Secretly Done, Secretly Loved

AraBella Reese Kennedy.....

She is nothing but trouble. Always stuffing her nose into something new. And isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't believe in anything, No one has ever given her a reason to. She's 18 and already on her own. Her parents kicked her out at age 15 because she was simply way to much to handle. She doesn't take pity or crap off anyone, and if they take pity for her... well she will shove it right back up their asses. Little did she know, one guy changed it all. That one guy just so happens to be none other than her English teacher.

Alexander Dylan Reid.....

He's a badass, just waiting for trouble to happen. He's never followed any rule. Never given a care... until now. When he takes up a teaching job at Hollows Ridge High, he finds its for the better, rather than the worse. Little did he know, one girl could change it all. That one girl just so happens to be one of his most hated students... not that he cared.


1. Secretly Done, Secretly Loved-Chapter One- What is home anyways?-

-AraBella Reese Kennedy-

I drew the last puff of my cigarette, putting it out on the ground. I don't know exactly where i'm at. All I know is that I began walking around sundown and walked for atleast an hour. I usually go on long walks and never know where I end up, but somehow I always end up home. Home, yeah right.. What is that anyways? I never really knew. My idea of home was coming home from school everyday, finding my mom passed out drunk on the couch and my no good dad nowhere to be seen.

Mom and dad kicked me out when I was only fifteen, because apparently, I was too much to handle. Pshh, Me? To much to handle? I don't think so. All I know is that I supported their asses when no one else would. And you'd think it would be the other way around. Nope, not for me atleast.

I was kind of glad, to say the least. It got me away from those horrid excuse of parents. I'm completly fine living on my own. No one to tell me what to do and how to do it. I felt something wet sripping on me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked up and cursed. Of course, it had to be raining when I didn't have the slightest idea as to where I was. I pulled my black hoodie tightly around me, my fiery red hair getting soaked from the rain. I began walking, until I reached a small brick house. I knocked rapidly, making sure the person inside heard me.

The door swung open revealing a very attracting young man, maybe about twenty-two or twenty three.

"Can I help you?" He asked, his eyes scanning over my body. Geez, what a perv.

"Uh, yeah. I was wondering if you could tell me where i'm at." I said, fiddeling with my fingers.

"Why?" He asked in an obnoxious tone.

I huffed, getting ready to walk off. Just when I turned my back, he called out.

"You're in Fallen, Manhattan." He answered as I gave him a nod, before walking off.

I knew how to get to my house from here. When I finally made it back to my house, I just crashed. I awoke the next morning to an annoying alarm. I regrettably yanked my hands from under my warm bedspread and banged on the alarm clock ferociously. It finally stopped and I silently thanked Jesus. I got up from my bed and slipped into the warm shower. The water always relaxed me.

When I was done, I blow dried and straightened my waist length red hair. I found some floral print shorts and a button up white sleeveless shirt. I paired it with white converse. Everyone I had ever known thought they were ugly, but I thought they were gorgeous.

Grabbing my school bag, I made my way down the stairs. I always walk to school, even though I do have a car. I just prefer to walk.

"Hey AraBella." My best friend Rachelle called. I turned around, greeting her with a big hug.

"Want one?" I asked lighting up a cigarette. She took one from me. I took a puff and I was instantly relaxed and at ease. We made it to school after 5 minutes. I threw my cigarette on the ground, not caring who found it or who saw me.

"Badass." Rachelle laughed, throwing her own onto the ground. I just shrugged and walked on into the school. I got my schedule from the office, seeing Rachelle and I had the same classes. Stupid, stupid people. We cause so trouble together.

She winked at me, as if reading my mind. I flipped her off. I know, it was rude but it was a normal thing with us.


"Hmmm.. let's see, who do we have first?" I pondered aloud, looking at my schedule.

"Mr. Reid. He must be new." Rachelle said.

"Well let's hope he's cute." I winked.

She just laughed at me and I gave a little chuckle.


We made our way to Mr. Reid's class.

I took the seat in the very front, closest to his desk. I couldn't quite tell what he looked like exactly, because his back was turned. I propped my feet up on his desk, leaning back.

I heard a deep laugh come from in front of me. I slowly opened my eyes to the rude guy from last night.

"Well, isn't this a surprise?" I said, looking right into those piercing hazel eyes of his.

"Hello again, Mr. Obnoxious." I smiled brightly at him.

"Hello again Ms. Smartass." He smiled back at me. Oh good God, he's gorgeous. I heard a few laughs come from the back, but I ignored them. Looking over at Rachelle, she was looking at me with eyes as wide as saucers.

"You know him?" She whispered and I nodded my head.

"Don't you have a class to teach?" I asked, not bothering to move my feet. He looked about the room and realization crossed his face.

"I'm Mr. Reid and I'm your new English teacher." He said, introducing himself, and I just stayed looking at his Hazel eyes. All the while he was talking, he was looking to my brown eyes as well. I just smirked the whole time, knowing this was the beginning of some game. When he was finished talking the bell rang, telling us it was time for second block. I was about to leave the class when I heard my name.

"Ms. Kennedy, will you please come see me for a moment?" Ugh, its always those words. "Please come see me" "You have detention with me for a week." or "Go home, you're not needed here." But I had a feeling this one was going to be different.

"Yes Mr. Obnoxious?" I smiled sweetly, walking over to him.

"I don't like your attitude." He said, a sparkle in his eye told me he enjoyed it.

"Well i'm sorry, and theres nothing you can do about it." I said, taking a step closer to him. Oooh, I could just feel the heat between us already.

He got close to my face, and whispered.

"We will see about that."

I leaned up, whispering in his ear.

"Yes, we will."

Walking out of the classrom, a small satisfied smile appeared on my face. Ha, My senior year was going to be so fun.

I met up with Rachelle in the hall, she grabbed onto my hand.

"What was all that about?" She asked, looking over at me suspiciously.

"Well, last night I kinda got lost and I just found what so happened to be Mr. Reid's house..." I trailed.

"Dude, seriously?" She asked, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Yes. and No, this doesn't mean you can go stalk him." I said, punching her arm lightly.

"Well, I need a smoke, you coming?" I asked, pulling out a pack of Cigarettes from my bag. So what if they seen me? I didn't give a flying fuck.

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