our little secret

Riley Miller has lots of secrets, but she has one BIG secret that not even here parents know about. She has been secretly seeing Justin Bieber for the last 2 years. The only person that knows about them is Riley's best friend Grace King. What happens when the word gets out that they are dating? Who could have told? Will Riley and Justin stay as one or will they split, because of the haters? Read it to find out.
Justin is famous.


15. 3 weeks later

*3 weeks later*



Justin's POV




Justin: Thank you everyone, have a great rest of the night!



I rushed off the stage and hurried into my tour bus. I'm on tour right now. It's not a long tour but I got tired of sitting around and not singing.



Grace: you did great babe!

Justin: thanks.


We are still together and the relationship between us is slowly fading away. But we try an stay together.


I haven't talk to Riley since she was at the hospital and I really haven't thought to call her to see if she was okay.


Grace: I got your favorite.

Justin: Pizza and sour patch kids?

Grace: yep!

Justin: Thanks.


I gave her a kiss and then started to eat the pizza and sour patch kids. It made me think of Riley, we used to eat the exact same dinner.


I'll admit it, I do miss Riley...... A lot. But I love Grace......... Well I like Grace.


I still wish I wouldn't have asked Grace to be my girlfriend.




Riley's POV


I'm all heeled and out of the hospital. I guess you could say that I found a friend. Her name is Ashley. She's pretty, 5'6", skinny, long light brown hair and her last name is Raystone. We really don't have anything in common except both of our ex-friends are bitches and we both hate Justin.

I haven't told her yet that me and Justin used to date.


Waiter: may I take you orders?


Ashley: I'll take your special and a water to drink.

Riley: I'll have the same.

Waiter: is that all for you beautiful lady's?


We both blushed at him. He was a good looking guy. tall and handsome, That's what I like.


Me and Ashley are at Old Chicago. (a restaurant)


Ashley: no thank you.

Riley: ya.

Waiter: okay.


He shot a smile at me and it made my cheeks turn red.


Ashley: ooo Riley has a crush!

Riley: shut up! No I don't!

Ashley: he's hot! and you like him!

Riley: No!



Our food came and the waiter kept flirting with me. It was getting kind of annoying. I'm really not ready for a boyfriend yet.


After we were done we went to my house and had a sleepover.


* * *


The next day I woke up and Ashley was gone. That's what she usually does.


It's 11:30 am.



I decided that I am going to go to the gym because I haven't worked out in forever.




Grace's POV



It's been like 3 weeks since I've talked to Riley. I don't miss her at all.


Right now its the morning and Justin is out doing rehearsals. I feel like he is slowly fading away from me. But I keep him happy with lots of sex.


I get up and put of some leggings and one of Justin's sweat shirts. Than I head down to the area were Justin was rehearsing.


Justin: Girlfriend, girlfriend you could be my girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend until the F'in world ends. Make you dance do a spin, an a twirl, an voice gone crazy on sweat to the world with swaggy.



Justin was singing great but he wasn't into his songs like he usually is.



Justin: that was good take 10.

dancer: we need to practice more Justin.

another dancer: Yeah, some of the dance moves are different and the concerts just tomorrow.

Justin: Well then practice!




He stormed off the stage, looking more pissed, angry, and sad than usual.



I was about to go and run over to him when Scooter stepped in my way.



Scooter: just let him cool down.

Grace: Shut up!


I tried to push passed him but he would let me go.



Grace: Really?

Scooter: Yes, Really. Now let him cool down or your leaving.

Grace: I'm his girlfriend!


Scooter walked away in a huff. Dick. He's never liked me from the first time that we met. Which was 2 years ago.



I walked off to Justin's dressing room. I knocked on the door.


Grace: Justin can I come in baby?



He didn't answer, then I knock on the door again. he still didn't answer. Maybe he's asleep. So I opened the door and peeked inside.


I can't believe it! What's going on?





A/N: oooooooo........ so what do you think is happening? huh??? what do you think about Ashley? What do you think about, how Justin and Grace are still dating?? Well comment I like reading them. The more comments, likes and favs I get the sooner I will update. Thanks <3



P.S. sorry I didn't make this one long! I'm a bitch I know! But the next one will get more interesting........... I think?







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