroom 
"Of course it is! All you ever do when we cuddle is start making out with me, then you get rough!" I yelled, good thing my brother and parents were at work.. Phew!
"This is te first time I take things seriously with a relationship and your just complaining how I'm using you?? Yes I know I have with other girls  in the past but you mean something to me, in more then one way!" He yelled getting closer to me, "look here, how can I trust you that your taking this seriously?!" I yelled giving him a glare, if looks could kill, he'd be lying lifeless on the floor by now, I swear.
He inched closer cornering me, "is that all you think of me? A big piece of a player who plays with girls harts and emotions?!" He threw his hands up. "Sometimes!" I screamed, he slapped me across the face, causing me to drop to the floor holding my cheek. 
I started crying balling up more an more on the floor, tears streamed down my face. 
"Babe I'm so sorry.." He said kneeling down, "I'm not your babe anymore!" I said in between sobs, he tried wiping away my tears but I slapped his hand away. 
"Get away from me.." My voice was weak. 
I got up while stumbling and pushed my way through him while I  just ran out of my room while he just sat wordless on my bathroom floor.
I was balling on the couch holding my cheek, the pain went down but it was still tomato red. 
I cried into my hand, I heard him coming down the stairs..
I didnt even look at him from the corner of my eye.
I felt a warm and slightly wet hand on my shoulder, "what do you want?" I growled while sniffling back my tears.
"To apologize" he stated sitting next to me, "no. Get out" I said looking him dead in the eyes, I saw his face get long, "bu-" I cut him off, "no. Go now." I said standing up throwing him his shoes and opening the front door, slamming it behind him.
I fell down the door for the second time because of him, I thought he said he would never hurt me again??!

I called Ray:
Me- lets go to a club tonight
Ray- I'm in! 
Me- okay, I need to get my mind off of things.

Honestly, I still loved him... He just can't be trusted.

Ray- okay I'll be over to get you in 45 minutes.
Me- okay, cya then!
*end of call*

I took a deep breathe skipping steps on my way up the stairs, I stared into my closet and grabbed a pair of black and white converse sneakers, my denim studded high wasted shorts, and a regular flowy black tank. I sprayed some perfume, put some deodorant on, brushed my teeth and hair, finishing with my simple eyeliner, foundation, mascara, and some nude eyeshadow.
I nodded in agreement to my look and twirled down my twirly stairs. 
I grabbed my phone from the kitchen counter and waited my very in-patiently for Ray, I decided to eat some cereal, so I got out the Honey Bunches Of Oats and milk , or as my family calls it,  honey bunches of Goats. 
I finished eating my cereal and heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to a very happy Ray, she was wearing black skinny jeans, her Warped t, blue toms and her purple contacts.
I smiled at her and walked down to her car, we both closed our doors and she started up a convosation.

"So how are you and Alex.." She made a mushy face, 
I sighed, "we broke up.." I looked down figitting with my thumbs,
"What!!, what on earth for??" She screamed,
"It's complicated," I reassured her.
"Honey, were gonna talk about this later.. But come on" we pulled up to the club, or house.. It was a party at a house, basically a club.
The music was banging, the smoke filled outside of the house and I could see people stumbling over, girls walked in with their short shorts and crop tops with heels, I looked like a outsider. 
But I didnt care, I didnt look like I was desperate. 
Ray and I linked arms as we walked into the room that was filled with te aroma of alcohol and smoke. 
I went up to te bar and ordered a drink for Ray and I. I saw her dancing with some dude so I chuckled and drank my drank while I waited for her to return, she didnt return so I looked for her, and found her with the same dude, but they were kissing on the couch.  This was good for her, she needed a boy in her life, I just hope he's nice to her, I decided to walk out on the dance floor and started dancing and doing what I was taught in dancing class.
I was probably the best dancer there because most boys stopped dancing with their partners and gathered around me dancing along. 
I laughed And caught Ray coming over to all the people who were dancing with me. I smiled at her and continued dancing, 
I jumped up a little whenever I felt someone touch my calf with their calf, I looked around and saw a guy who was tall with brown curly hair, blue eyes, and dimples, he smirked at me and took my arm dragging me away from the crowd into the hallway, "you got moves" he chuckled out leaning against the wall across from me, "ya I kno-" I was cut off by him pressing his lips to mine, I tried pushing away but he tried harder to stay, finally I quit and just let him, I barely kissed back because it hurt to kiss someone right after a relationship. 
But this kiss way different, it wasnt passionate, just... There. I pushed him away and saw him smiling. 

I smirked then shook my head walking to the bar. Well that was random, 
I ordered a drink and basically inhailed the drink , I looked over and saw Ray enjoying herself, I was glad for her. I turned my head back and smiled to myself, until I saw Alex kissing another girl, and he was actually kissing back holding her waist. I could tell he didnt enjoy it as much as our kisses we shared. 
I saw him open his eyes and look my way, his eyes shot open and he stood up carrying the girl smirking bringing her out of the room. 
I felt tears.... I ran out of the party taking off my heels and decided to walk home, 
My legs ached from walking.. The sun was going down a bit and I thought I couldn't walk anymore, I stooped walking and sat on the curve. 
I saw Alex walk by with his girl, he looked at me and smirked, I turned around and started crying. 
I heard him laugh, and the girl. I hate life so much...!
I laid in some random persons lawn just crying. 
I heard a car honk and saw Ray. 
I got up wiping my eye bags, there was a guy in the back. 
"Uh, ray.. Who is that?" I asked looking at him, "a guy I met" I saw he smile as I turned around facing my window just thinking, I felt dry tears on my cheek. 
"Take me home please" I huffed and just stared out the window, "oh- okay.." I heard the concern in her voice.  
She dropped me off, "nice meeting you!" I smiled at the boy in te back and waved. 
I walked up to my door and couldn't  find the key, crap...
Not again.. 
I sat on the front steps just silently crying.

I held my face in my hands and fell asleep slowly on my door step.
I was just to tired of everything that I didnt care if someone took me away, I was tired and needed sleep.
I woke up to the sun rising, it was chilly and I had goose bumps. I sat up holding my arms and putting my legs up to my chest. 
Where was my family??? 
I sighed and cried softly into my knee caps, I felt like I was drifting apart from everything and everybody. 
I wanted my brother to hold me in his arms like a little baby, like he use to when we were younger. I don't want my parents, they would yell at me, I just wanted my brother..
And Alex.. 
I wanted to be held so badly, I had Ray, but my phone died while I tried texting her. "I wish somebody loved me..." I whispered to myself, then I felt a arm wrap around my waist from behind me, "you are loved" I saw Alex whisper. 
I jumped up, starting to cry more, I jumped into his arms, "I missed you" he whispered while I cried onto his shoulder. 
I cried so violently that he had to hold te back of my head to keep it from going back from my sniffles. 
"I missed you to" I said in between sobs, "I'm so sorry.." He whispered leaning  back looking into my eyes, I wanted to be back together with him so badly. "It's okay.. I'm just glad I haven't gone to school, people would make it worse" I wiped my eyes off while he held me like a baby in his arms. My legs were wrapped around his waist, he held my back with his arms. He set me down and didnt look up, he just looked at the ground with his hands in his pockets. "You broke your promise" I said, his head shot up..  A frown appeared on his face as he held his eyes, "I know.. I'm a jerk" he rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger. "No, your not.. You just are confused about what to do" I whispered looking at his eyes, trying to read them. 

Alex's POV:
I missed her so much, I cried myself to sleep that  night after I slapped her. I regretted every word of that argument. She was right, and I disagreed by slapping her, I don't know why she would miss me.
"Thanks Dani," I smiled. I saw something on her arm, I gasped when I saw about 4 little cuts. "Dani.." I started as I held her four arm in my hands, I looked at her arm then back up at her, she already had more tears in her eyes, "what is this??" I was really concerned now, I did this to her. She did this because of me, I guess she did it last night. "Um.. I kinda, did that.. I'm sorry" she released a tear and her eyelashes were soaking and clumped from her tears. 

I wiped away a few tears, I furrowed my eyebrows, and raised one while I looked at her arm again. 
I heard a car pull up,

Dani's POV:
He kept looking at my arm, being concerned. I heard a car pull into our drive way,
I saw Jon get out, he looked over at us with a angry, concerned, and confused look on his face, Alex looked over at him and I heard him gulp.
Alex slowly put my arm down, Jon walked over with one fist bundle together, "what happened?!" Jon questioned and looked at Alex with a mean glare, then at me with a comforting look, then he picked up my arm, and gasped. "Dani! Why did you do this?!" He raised his voice, and turned to Alex who was stepping back. "You" Jon pointed to Alex, inching his finger to himself so Alex could walk forward, I stood in front of Alex, "no.. Jon I did this because I don't feel loved! Alex loves me, and I love him, mom and dad don't care about me! Unless my friends are over, you've never liked my other boyfrie-" Jon cut me off, "because they used you! They broke your heart about 4 times each for every boyfriend you had. That's why I'm so protective over you, I don't want to see you hurt like you were with your ex boyfriend" Jon made a good point, I grabbed Alex's clutched fist behind me, I could feel the warm in his hand from being angry about my other boyfriends, "excuse me, Jon," Alex started getting in front of me, "I won't hurt your sister. She's amazing, beautiful, talented, nice, unique, intelligent, carefree, and she loves with her heart not her eyes!" 
I recognized that 'lives with heart and not eyes' i believe a famous person once quoted it.. I shrugged it off.
Jon opened his mouth and was about to speak, then Alex started again, "I live your sister. And if you don't approve of me I will walk away right now. But your only hurting her, not making anything better." Alex was about my brothers height, 5'7. 
"Take your hat and shades off.." My brother whispered trying to read Alex's face. I was so confused, what's going on?? 
Alex took his SnapBack (hat) off slowly, showing his messy blonde quiff, and brown roots, then he slowly took his shades off, Alex always wore his hat and shades at stores and such. I stepped closer to my brother and Alex, Jon's mouth opened wide, "oh my god.." Jon started, kinda getting loss for words,
Alex looked at me with his pale face, light brown eyebrows lifted, red cheeks, and his blue eyes. I couldn't believe it.... I never realized this before, "NIALL!??" I screamed, he nodded slowly, with a guilty look. 
"I didnt tell you because I knew you'd freak out! I'm so sorry." He got on his knees and begged, "I'm really truly sorry Dani. I thought it would make things awkward, please forgive me" he begged. I looked down at him and knelt down hugging him. "It's alright, but where's your Irish accent?" I asked smiling, "I've been hiding it" he said with his accent, I could feel my eyes glisten as te sun rose. 
"Jon could you go inside please..?" I turned to Jon asking, he nodded and went inside. I tackled Niall into a hug, falling into the grass. I held him and he held me. "I can't believe it... It's Niall Horan!" I squealed, "shhh!" He laughed putting his finger to my mouth, i giggled and sat up just having all sorts of convosations with him, "I'm still so shocked!" I said staring into his glorious eyes, he stared back, his eyes wandered to my lips and back up to my eyes, he did that again, and put one of his hands behind him leaning him closer to me, I sat there and waited for him to get to me, he was now just millimeters away from my lips, "I love you still" he whispered before connecting his lips to mine. I kissed back, he placed a hand on my waist while I just placed my hands on his calves, since we were criss cross apple sauce.
"Is that why you always sang..?" I smiled releasing away from him, "ya" he said, "oh my gosh! Where are the boys? And why aren't you going to concerts and stuff?" I asked really shocked and confused, "i had a concert the night of.. Well you know, 'the inncident'" he frowned, "oh.. And the boys?" I tilted my head, "oh their all at my place, would you like to meet them?" He smirked, "ya!!!" I yelled tackling him into a hug again, he just laughed as we fell onto the grass that was now itching my arms and ankles. 
"Let me get rid of some of my makeup from my face and shoes" I smiled kissing his nose walking into my house. 
"Jon, I'm going over to Ale-" I cut my self off, "Niall's for a bit!" I yelled going up the stairs with Niall following me. 
I removed most my foundation and eyeliner and washed my face, I threw my hair into a messy bun and put my glasses on, ya, I have glasses. 
"Ready love?" Niall asked turning the corner walking into my bathroom sneaking his arms around my waist from behind, "yes" I said and tried walking, but struggled because Niall held to my waist while I walked. "Haha, you can let go babe" I giggled, he shook his head violently, "no, I'm not leaving your side ever again" he said, he was such a kid but kinda mature at the same time. I laughed at his cuteness and walked down the stairs plugging my phone in, Jon was down stairs making a sandwich. 
"Mmhmm.. I could go for some food" Niall chuckled while still holding onto me, my brother looked up at us and smiled and shook his head, but he seemed happy, Niall left my side for a moment and handed Jon his number if he wanted to talk to me. "If you need to talk to her" Niall smiled and Jon took the paper slip and smiled "thanks, sorry for being so rough with you before" Jon said putting the cheese up. 
"It's alright" Niall smiled and walked over to me holding my waist again. I chuckled and walked outside with Niall now holding my hand. 
"I love you to" I said while we were walking to his place, he smiled "ready to meet the boys?" He licked his lips and turned to me, "ya, just a bit nervous. What if they don't like me?" Great, now I was really nervous.. Stupid thoughts.

"Babe they'll love you!" He stated smiling, we walked in silence but played around on our walk, we got to his flat and it was a big complex, my jaw tensed when we got to his door, "what's wrong?" He turned to me being really nervous, "just nervous" I shrugged and he opened the door,
There stood 4 incredibly handsome boys.... 

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