The ranger girl


3. Gunder

He stared after the tall courageous girl. She kissed him on the cheek! Gunder was parical to being kissed by beautiful blondes and this girl was nothing if not full of courage and beauty. His hand idly brushed his cheek. He shook his head to clear it and noticed several people move towards the horses and picking up their ropes. "Only she gets her horse back, I've done my good deed for the day, the rest of you move off," he snarled. "To his crew he said keep loading the horses and hurry guards could be here any moment," He got on board and put his hand on the tilter. "Seaward breeze bring me were I wish to go, lull me in your gentle arms, turn you storms to the wind and tide and I will sail your gentle waves," he hunmed the old song under his breath. he thought back to the days when the treaty was still in place, the old days, he sadden as he thought this the old days were barely weeks ago but then Erak disappeared, and it all went to hell.

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