Just a Number!?

Age is just a number....... Right? A 14 year old Maddie Miles has always been known for being the youngest in the group and she hates it. But she can't help but hang out with the older crowd. One day she has her head in the clouds thinking about her one and only addiction ONE DIRECTION, when she bumps into the Phenomenal Gorgeous, yet older.................... Who is it? What happens?


9. Xfactor, Keaton, and the talk.

Maddie's POV:


          We went down stairs to the lobby. I'm guess all the fans found out where the boys where staying, because there was a lot of screaming fans out side the hotel. This nerdy looking boy came up to us.


"Hello, I'm Marcel. Come with me." Was the first thing he said.


"Why should we go with you for all we know you could be a kidnapper." Cassidy said.


"Haha, I'm not I'm-" Cassidy cut him off.


"How do we know your not?" She asked.


"Because I work with One Direction and they have sent a limo for you girls to ride in on the way to and back from the Xfactor. They said it was an apology from the way Liam acted." He said with a know it all smirk on his face.


"Oh, okay well lead the way" Cassidy said with sass.


       We walked to the limo all happy and everything like that until we saw Liam, Niall, and the rest of the boys in the limo. The one thing Marcel forgot to tell us is that the boys where riding with us. As soon as we saw the boys we left where the limo was and we started walking. Seeing Liam again made me think how much I really liked him and how I still liked him even after what happened. I just wasn't ready for another heart break. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Liam's voice.


"Maddie! Maddie wait!" he said.


"What do you want!?" I yelled.


"I want to apologize. I know what I did wasn't right but please forgive me. PLEASE!" he pleaded with the puppy dog eyes. He looked so cute doing that.


"Fine." Was all I could say without cracking a smile.


      I didn't want him to know that I could smile that easy after what he did and/or that I still like him. Cassidy just stood there kind of awkwardly so she just walked to the limo. I knew this was going to be an awkward ride between her and Niall. I was right the rest of us just told jokes and played games while they stood quiet.


      We got the Xfactor and the boys went back stage and we took our seats. In the front row I might add. We sat there while the show started. My favorite Emblem3 did great. They sang forever young and One Direction performed Little thing and Kiss You. It was a great show. When it was all over we met the boy back stage. We also got to met Emblem3. Cassidy and Keaton Stromberg were hitting it of pretty great. The good news is they were only a year apart. I could tell Niall was getting jealous. We all said our good byes and Cassidy and Keaton exchange numbers. Then we left. Once we were in the limo Niall went off.


"What the hell Cassidy!?" he yelled surprising us all.


"What do you mean?" She asked clueless.


"Did you really have to flirt with him and especially in front of me!?" he yelled once more.


"I'm sorry did you forget your the one who told me you couldn't date me?" She questioned sarcastically. "Ooo" and "Burn" came from everybody else including me.


"No." was all Niall could say.


"That's what I thought. Plus he's closer to my age thank you very much." Cassidy said once more burning him.


The rest of the car ride was awkward. As soon as we arrived Cassidy ran out and went to our room. Every one gave Niall a glare for hurting her and making her feel bad. He knew he had to go make it right between them. So he went up stares and went to make thing right between them. I went with the other boys to there room to hang out while they talked.



Niall's POV:


I knocked on Cassidy's door.


"Who is it?" She asked. She had been crying I could tell and it was all because of me. I felt really bad. I didn't answer because I knew if she knew it was me she would never open the door. I just knocked again.


"WHO IS IT!?" she asked getting aggravated. I still didn't answer, just knocked. She stomped to the door and opened it. She saw me and tried to closed the door on me, but I put my foot in the way. When she tried to close the door it slammed on my foot. Then I fell to the floor. She felt really bad and then let me in. She got me an ice pack for my foot and we talked. We talked for about an hour and worked things out. Then we decided to watch a movie. She chose the movie Pitch Perfect. She said it was her favorite movie of all times. It was a hilarious movie, but at the end she was asleep in my arms. I couldn't help but feel so right about this. I look at the time and it was 1:25AM. I figured that Maddie was sleeping over our room so I decided to stay here.





I want to say is that THE BEST SONG EVER is the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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