Andrea is just another one of those 16 year old teens. Except she's in a band named Smileys. Her band members are two of her closest friends, Betty and Nadia. When Andrea gets a long break from her music career she decides to go back to school. She went to the school that her cousin goes to. And what do ya know, her cousin and the band One Direction are having a rivalry in between them. She loves both her cousin nd One Direction, but which side will she go on?( Read more to find out! By the way, in this fanfic I pretend that One Direction is only 16 as well.)


3. Them blue eyes.


     Andrea's P.O.V:

     As I was walking down the hall to get to my first class, I felt really awkward. There are two reasons. 1) I don't know anybody 2) I haven't been to an actual school do to my career.

     -minutes later after getting lost-

   Just seconds after the bell ring I see the door to my first class close. "Shit" I whisper. I ran to the door and gently knocked on it. A really nice looking woman greeted me. "Hey! you must be... Andrea?" she smiled. I said yup and she walked me into my brand new class. "OK class, today we've got a new student named Andrea. She is new here, so I need someone to show her around. Does anybody volunteer? To my surprise everybody raised their hands. Most of the girls looked very exited. Some of the boys just look at me up and down with creepy eyes. But then, one, and only one boy caught my eye. His bright, beautiful eyes locked with mine. I could recognize him. He was Niall from 1D. That glare that I didn't want to end lasted only a few seconds. I looked back at my new teacher. She had her finger on her chin in a I'm-thinking-and-I'm-trying-to-look-cute way. After saying many hmm and umms, she picked the person I was hoping for. She had picked Niall. She had directed some unattractive girl to move and for me to sit beside Niall. I smiled and he had a really cute smirk on. I could feel my cheeks burning up and turning red. I felt really embarrassed, but he didn't seem to mind. For the first three periods he had to share his books with me, which made my elbow touch his. AJHGFDOUFG... I'm crazy, I know.


Niall's P.O.V:

 Right when she walked in I knew I wanted her. I could tell that the other guys did too. They were eyeing her and stuff. I even heard one of the guys say "I wonder if she's single". Not for long..i thought to myself and smiled.



Andrea's P.O.V:

When the bell rang I waited for Niall at the door to show me around,as he was packing his stuff. He smiled as he walked toward me. I smiled back VERY VERY awkwardly. I just stared at him. His amazing toned body, his soft hair, and most especially his blue eyes. ( Don't think I'm creepy, I just find him really cute :P). Then suddenly ( and unfortunately), I had to come back to reality. The reality where Niall is not my boyfriend. -__-.

" Hey, can I see your time table?" he asked.

" Sure, here you go I replied. *hands him my timetable*

" Well, it turns out we actually have the same schedule. We can just walk to our classes together, yeah"? he said.

I could feel  myself blush and then I replied "Ok:) sure".

"Alrighty then, why don't we head for lunch, I'm starving" he said then laughed.

"Me too" I said and joined his laughter.


Niall's P.O.V:

" Hey, lads. Meet Andrea. She's new to the school" I said to they purposely interrupting their conversation.

"More like your new girlfriend" I heard Louis whisper. I give him a I-swear-I'm-gonna-kill-you-when-we-get-home kid of glare. He looks away.

"I'll get some food for us" Andrea said sounding embarrassed. I also saw her blush a bit. Does she like me? Nah, nobody will ever like me.

When she was out of ear-shot ( Is that what it's called? ) I said to the boys "Look guys, I really like her sooo, can you not embarrass me around her"? I see all the boys nod and continue with their conversation. But I knew I had to be careful, I knew that they were my lads and all but I know at some point they'll tell.

Andrea's P.O.V:

I could see the boys laughing about something. But then from the corner of my eye I could see my cousin Jason with my friend Jessica. I quickly dropped off me and Niall's food at the table they were sitting at. I quickly ran to Jason and Jessica.

"Hey guys! It's me Andrea!" I screamed to them.

"Omg didi! Is that really you?! You've changed so much!" said Jessica

"Didi?! I missed you so much!" Jason said.

I pulled them both into a group hug and smiled.

" I didn't know you came to school here Jay", I told him.

"Yeah, I only moved in a couple of weeks ago. Sorry I couldn't tell Aunt Jemmy ( my mom ), I've been really busy moving in" he replied.

"Enough of the details, wanna come sit with Jason and I?" Jessica asked.

"Oh, sorry not today. I'm sitting with Niall and his lads over there. Maybe you can ask them if you can sit with us?" I replied.

" Oh, nevermind. I forgot, I have to do.. some of..umm a project. Bye." he said in an angry type of voice and he stormed off.

"What's up with him?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. Him and One Direction are having this huge rivalry. It all started when him and Niall wanted to be the football captain. But then Niall became captain and Jason started hating him and his friends and stuff. So ya" Jessica explained.

"Anyways, whatevs. Let's go sit with them" I said trying to change the subject.

We talked and laughed for the rest of lunch.  Jessica and I got to know the boys a bit better. Niall actually seems like a really nice guy. I also think that there's a small chance of him liking me.

I might update later or tommorow! Thanxxx, love you guys!!! <333






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