Just a Number!?

Age is just a number....... Right? A 14 year old Maddie Miles has always been known for being the youngest in the group and she hates it. But she can't help but hang out with the older crowd. One day she has her head in the clouds thinking about her one and only addiction ONE DIRECTION, when she bumps into the Phenomenal Gorgeous, yet older.................... Who is it? What happens?


3. Hunting for 1D and surpise call

Maddie's POV:


       After I got off the phone with Cassidy I went and ate dinner. After dinner I went and took a shower and got on twitter. When she said that they were near my town I didn't realize that they were actually in my town. Niall had put on twitter that they were going to be there for a whole week to perform on the Xfactor. I decide that sense they where going to be there all week that I need to meet them.



~~~~~~NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


      I got up extra early around 6:00 and I got on twitter to check where they were. They haven't posted anything yet, so I decide to get into the shower. I got out of I put on some clothes and make up. I blew dry my hair and straighten it. By this time it was 7:35. I checked twitter; there was still nothing. Maybe they were keeping it on the down low. Cause I know if I where them I wouldn't want to get mobbed by some fans. I was just going to have to  find them on my own, but I didn't even know what hotel they were staying in.


      My mom came in disrupting my thoughts "Hey honey! Why are you dressed? Where are you going? Why did you ask me? Who's going to be there?......" She said going off with all these questions. My mom knows I have older friends and she never lets me hang out with them. Only at school is when I get to see them. The only time I get to go out and do something by myself and with out my mom worrying is getting something from the store (and even then she watches me), getting coffee from my uncle's coffee shop, and doing something with One Direction. "Don't worry mom I'm just going out to find One Direction and get coffee" I said heading out the door. "Oh, okay be careful!"


     I arrived at my uncle's coffee shop and order my usual and went out the door. I got a call from Cassidy which wasn't unusual, but the call was.


M: "Hello"


C: "Hey Maddie! Guess what?" She likes to play the guess what game a lot.


M: "What?"


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