Just a Number!?

Age is just a number....... Right? A 14 year old Maddie Miles has always been known for being the youngest in the group and she hates it. But she can't help but hang out with the older crowd. One day she has her head in the clouds thinking about her one and only addiction ONE DIRECTION, when she bumps into the Phenomenal Gorgeous, yet older.................... Who is it? What happens?


2. Their in town!?

Maddie's POV:


*****Skip the Store*****


   I'm sitting in my room listening to She's Not Afraid by the one and only One Direction. Then I get a phone call. Its from Cassidy.


I answer it "Hello?"


"HEY!" she said sounding way too happy.


(Okay so I'm way too lazy to write out the name so M is for Maddie and C is for Cassidy)


M: "What's up?"


C: "Nothing watching Pitch Perfect. Guess What?"


M: "What?"



So you may not know this, but Cassidy and I live in different states. We met on a bloggers web site.


M: "How do you know!?"


C: "I'm a Directioner I always know where they are..... haven't you been on twitter today?"


M: "No, not today"


C: "Oh well you might want to check. They are near your town."


M: "Okay, well I have to go. My mom said its time for dinner."


C: "Okay, bye"


M: "bye"

I can't believe it. What are they doing here? They just finish the tour. They are on break...




I know, I know, its still not a lot, but I would still like to know what you guys think. So what do you guys think?

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