Miss you

Dani, a 15 year old freshman, just started high school in a new school, ever since the
First day it's been tough.
She falls in love with Alex the bad boy.. But will fait keep them together?

It all started with: "where do you think your goin?"


2. Forget you


Alex's POV:
"Alex! Alex!!!" I heard Dani yell, I turned around just as she was falling to the floor. I ran over and caught her before she fell. Why didnt I just let her fall? It's not liked were really friends or anything.. I brought her over to her brother and walked to the door. I slammed the door and heard her screaming at him. I laughed to myself and shook my head. 
Did I really just try and break her heart like that? Normally when I do this its different. We actually date. She was different, she was actually exciting and did things most 'good teenage girls' wouldn't do, like skip school, or allow a bad boy into their house.
But I knew she liked me in some way..
I walked down the 4 steps and across the little circle stones implanted on the ground. Their was a small fish pond on the right of the stepping stones, and perfectly green ferns on both sides of the stones. 
I heard my name being called by a familiar voice, I turned around and saw Dani on her balcony screaming my name. I smirked, winked, then walked off. Leaving her behind.
Why was this the thing I do? Just leave girls to cry? 
I walked all the way to my house and my mom smiled at my, I hugged her and went to my room. I gotta admit though, I was clean. My room wasnt messy or Nything.. It was just the right size for me.
I went to my bathroom and took a shower, I'm also a shower singer
"Don't, try to make me stay 
Or ask if I'm okay
I don't have the answer
Don't make me stay the night
Or ask if I'm alright
I don't have the answer-"
I finished the song and turned off the water to get out. I wrapped a towel around my waist and just blow dried my hair a little bit.
I went over to my laptop and logged in.

Dani's POV:
I was so upset that he would pretend to be my friend and leave. It's a good thing we weren't real close friends.. Or dating. I sighed and opened my MacBook Pro, I logged into twitter and smiled at some nice comments I got. I got curious and looked up Alex's twitter, a bunch of photos popped up of him and his mom, dog, 'gang', old girlfriends, family, him at parties, and there was one video of him singing... I clicked on it and listened, 
🎧I find your lips so kissable
Your kiss unmissable
Your fingertips, 
So, touchable
And your eyes 
It was beautiful, I just wish it was longer, he really was good though.
I got the idea to do a Twitcam, so I opened it up and started.
20 viewers, I looked at the questions people were giving me. 
❓How tall are you❓
Me- hehe, I'm really short. I'm 5'3. 
❓What's your dream boyfriend❓
Me- he has to be caring, nice, handsome, not lazy, and a big cuddler. 
❓Ever been played/confused from someone❓
Me- um.. Ya actually just now, a boy- 

I tried to continue what I was gonna say but I actually kinda like Alex so I couldn't go on. All I did was give a fake smile and look down.

Alex's POV:
I logged onto twitter and saw a comment on my singing video I posted.. Great.. 
From @Dani_x_Shuttle_x_     You have a good singing voice.. @Cuddle.Me.Alex 
I smiled and clicked on her username,
I saw a Twitcam going on with her. 
I clicked it and saw questions blowing up, and just comments.

Some comments read: what a jerk! 
But your so pretty!
Why would anybody do that?
Wow, what's his username? I'll go at em'! 

Uh... What? Who was this jerk being mean to her?

Then she spoke, 
Her: ❗I just wish Alex didnt do that.. I didnt do anything to him❗
Oh yeah.. Me. I sighed and listened

I was hovering my fingers over the
Keyboard.. I was gonna ask something, 

❕I'm sorry..❕

I saw her eyes wander to the comments, I saw her kinda smirk.
I smiled, knowing she saw it. 
Then she looked at the camer,
"Alex.. You'll never stop will you? Please stop viewing this Twitcam and just don't talk to me and leave me alone."  She demanded, 
"Alex your still their. If you want to know if I liked you then yes! I DID like you, now I know your just a player and don't care about women." I saw her wipe her eyes and look down holding her eyes. 

Me- ❕please don't cry❕
She looked up and her eyes were kinda watery. 
"Like you care, Alex" she really was serious.. Well naww Alex why wouldn't she be?!!!?
Me- ❕I guess your right, bye. See ya at school, babe. (; ❕
Ugh... Sometimes it just happens.
"No, you won't, I'm staying home. I don't wanna see you or your little group. So say out of my life." She demanded, "bye everyone!" She waved and gave a weak smile, turning off the Twitcam. 
I sighed, gosh I just do it without knowing it dont I..? I'm a horrible person.

Dani's POV: 
I really wished we stayed friends.. I wanted to be a close friend with him, and be able to tel each other everything. 
My phone buzzed so I put my laptop aside and reached for my iPhone.
Caller id: Ray
Text convo*
Her- hey, I saw your Twitcam.. You gonna be alright?

Me- yeah. I'm fine, I will talk to you tomorrow,  using text, I'm not going to school. 

Her- I understand (: I hope you feel better Hun.

Me- thanks, Ily <3 (: 

Her- ily to, now get some sleep c:

Me- ya, my mom just got home so I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight :3

Her- night! 

*end of convo*** 

I turned my alarm on for 6:52 am 
Just in case. I plugged it in and took my hair out of its bun, and brushed through the extra hairspray that was left over.
I took my makeup off and splashed my face with water from the sink, I rested my elbows on the counter just staring at the sink. 
I sighed and just thought to myself.
"You Lright?" I heard a deep voice say from behind me. My head shot up and I turned around and saw my mum standing there. "Ya, just tired.. How was work?" I asked putting a fake smile I my face and continuing my face wash. "It was good, how was your day?" She smiled, "um.. It was good." I lied. "Oh okay, we'll goodnight" she said kissing my wet forehead. She stuck her tongue out in disgust from the water. All I could do is laugh while she laughed walking down the stairs. 
I closed my pearl white door and slipped into some pajamas and went to my balcony and sat there tapping the floor with my finger nails just thinking.. My thoughts wander far if I don't think about it, I rested my head against the floor with my hand under my head. I turned over staring at the starry night sky. It was cold out here, and dark, so it was pretty much freezing. I laid their smiling at the stars and just thinking, I closed my eyes and just laid there for a while..
I felt a warm fabric fall down under some of my body, then the rest on top. I opened my eyes and a blue blanket was on me. I sighed and got up to head to my bed. I fell down over something and looked back, it was Alex?
I crawled away as I saw him stretch his body, why was he here?
I saw him turn over to me, "why are you here!" I screamed, 
"Your mom let me in.." He yawned.
"I mean why did you come to my house?!!!" I stood up whenever he did, "I came to see how you were doing, a-" I cut him off trying to push him out of my room. All I could feel was his back muscles and him laughing.
He stopped and turned around getting away from me. 
"Get out!" I said pointing furiously to my door. "I'm not letting you sleep up here, or around me!" I yelled, my brother came in "what's wrong?!!" He asked looking at me with ruffled eyebrows then at Alex. 
I looked at Jon's face, he looked mad. "Jon please tell him to go down stairs and away from me." I kneeled down holding my knees. 
I looked straight ahead out my balcony. "Sure.." He said, I looked behind my and saw Alex trying to get out of his grip, "Jon, do what you can to get him out.." I said turning to Alex, Jon nodded and had to drag him out of my room. "Let go of me!" I heard Alex scream. I waited for the front door to open, it finally did.
I saw Alex getting pushed out onto our lawn, he paused for a little, and looked up at me, I grabbed his blanket and threw it at him. 
"LEAVE!" I yelled at slammed my balcony doors.
I crawled into bed and under my covers.
I instantly fell asleep. 

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