our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


9. get ready 4 2night

Justin's POV


It was about 12:00 pm.


I was all dressed to go hang out with Riley. But she didn't want me to come over. She's worried my fans will kill or hurt her. But my real fans are happy when I'm happy, an I'm happy when Riley's happy and I'm not so sure Riley is so happy now.




My phone buzzed in my back pocket I jumped hoping it was Riley, but it was only Ryan.


Texted messages:


Ryan: o man u totally got busted 4 dating Riley.


I really wasn't in the mood for that comment that he just made. But i have to be nice.


Justin: IK I wish ppl wouldn't spy. And keep their nose n their own business.

Ryan: I feel u bro.


I was about to text him that I had to go when he texted me back.


Ryan: hey listen there's this party at the club 2night and ur invited.

Justin: witch club?

Ryan: the usual, David Getta's going 2 b there.

Justin: idk man?

Ryan: it would help. Come on I don't want 2 b there not knowing anyone.


I thought for a second............ I guess it would be fun but I will invite Riley to come.


Justin: ok I probably will go, but there's a chance I mite not go.

Ryan: ur coming!

Justin: maybe.

Ryan: well, get ready 4 2night.


End of text.



I decided that if I was going to go to the party that Riley could come, because the only people there will be famous and other people who aren't famous are like in their late 20's so they really don't care what I do or who I date.


So I texted Riley.




Grace's POV


I was standing outside of the girls bathroom holding on to Riley's pures waiting for Riley to be done. When all of the sudden Riley's phone buzzed.

It was a text from Justin.


A/N: once again Grace is using Riley's phone to text Justin pretending to be Riley. Get it? Got it? good!




Text messages:


Justin: hey beautiful, do u want 2 go 2 this party @ the club 2night?


I thought about what I should say. but I knew that I wasn't going to say yes for Riley. But I could go instead of Riley. Its just that I will show up at the club without anyone knowing.


Grace: no, sorry babe I'm sick.

Justin: well if ur sick than can I come over and cuddle w/ u?


ugh what is it that he likes about Riley? I mean I'm just as pretty as she is and I like to cuddle. Why does he like her!?


Grace: no I don't want 2 get u sick.

Justin: well than I'm not going 2 the party if ur not going.

Grace: no u have 2, or else I will feel even more bad.

Justin: but I don't want to party w/ out u. )......:


Why does he like her so much??!!


Grace: just party Justin I want u 2, party for me.

Justin: I can't Riley. :(

Grace: Please!!!

Justin: really?

Grace: yes!

Justin: ok, but I wont have as much fun as I would w/ u.

Grace: listen I cant text I'm 2 tired,..... luv u babe!

Justin: ok, I'll try and not bother u, luv u 2!!


En of text.


After I was done texting him I deleted the messages and put Riley's phone back in her purse. I smiled to myself, everything was going my way.


Riley: there you are I have been looking for you for like 5 minutes.


I had walked over to a bench while I was texting Justin so that Riley would have to find me and it gave me more time to text Justin.


Grace: sorry.


I handed her, her purse back.


Riley: so what do you want to do now?


Grace: well I need I need some cute dresses, and other clothes, so why don't we go to Debs? (A dress/ cute clothes store)


Riley: okay.


We walked to Debs and no one has stopped to ask Riley if she was the girl in the photo with Justin. It annoyed me to death. Doesn't anyone here like Justin Bieber and watch the news!!


I had to get some cute comfortable sexy party dresses if I was going to the clubs. The only reason I can afford all of this is because of the photo that I took of Justin and Riley kissing and selling it.


*At Debs*


I first went and tried on some really short tight dresses. But If I was going to dance the dress had to be a little less tight.


Riley tried on some dresses, of courses she looked good in all of them. I'm jealous of her for having such a great body.


The final dress that I decided on looked like this:


It was purple (Justin's favorite color), strapless, and on the waist there is a darker purple belt, the dress is skin tight, but I can move around in it fine.


The heals that I got were dark purple and they made me like 3 inches taller than I actually am. (5'3")





Riley's POV



Grace had bought a sexy party short dress but it was for so much money. I got some black high heels. They weren't that much money.


It was 1:00 pm. We walked out of Debs. Then we shopped at a few more stores so by the time we were done shopping it was about 2:15.



* * *


We're in Grace's car.


Grace: gosh, I'm shopped out.

Riley: I know me too.

Grace: so do you want to go to your house?

Riley: sure.



She started to drive to my house. On the way to my house I started to wonder if my parents were home, then it hit me, my parents don't know about me and Justin unless they watched the news, and paid close enough attention. I am kind of worrying because I don't want them to be mad at me for not telling.

Then Grace pulled into my drive way. We got out of the car and walked in my house. My mom and dad were sitting in the kitchen, looking like they have been waiting for me to come home.


Mom: honey we need to talk to you.

Grace: I'll be in your room.


Then Grace turned around and ran up to my room, it would be a lot easier if I had her to support me.


Riley: ya?


Oh crap they are going to be so pissed!


Dad: I think you need to sit down.


I sat down not taking my eyes off of both of them. I can already hear them telling me to break up with him, and how disappointed they are. I just closed my eyes tight and bit my lip, for what they were going to say.


Mom: me and your father are going to leave for a vacation.

Riley: Okay, okay I'm sorry I'll break-............ Wait. What?


I opened my eyes with confusion written all over my face. Did they not pay close enough attention to the news.


Dad: we are going on a trip and wanted to know if you were okay here, by yourself?

Riley: ya,......, ya I'll be fine. How long will you be gone?



I had an inside sigh of relief.



Mom: well we are going to a small village in Africa. So it depends.

Riley: how long do you guess?

Dad: maybe around 2 months at the least.

Riley: oh ya I'll be totally fine. When are you leaving?

Mom: we're leaving in 45 minutes to the airport.

Riley: why so soon?

Dad: It's just so we can get some time alone and you can get some time alone.


It didn't really bother me that they will be gone. I mean I'm 18 and I'm about to move out of the house soon so a little alone time would be nice.


Riley: okay, well you can leave now if you want to be early?

Mom: really are you okay with that?

Riley: ya it's totally fine.

Dad: thanks sweetie!



They both got up and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug, then they left.



Riley: you can come down now!


I yelled to Grace.




Grace's POV




I went up to Riley's room when her parents wanted to talk to her. I was hoping that they would find out about her an Justin and get all mad at her for not telling, but I don't think that's what happened.


Riley: you can come down now!



Riley yelled at me from the bottom of the stairs. When I came around the corner I looked down at her face at the bottom of the stairs. She looked fine. Damn it!


I walked down the stairs.



Grace: did they ask?

Riley: no, they just told me that they were going on vaca for like 2 months.




Grace: cool........ Well I'd better go.

Riley: you can stay I'm going to be here?

Grace: no I need to get some rest.

Riley: to much shopping?

Grace: ya.


I fake yawned.


Riley: well okay..... bye.



She walked me to the door and I left.



Tonight is going to be fun!!!




Riley's POV



I walked Grace out the door and she left. I was kind of lonely now that she left, my parents were gone, I cant hang out with Justin and oh ya like the whole world hates me. Even though they don't even know me.


I looked at my phone it is 2:50 pm and there was no messages from Justin,......... That's weird. He usually texts me by now. But maybe he's busy on something.




Justin's POV


It is about 2:55 pm. I'm dying to text Riley so bad but she's sick and I don't want to make her more tired and sick than she is.


So I try and distracted myself by picking out something to wear tonight.



Some black saggy leather pants, a black leather shirt, with a gold wrist watch, some gold chains, with some gold colored high tops, and some black sun glasses and a Los Angles hat.


I wasn't going to wear anything fancy because I have no one to impress.


Then I just sat on my bed and watched tv, for like an hour. Then I went out into my lounge area were me and Riley watched the movie. The basket was still sitting there. The flowers were gone, some of the popcorn and the necklace that I gave her were gone.


It made me smile, thinking why Riley didn't just take the basket with all the stuff in it? That's why you gotta love her.


It seemed like every room I went into remained me about Riley, especially my bedroom. If you know what I mean?



Grace's POV


I got home and went to my room. I lied out everything I got at the mall today.


Then I put on my purple push up bra that I just got and my purple thong. Then I got on my dress, shoes and added a little purse/wallet examined myself in the mirror.


I look good! Justin will think I look sexy!


I went into the bathroom to do my hair.




I straightened my hair, so my long blond beautiful hair will flow while I'm dancing with Justin. Then I did some purple dip die at the tips of my hair.


After my hair I did my make up. Then sprayed on some "Girlfriend" by Justin Bieber.


I was already to go and get my party on!




Riley's POV


It's 4:00 pm. I am sitting on my bed bored to death. Then I realized that I could text Will.


F'd up Will and Riley's convo:


Riley: heyyyyy!!

Will: what's up sexy!! ;)


he made me blush, but he usually calls me hottie.


Riley: nothing I'm just sitting on my bed and texting u. hbu?


(A/N: hbu: how bout u)


Will: well, I'm just missing hanging out w/ u!


Riley: IK me 2!


Will: it's been 2 long! I need 2 c ur sexy little face! ;)



Now he made my cheeks turn bright red....... Wait I shouldn't be flirting I have a boyfriend.



Riley: ya. :)



Things got awkward.



Will: so when r we going 2 make out?


Riley: idk?


Will: u let me know, beautiful.......




I didn't know what to say back to that.



Riley: ok. :)


Will: c u soon beautiful. :)


Riley: c u then :)



End of text.



That was weird, he used to be funny and a jokester but now he's being a little too friendly........ If you know what I mean.



It is now 4:15 pm. It seems like this day will never end. I had no one to hang out with. So I went down stairs to the movie/ living room. I made some popcorn, then sat down. I itched my neck than felt the necklace that Justin gave me. I smiled.


I sat down on the couch and looked at movies on demand. I ended up watching "Care bears save the day." (don't judge me) and "Safe Haven".


By  the time those were over it was getting kind of dark I looked at my phone and there was still no messages from Justin.





Justin's POV


I looked at my phone it is 6:45 pm and there was no messages from Riley.


It was almost time to go to the club so I go dressed in the clothes that I picked out earlier today. I was already to go. I took a glimpse at myself in the mirror. I fixed my clothes so they wouldn't be wrinkled, then I was done.


* * *

I got in my car and headed over to the club it takes about 30 minutes to get there. I didn't want to be the loser that shows up early so I drove slow so everyone could see me.  It took about and hour at the rate I was going. When I showed up mostly everyone was there.


I walked in and went over to Ryan, he was sitting with some older chicks in their mid 20's.


Justin: hey.

Ryan: ah man you made it.


We did that little bro hug thing when you give them a hug than slap them on the back.


Justin: wouldn't miss it.


I smiled to the girls. They all blushed at my Bieber charm.


Ryan: is she coming?


I knew he was talking about Riley.


Justin: no she's sick.

Ryan: to bad........ Well who's ready to get wasted!


he yelled to the girls. then they all raised there drinks and said "YEAH!"




Grace POV



I was already to go and I drove to the club. It was like 7:45 pm when I got there.


I walked in and immediately started looking for Justin.



Then I found him and he was sitting with Ryan and a bunch of girls that Ryan was going to screw by the an of the night. I wanted to wait until Justin was alone.




Riley's POV


It was now 8:00 pm and I was tired. I just decided to go ahead and text Justin.


Riley and Justin's text convo:


Riley: I'm going 2 bed, luv u.


He didn't text back. I didn't really think anything of it.



End of text.


After I waited for Justin to respond and he didn't, I took a shower, ate some dinner than went to bed.


* * *


*the next morning*




The next morning I woke up to my phone buzzing again. It was 7:30 am. Its kind of early for someone to be texting me.


When I looked at the text I couldn't believe what I was seeing......






A/N: what is she looking at? Who texted her??? you'll have to read the next chapter! I'll update as soon, but the more comments, likes and favs I get the quicker I will update.


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