our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


7. lies and more lies

Riley's POV


After Justin didn't respond to my text I just felt like curling up in a ball and start crying. Who could be so cold to spy on me and Justin? If I knew I would give them a punch in the gut.

I lied down in my bed and stared at my ceiling for like 20 minutes thinking of how my life would never be the same.

I needed someone to talk to so I could get my mind off of stuff so I texted Will.


F'd up Will and Riley's convo:


Riley: Hey!

Will: ahhh!! Who the hell is this??? :o


I forgot that he didn't have my number. But the text made me smile.


Riley: its Riley.

Will: Ohhh.... This is Will by the way.


I laughed at his texted. I mean its obvious that I know who he is.......... I was the one who texted him first.


Riley: "gasp" REALLY! (notice the sarcasm)

Will: YA!

Riley: LOL!


Riley: idk?

Will: so what's up hottie?


He made me blush a little.


Riley: nothin just being bored. U?

Will: well right now I'm texting you and going to the bathroom.

Riley: EWWW!! TMI !!

Will: Hey, u asked.


The phone was silenced. then he text me back.


Will: gtg. Bye Hottie!!

Riley: Bye!


End of text messages.



I was giggling at the texts then I realized what had happened today and how I could get hurt. Then I realized that Will didn't know about me and Justin. I sat there wondering.


I was still lonely so I called Grace.


Phone call:


Grace: hello?

Riley: hey did you here?

Grace: yeah. Who would do such a thing?

Riley: I don't know but I'm not going out today and i was wondering if you could come over and hang out?

Grace: Sure!! Be there in 10 minutes!


She sounded unusually.


Riley: okay.


I said "okay" confused because she was kind of scaring me.


Grace: okay, bye love you lots.


then she made a kissing noise and hung up.


End of call.




I was worried about her. one second she's all pissed at me and now she's like lovey. But it could be because everyone knows about me and Justin and she feels bad..... yeah that's probably it.

It was 10:30 A.M.


Since Grace was coming over I thought that I should change into some clean sweats.


I put my hair in a messy bun, I put a pair of purple sweat shorts on, a white tank top and a Los Angeles  gray over sized hooded sweat shirt over the tank top.


I looked at the clock and it was 10:42 A.M. Grace would be here any minute.


Then all of the sudden my door swung open and it was Grace. She made my heart skip 3 beats.


Grace: hey girrlly!

Riley: how did you get in here?

Grace: I know my way around your house.

Riley: creeper much?

Grace: what? your my best friend. Wouldn't you think I knew how to get in?

Riley: no.

Grace: well I do so..... deal with it.

Riley: okay.


I put my hands up in surrender. then Grace grabbed one of my hands and dragged me to the bed.


Grace: so who do you think told?

Riley: about me and Justin?

Grace: yes! duhh!

Riley: well it was a picture so they were watching us. And when we kissed the must have taken the photo.

Grace: wow it really sucks to be you.


okay now that was just rude.


Riley: yeah thanks.


Grace's POV


I was over at Riley's house. I can't stand her but i have to convince her to break up with Justin.


Grace: what are you going to do about it?

Riley: what is there that i can do. I mean I don't know if me and Justin will work out.

Grace: yeah the best thing to do is probably leave Justin for another guy. It would be a lot safer.


Like i cared if she was safe, I really don't care if Justin's fans kill that little bitch.


Riley: 'sigh' I guess you right in a way.

Grace: I'm always right, babe. so when do you plan on breaking up with him?

Riley: well I'm not just going to break up with him like that.

Grace: its okay if you do, it will be the best for you and him.


She sat there and thought about what I said. It took like 10 seconds for her to think....... Come on just say that you are going to break up with him already!!


Riley: your right.


I gave her a hug. she smelled bad. then she started crying. I didn't come over here to comfort her i came over here to convince her to break up.


Riley: your really right.


She said that wiping her tears off her face. I gave her a tissue, so it would seemed like I cared.


Grace: you know what else I'm right about?

Riley: what's that.

Grace: you taking a shower.


She laughed, but I was serious.


Grace: no really, take a shower.

Riley: okay.


Riley got up and got in the shower.


* * *

Riley was in the shower and I saw her phone. so I got it and looked at her messages.


there was her mom, dad, Justin, F'd up Will, me..... wait who's F'd up Will?


I clicked on there messages.


he called her 'hottie' so he must like her. I decided that I would texted him like i was Riley. I looked around to see if Riley was out of the shower but she wasn't.


A/N: okay now Grace is on Riley's Phone texting Will, pretending to be Riley. Get it? got it? good. and also just saying Grace is a bitch!! :) that's all!!!  XoX  jUS10_2611


Will and Grace's convo:



Grace: hey sexy!

Will: hey hottie!

Grace: I can't wait to see you in person so you can hold me!!

Will: Me too!

Grace: Miss u soo much babe!

Will: I miss you too Riley!!

Grace: I think that we should you know date?

Will: really!!?? of course I'll date you!!

Grace: ok great.... gtg..... luv you!

Will: luv u too babe!


End of there convo.



okay now that, that was done I took a screen shot of the convo (on her phone) and sent it to my phone. Then i deleted the convo and the photo (on her phone) so she would never know the I texted Will on her Phone.



I whispered to myself:


Grace: mhm, mhm, mhm, naughty , naughty girl, dating two guys. Well not for long.







A/N: okay so what do you think now??....... Poor Riley she doesn't know that her friend hates her to death! :..( The more comments, likes, and favs the faster i Update!! So tell your Friends PLEASE!! You guys are awesome!!









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