Secretly Done, Secretly Loved

AraBella Reese Kennedy.....

She is nothing but trouble. Always stuffing her nose into something new. And isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. She doesn't believe in anything, No one has ever given her a reason to. She's 18 and already on her own. Her parents kicked her out at age 15 because she was simply way to much to handle. She doesn't take pity or crap off anyone, and if they take pity for her... well she will shove it right back up their asses. Little did she know, one guy changed it all. That one guy just so happens to be none other than her English teacher.

Alexander Dylan Reid.....

He's a badass, just waiting for trouble to happen. He's never followed any rule. Never given a care... until now. When he takes up a teaching job at Hollows Ridge High, he finds its for the better, rather than the worse. Little did he know, one girl could change it all. That one girl just so happens to be one of his most hated students... not that he cared.


5. Chapter Five- How'd You Like Your Coffee?-

-AraBella Reese Kennedy-

"Are you going to leave?" I asked, trying to get Mr. Obnoxius out of my doorway.



"Not if I don't have too. Looks like you're going to need help getting around," He says, walking on past me. Great, I just sprained my ankle and now I have to deal with him. I ran my hands through my dyed red hair with annoyance.



"I'm perfectly capable of moving, see?" I say, but that attempt failed. I fell flat on my ass.



"See, you do need help," He said, picking me up bridal style bringing me over to my couch. The sparks were stronger this time and I shivered.



"You cold?" He smirked, knowing why I shivered. I leaned in close to his face, and whispered,






I quickly backed away before he got any ideas. I do admit, I would love to kiss those plump lips of his... Curse me and my Clumsyness. Okay, I don't know it thats a word, but i'm using it! He just chuckled, propping my feet up in his lap. I looked into his hazel eyes, he was watching me intently. I don't know why, though.



"Why are you watching me?" I ask, looking down at my phone.



"Because, I think you're interesting, Ms. Smartass." He says, moving my feet. Of course hes going to leave me to be defensless! I attempted to get up on my own, suprisingly it worked.



"Where are you going?" He asked, raising an eyebrow up at me.



"To make some coffee?" I said, making my way, well more like limping my way to the kitchen.

"Make me some!" He shouted, sitting on the couch.



Ugh, he is so full of himself. I mean, really!? I have a sprained ankle and he wants me to give him coffee? Hell, I'll give him coffee if thats what he wants. When It was done, I poured the sugar and creamer into mine. He likes his black... Time for revenge! I grabbed the black pepper from my cabniet, pouring some into the cup and then grabbed the cinnamon sugar. Ha, he is so going to love this. 



"Here you go." I said, handing him the cup.



"Thanks Ms. Smartass." He smiled, taking a sip. And as expected, he threw the mug down, coughing up a storm. All the while I was laughing my butt off.



"How'd you like it?" I asked after I had calmed down a bit.



"Oh it was peachy!" He said, getting a mysterious and very freaky grin on his face. I cocked my head to the side. What did he have up his sleeve now!? I really didn't want to know. In a split second, he was hovering over me. Talk about needing personal space!  



"What do you want?" I asked, trying to shove him off of me. God he was heavy.



"Get off Fatass!" I said, pushing him with everything I had in me. He still didn't budge.



He just smirked, leaning in closer. Okay, he really had to go.



"Come on, you're just going to torture the girl with a sprained ankle!?" I said, still trying to push him off.



He still didn't say anything, just leaned in closer, inching towards my lips. I really hoped to God he wasn't going to kiss me. Not that I would mind...



He got so close I could feel his warm breath blowing in my face. I actually wasn't nrevous at all, I just wanted him off! He got closer to me, if it were even possible, a smirk spead across his face. The sparks were  flying, I know he could feel it too.



'Okay, AraBella, get it together. You don't believe in that lovey dovey crap..' I had to remind myself of that more often than I should when Mr. Obnoxious was around.



He got right on my ear, his warm breath tickling it.



"BOO!" He yelled, making me have the strength to push him off! Good gosh! He scared the daylights out of me!



"Good God! Don't EVER do that again!" I scolded, trying to calm my racing heart.



"I make no promises," He says, leaning back on my couch.



"I do," I say, gathering up all of my strenght, punching him in his arm.



"Ow!" he schreeched, and when I say screeched he sounded like a dying cat! This sent me into a fit of giggles,.



"Ha-Y-You A-act L-like T-that R-really H-hurt." I said in between laughs.



"It did!" He said. I swear, he is so childish sometimes.




"Well you shouldn't make me think you were going to do something when you weren't!" I said, laying my feet across his lap.



"And what were you thinking I was going to do?" He asked, moving my legs around his waist. My breathhing quicked as he hovered over me once more.



"N-Nothing." I studdered. I never studder. What has Mr. Obnoxious done to me!?



"Are you sure about that." He whispered, only inches away from my face.



I nodded, due to the fact that I could barley breathe... because of his heavyness! Good God!




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