our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


3. boyfriends

Riley's POV


When i walked into my house i couldn't believe my eyes.

my mom and dad were standing in front of like 15 guys that were sitting on the couches.


Mom: oh hi sweetie, why are you home so early?

Riley: it's 11:00.

Mom: well I thought you would be home by 12:30 or so.

Riley: oh sorry.... and who the hell are they?


I said pointing to the guys on the couches.


Mom: ummm.... come with me.


she lead me in to the kitchen where no one could here us.


Riley: what?

Mom: well me and your father are just going to help you in your dating life.

Riley: What? Why?

Mom: well we thought that you were having some trouble with getting a boyfriend.

Riley: I'm fine mom i don't need a boyfriend.

Mom: that's what i was afraid of.

Riley: what?

Mom: oh nothing that you didn't want a guy.

Riley: what's that supposed to mean that I want a girl instead?


she looked down.


Riley: mom I'm not gay.

Mom: well, its just that you have Grace and she's beautiful.

Riley: you think I'm gay with Grace?

Mom: well you guys hold hands, give each other kisses and every time she sleeps over i here giggling.

Riley: I'm not gay.

Mom: i have nothing against gay people.

Riley: i don't ether.

Mom: okay, well can you please just try to talk with some of the guys?

Riley: okay fine.


Its not like i am going to find a guy that's sweeter and a cuter guy than Justin. I gave her a hug and we went out to the living room.


Mom: okay guys change in plans, we aren't going out to lunch. instead you guys will each get to talk to Riley in her room.


the guys mumble "okay's" and "that's fine".


Mom: okay Riley why don't you go up in your room and me and your father will send up one of boys.


Riley: K.


I walked up to my room and clean up a few thing the I heard a knock on my door.


Riley: come in!


the guy that walked in was kind of cute. he came up and shook my hand.


Guy: Hi my names Justin.




Ugh this is going to take forever!!






A/N: okay what do you think so far??


bye the way that isn't Justin Bieber, its a guy that's name is Justin.


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